October 28, 2011

Lazy Links: Running from Zombies Edition

So, no, I haven't actually been running from Zombies recently. I've just been seriously offline this week due to our bi-annual cross-country schlep and all the attendant chores and whining logistical challenges and triumphs a relocation entails. Now there's so much to get caught up on!

Among stuff I missed, for example: while I was on a plane single-handedly holding the whole thing aloft by firmly gripping the armrests catching up on the latest health research periodicals, I missed the fact that Shape ran an online profile of Cranky Fitness! And there were announcements about an upcoming conference I'm going to attend hosted by the nice folks at Dole (who apparently have no idea how my desire for Free Things translates into blog coverage, or I suspect they'd have swapped me out for a more respectable blogger). There's also been all kinds of random health news over the last couple weeks, like what happens if you drink 10 cups of tea a day, or why your Facebook friend list could indicate you're not so bright.

And no, I won't forget about the running zombies...

Blog News:

First off, this is the last day of the Shape Fitness Blogger poll, so if you happen to be heading over there to vote for a better blog than Cranky Fitness, please consider stopping by first at the new "Jan of Cranky Fitness" story!  Why? Well, there's a new picture the Lobster took of me, for one.  And while the stuff I wrote is boring to read, (it was a rush job) it's actually an amusing little lesson on marketing karma.  I was trying to pimp a bit for my life and wellness coaching practice... but the Shape site one-upped me.  Looks like they'd previously sold off a bunch of fitness-related words that I happened to use--so there are annoying highlighted links everywhere.  And none of them, of course, lead anywhere near me.  Take that, greedy crab!

And in other Cranky Fitness developments, I'll be headed off to a conference for a few days next week hosted by Dole.  The coolest thing is the free massage! the other bloggers I'll get to meet!  I'll fill in the blog links later when I chase 'em down, just have twitter handles for now, but look at this awesome list--many of which you may recognize as they have much more informative blogs than mine:

Meghann Anderson, @MealsAndMiles; Sandy Cohen: @APSandy; Lorrie Fenn; @LorrieFenn; Christina Haupert: @CarrotsNCake; Monica Olivas: @RunEatRepeat; Kristin Porter: @iowagirleats; Leah Segedie: @bookieboo; Jenn Walters: @FitBottomedGirl; Tish Merritt: @luvandkiwi.  How cool is that?

'Round the Web:

And now, about those zombies: In this round-up of fitness apps, one caught my eye, though it's still in development:

"ZOMBIES, RUN! will immerse you in an audio zombie apocalypse environment, and when you go out on a run in the real world, you will be collecting ammo, medicine, and other tools to help you survive. The game will also record stats such as calories burned, time, pace, and distance, to help you track your real world runs while you destroy zombies." Sound cool? Check it out at: ZOMBIES, RUN!

I don't know why so many women don't want big strong muscles, other than on their fellas.  But I'd sure like some, and I haven't found a way to order some up online.  So I was intrigued by this Men's Health article on the three best ways to target training for bigger stronger muscles.

Finding calorie counting a hassle?  Over at Live for Food there's a quick way to estimate fruit and vegetable calories.

Do you have a "boy" job or a "girl" job?  At GapingWhole there's an interesting comparison of what fields women and men gravitate towards, and it looks like there are still whopping differences. Interesting question to ponder as to why.

Stuff I Tweeted About Since Last Time:

Study links BPA in womb to behavior problems in preschoolers. http://t.co/WAsBynbV But (big surprise), industry spokeman says it's safe.

Big Study says: no increased cancer risk for cell-phone users. http://t.co/BpGmbxXp Yay! But don't go nuts--more study needed on heavy users.

More evidence that green tea helps weight loss. http://t.co/WEVx9AJ7 Er... if you drink 10 cups a day. But smaller amounts should help too.

Uh oh: The number of Facebook friends you have correlates to gray matter in the brain. http://t.co/EzJQarMK Not good news for me, alas!

Spores! Who knew they were awesome? Take 1 of the 3 toughest types of probiotics for most benefits: http://t.co/Ur2Y3NWH

Many obese folks in denial about health risks: http://t.co/GEoh1KAH Odd, given media's constant exploitation & shaming of fat folks.

We needed a study to learn this? "Neighborhoods with busy intersections discourage children's play." http://t.co/2inTHdk7

Volunteers motivated by altruistic reasons live longer! http://t.co/3sQSTnLj Those with ulterior motives don't.

Walnuts boost inferential reasoning skill--says study funded by the CA Walnut commission. http://t.co/kvtALWiC Infer whatever you want...

Wanna avoid excessive snacking w/out wiring your jaw? Protein should make up at least 15% of your diet. http://t.co/YdeJxFuz

But nicer cars? RT @MentalHealthSoc: Materialistic Couples Have More Problems, Poorer Quality Relationship http://t.co/xTtnfqNV

And just to test out a different way of doing links in a post no one is reading anymore, here's what Huffpo has to say about smuggled honey.

