October 17, 2011

Fitting in Fitness

Photo credit? Whoops. Forgot where I found it.

Are you a professional athlete? A circus performer? Or perhaps a reality-show contestant being tortured and humiliated trained and motivated to inspire a national TV audience with your astounding weight loss and newly-muscled physique?

Nope? Well, no big surprise there. Oddly enough, neither pro athletes nor famous people of any sort tend to hang out at Cranky Fitness. Go figure! But this post is not for them anyway.

How do normal folks find time to get enough exercise?

And sorry, Cranky Fitness regulars--as it happens, it's a subject that comes up for a lot of coaching clients. So please don't get too disoriented should you decide to... 

Sigh heavily, lift your finger from its comfortable resting place, and click over to the Life Coaching site to read the damn post.


  1. Ah Leah, you are so kind. I can always count on you for support and to take pity on a "0 Comments" post!

  2. That was great! Loved the getting a wife one....my husband would love that :)But seriously it is the little things that can make a difference in getting a workout in, and most often that little thing is just getting off the couch and doing it, now if I would follow that advice :D

  3. Hey thanks Natasha!

    What is it about getting started that's so darn hard? It never sucks as much to do it as you think it's going to, and in fact is often really fun!

    And I predict you will be jumping in and doing it soon! Well, the part about getting off the couch, if not actually going and getting a wife.

  4. I am too tired - the finger does not want to work! ;-) Great post over there!

  5. I love this post! I wish I could get a wife! I'm a stay at home mom with a business, a toddler (going through the "terrible twos", an infant, a husband and newly decided getting fit lifestyle. It's pretty tough to juggle it all. I just HAVE to wake up early to do my workout or wait until midnight and that's never any fun.

    Like you stated in your post. Cutting back on your expectations is okay. My husband and kids don't mind if I didn't vacuum today or didn't wipe down the windows. They don't care if mom doesn't make a 3 course meal and if I don't make home made wheat tortillas just like they don't care if I don't do laundry for a day or two. They do care if mom is cranky because she didn't get a workout in though.

  6. I find I exercise less when I read blogs more! Damn! I need reading blogs to be as healthy as 90 minutes on the treadmill!

  7. Thanks you guys!

    Sylvia, you've got such a great point about the crankiness from not working out being much more of a problem than no homemade whole wheat tortillas!... Wait, you make homemade whole wheat tortillas???!! When can I come over for dinner?

    And Jane, sounds like you need a treadmill desk! Maybe we need to come up with our own "jog & blog" brand and make a fortune.


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