October 12, 2011

Did You Win the Polar Heart Rate Monitor?

The Random Number Generator has spoken!

The winner is: Cammy, who blogs at Building Beauty Beyond Body!

And sorry to the other Cammi with an I. (I always worry when the winner shares a name with other entrants--I picture the non-winners seeing their name and getting all excited before they figure out it was someone else who won. Am I neurotic, or what?)

Anyway, Cammy with a Y, Please email me at crabbymcslacker dot gmail dot com to claim your prize by end of day Friday October 13th.  And sorry, if you don't check in, we'll have to draw a new winner. 

And as usual, I wish we had a monitor for everyone, Cranky Fitness readers rock!

Oh, and those of you who are in the market for a heart rate monitor and are curious about how it did after further testing? Well, the Polar FT4 Review has now been updated. Bottom line: I like the monitor even more now than I did before!


Thanks for commenting, Cranky Fitness readers are the BEST!

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