Th.. that's all folks!  BTW, I so appreciated those of you kind enough of to comment while I was gone, and I'm still a bit behind on things in the blogosphere.  But I'm totally looking forward to finding out what all my blogging pals have been up to lately. I'll be back making blog rounds over the weekend... after a few more boxes get unpacked. Also, I didn't get a chance to test the links, so if anyone spots a broken one & is kind enough to let me know, that would be awesome.

Got any thoughts, gripes, insights, news to share?  Just wanna say hi?  Would love to hear from you! And have a great Friday y'all.


  1. Nothing interesting to offer comment-wise so I'll go with Happy Wintering!

  2. And if i'm not on Facebook at all, does that make me a hopeless cretin?

  3. I like your Shape profile - and thank you for calling us readers brainy. :)

    Despite my love of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (yes, really) I actually don't like horror and zombies in particular creep me out. That said, that Zombie app looks kind of fun...I can't believe I just said that.

    And lastly, I have a "boy job". Which I was encouraged to get into by a male computer studies/math teacher and my Dad. My Mom was a little scared/intimidated by the idea, but she warmed up to it once it became evident that I do well in this field.

    As I was typing that last bit, I found myself remembering times when female friends have been introducing me to someone and they usually say something along the lines of "She works with computers. She's brainy." One of those being a friend of mine who is a chartered accountant - she's not dumb herself. Some men give me a blank look too when they hear what I do. So I don't know that it's completely a gender thing.

    I'll stop rambling now.

  4. Great links as always Crabby. I hope you have a good winter ;)

  5. Hmmm, you're on my facebook page, what does that say? Great links as usual, glad you landed safely.

  6. I am utterly fascinated by the concept of a role playing game combined with an exercise program. How innovative! Maybe it will motivate me to run :)

  7. Thanks for the link Crabby!

    I love the look of that Zombie run game.

    And I have a boy job although I'm a girl - I work in finance in my day job. Its a bit of a conversation stopper to be honest! People's eyes glaze over...

  8. Happy winter!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  9. Very nice promotion for you in SHAPE Magazine. I love the picture, but don't, for one minute, believe you ate that cupcake. Love your blog. I actually found it reading Shapes list of best health and fitness blogs.

  10. OK, I am headed to read your Shape link & some of the others too! Just reading what they are makes me wonder why I don't apply to study some of these things - DUH is all I have to say! ;-)

    As for FB friends, guess I am in trouble although I limit mine just due to fear of getting weirdness & not being big like some of the other bloggers, I don't get the traffic that warrants it. Have fun at Dole & the massage! I could use that!

  11. I LOVE that Zombies run game....it is like running with a Farmville type of feel....so cool! Thanks for the heads up.

  12. Ha! Looks like you left just in time to miss the Halloween storm.

    I'm not either a zombies or a vampires person, but I will give the app a try, since people have been bugging me about how few apps I have. I will report whether it motivates or not. Perhaps at least they will give me something to listen to when I mute the volume on my Jillian exercise video. (I am not a big fan, but I'm supposed to be working my glutes and she has lots of squats and lunges.)

    On the probiotics front, the Science Based Medicine web site had a rather skeptical take on probiotics benefits a couple of years ago. By an MD who actually knows from germs and immune systems ... lets see if I can post a link: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/index.php/probiotics/

    Short version: he thinks mostly they produce expensive poop! (My translation.)

    Also, I have a job in academia which is stereotypically thought of as a boy job, but statistically is actually a girl job. So what does that mean? Hmmm.

  13. The anonymous above is me by the way, OpenID isn't working for me today. Does typing repeated captcha verifications count toward my cardio today? -Sprudie

  14. Hey Sprudie, thanks for the probiotic info and the weather report! We managed to arrive in ptown Memorial Day weekend, have a summer and fall of nearly perfect weather, and then depart right before it all went to hell again. Best timing evah!

    Alas, I think the zombie app is still in development, but I'm looking forward to a report when you get a hold of it.

  15. Winters are great. Festive season decorated streets, lights and what not. Wish you have a great winter too!

  16. Im so sad Im missing you at Dole!!
    BUT look forward to yer DOLEmusings.

  17. Glad you made it safe and sound! Love the picture of you in the Shape article.
    Is ranching considered a boy job?

  18. Amazing! Very funny, everything is valid when it comes to motivation for exercise, the results worth!! keep blogin, it is awesome!

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  20. OMG OMG OMG I can not wait for the zombie app to come out! Not on Android until "Spring 2012" but I will be waiting with baited breath. BAITED. (I'm sure that's not the right word, but that's what I think it sounds like.)

    Thank you so much for posting the link!

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