October 14, 2011

Toxins In Your Cereal? And Other Cheerful News 'Round The Web

Yep, it's time again for a round-up of random health news and links. Besides toxic cereal, we've got info on scrotum injections, free running apps, snacks to help weight loss, and how to tell if you might make a good cocaine addict.

Well, I did say random, didn't I?

First up, the whistleblowin' Cornucopia folks have a report out that may scare you off your favorite breakfast cereal.  They say "natural" cereals sold by companies like Kellogg’s, Quaker Oats, and even Barbara’s Bakery and Whole Foods are actually  "contaminated with toxic agrichemicals and genetically engineered organisms." They've got a cereal scorecard listing both Virtuous and Unfortunate choices.

Runners: Could you use a list of the best free running apps? There ya' go.

Over at Jody's great blog Truth2BeingFit, there's an important post about an auto-immune disorder called Lichen Sclerosis.  Sadly, because it affects the genitals, many people who get it are too embarrassed to seek treatment early enough--and they end up with scarring and other painful problems. Got anything funny going on down there? You may want to give it a look-see. (Um, I meant give the blog post a look-see. You may want to hold off on that other look-see until you're home from work).

And speaking of genitals...Male birth control: coming soon? One kind they're mulling over requires scrotum injections.  Good luck to the marketing folks on that one.

Got a dog who likes to chew on stuff ?  Lure that precious pup away from your shoes and purses with some lovely... antlers.  Roxy the Traveling Dog says they're so tasty they warrant a reader giveaway.  Random drawing happens Oct 19.

Stuff lifted from my Twitter Stream Out of Pure Laziness:

Research flip-flops yet again--say avoids most supplements, including multivitamins. But hey, calcium is now OK! http://bit.ly/pxmvP1

Hate broccoli? Sorry, you can't get its awesome phytochemicals in a pill. http://bit.ly/osYJTI. Worse news? You're best eating it raw.

Swedish study says chocolate reduces stroke risk: http://t.co/Y1OAhIMS But warns that typical crappy US chocolate may not do the trick.

Find dull tasks excruciating? Could be you have entitlement issues. http://t.co/07EVojTS Uh oh, I'm queen of chore-avoiders...

Best migraine-prevention drug? Study says: Exercise! http://t.co/4XZcpECz Then why do so many folks who exercise a lot still get' em?

Love coffee? Study says you'd make a good cocaine addict: http://t.co/UWqybknL I'm not worried... Least not til cocaine drops to $10/lb.

L'Oreal to introduce pill to reduce incidence of gray hair. http://t.co/aEN4MFr5 Say, isn't that called a "birth control pill?"

False memories good for more than sending innocent people to jail: expert says they can boost confidence etc http://t.co/7AaxPvrP

Think you can't get too much iron? Men and post-menopausal women sure can, so ditch iron-containing supplements http://t.co/Lp1p1tWE

Don't freak if your guy likes porn, it's normal! http://t.co/vPBSEQl2 Only about 5% let it interfere w/ life.

Yet another reason to quit: smokers have strokes 10 years earlier than nonsmokers. http://t.co/ypOq21zA But easier said than done, eh?

Scientists just now figuring out "brain continues to develop beyond adolescence?" http://t.co/LIhvR0TN Um... duh?

14 low-calorie snacks that power up weight loss http://ow.ly/6HPYy Alas, kettlecorn doesn't seem to be on the list.

Resveratrol stops breast cancer cell growth! http://t.co/XcLAGM83 But sadly, spoilsport experts do not suggest intensive red wine therapy

Reebok pays settlement over deceptive shoe "toning" claims. http://t.co/SC7lXfjU Gosh I'm shocked--gotta exercise, the shoes aren't magic?

In Blog News:

It was an exciting week at Cranky Fitness:  the blog got nominated in Shape's Best Fitness Blogger poll!  Voting is still on-going if you want to help Cranky Fitness stave off a bottom-of-the-pile finish.  Which would be a shame--even though Shape presents it as a one-person blog, it certainly wasn't in the good ol' days.  It would do a disservice to all the awesome writing by former cobloggers Merry, Jo, and Gigi if my crappy social networking ability sinks the Cranky ship.

And thanks again to all the kind readers who've been helping out--MUCH appreciated!

So, anything exciting or not-so-exciting happen for you guys this week?   Thoughts about toxic cereal, male birth control, or anything else?


  1. Fine linkies you got there, Cranky. I love raw broccoli. In fact, one of my fave winter salads is raw broc, cauliflower, and carrot with a light dressing. Or a heavy, homemade 1000 Island.
    But the cabbage family is loaded with Vitamin K which helps blood clot which I don't want. But reading that good chocolate has anticoagulant properties eases my mind. I'll have a huge salad and a great piece of dark chocolate and I'll be the healthier for it.

  2. But Crabby, everyone out there knows that I am really just you writing under another name :(

    Fingers crossed that you win anyway!

  3. Thanks for the link to the Roxy blog!! Much appreciated. And thanks for all the other great links, always such interesting stuff you dredge up. Have an awesome weekend.

  4. Love me some raw broccoli, so that's a good thing. And yes, i love my coffee, but the only white powder going up my schnozz is the salt dissolved in the water in my neti pot, thank you very much.

    My personal experience says that, yes, the birth control pill may indeed prevent gray hair, as i earned mine from my children.

    Great round up, thank you.

  5. Great list of links!!

    I usually eat broccoli raw. I also like the stems. I realize that I am on a slippery slope, but as of yet I have no interest in Fruit Cakes, which has long been my benchmark for needing professional food therapy :-)

  6. Very informative as always! I absolutely love the free running apps. I've been wondering what to use. Now I have a little pool to take from and try out.

    I also found the article about migraines rather interesting. I usually get migraines often and then thought "huh". I haven't had one since I started my little exercising adventure. I never put the two together or really thought about it. Then again, who enjoys thinking about their migraines when they don't feel one coming on.

  7. OK, thx so much for spreading the word from my post. Us poor women. Even today on the 4th hour of The Today Show, they were embarrassed to talk about a procedure for "down there" on women & being my age, I can say that we need to talk about this! Us poor women! They will talk about peckers & viagra & penis enlargement & it lasting for more than 4 hours but not our issues!!

    OK, off my soap box! Great links & I could go on but of course many are studies & who knows when they will decide they were wrong & change it! ;-)

    Congrats on your Shape nomination! I wish they did not put so many friends in the same category!!! Also, it seems like a popularity contest & I would rather them just choose whose they thought was best or committee that did that...

  8. I am glad to hear about the broccoli health benefits. However, of even more interest to me at the moment is — can you overdose on it? Because I'm in kind of a roasted broccoli rut right now and I was wondering... (It's very good with a bit of teriyaki sauce on it, and there is no lazier recipe than dumping vegetables on a cookie sheet, and turning the oven to 450.) Does it make you turn colors like when you eat too many carrots?

    Thank you for commenting on my "blog," ha. It appears to be something I created accidentally while trying to make a commenter account to welcome you back! I wonder what I should do with it. Maybe I could put on it all those recipes hanging around the kitchen on sticky notes.

  9. Recipes! Everyone loves recipes. I say go for it Trudie!

    And hmmm, broccoli overdose... will have to research that. But don't know if I want to find out the answer, I eat lots too.

  10. I totally have and idea!!
    lets launch our own award ceremony :)
    you, me, char. the ORIGINAL GANGSTERS of Fitness.
    Only 3 winners.

  11. Where was I this weekend? Besides at work as always. I swear I thought I checked blogs.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky, another happy broccoli eater

    [WV: fervorsh, to nosh with fervor]


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