July 22, 2011

This Week in Lazy Linkage

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Seems only fitting that this week's "lazy links" post would be a couple days late, right?

First up, if you haven't entered the Cranky Fitness giveaway for a set of 10, count 'em, 10, workout DVD's, it's not too late!  Just go the workout dvd giveaway post and leave a comment.

What else have we got this week? Well, keep reading if you'd like to prevent cancer, keep from getting killed on vacation, sharpen up your brain, or, find out why that crazy unpredictable Dr. J is saying "you should overeat and be underactive at night."

Wait, what was that last bit?   Isn't Dr. J that sensible physician over at Calorie Lab who reminds us to get our exercise, eat healthy foods, and watch our portions?  Why yes, he is! So of course that quote was taken out of context. However, it's part of a great post on intermittent fasting, and if you're curious about skipping meals you should read his post.

Are you a woman looking for a shoe that will change the amount of arch support it offers depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle?  Well the Asics folks are happy to provide one. (Thanks Vitamin G and Blisstree for alerting me to such dumbassery revolutionary technology).  But for $140? I'm thinking shoes that know where women are in their menstrual cycle better be able to run out to the store all by themselves and bring back tampons, ibuprofen and big bottles of wine!

This week in Twitter:

Jealous of tall folks? Consider this odd finding: Taller People Have Higher Cancer Risk http://mnt.to/3YqZ

This amazing veggie may make your brain sharper http://glmr.me/qOt7LA (But, oh crap, it's celery! I hate celery!)

Creepy interactive trauma care map shows vacation spots where you're screwed if you have an accident: http://ti.me/r15VhG

When restaurants post calorie data, is it accurate or total bulls#t? Study says it's mostly true, but some items are way off. http://bit.ly/n0SxGT

Ears ringing? Promising new treatments for tinnitus: http://n.pr/phFHmt (Thank god, 'cause I stupidly keep listening to loud music).

Whey to lose weight! Turns out whey protein powder helps lower ghrelin levels. http://bit.ly/nTs4z0

What? A new healthy tasty snack? Sign me up! http://t.co/7TVOo8q (Sorghum popcorn! Anyone tried it yet?)

Got non-melanoma skin cancer already & don't want to get melanoma? Study: Vitamin D plus calcium reduces risk 50%: http://bit.ly/o7HKeq

Cell phones now classified as possibly carcinogenic by official-sounding agency. http://bit.ly/oyila5 Note to self: Headset! Headset!

Those who are chronically sick and use antibiotic soap appear to get SICKER. http://bit.ly/l2gNn2

Study: replacing saturated fats with unsaturated better for heart than going low fat: http://bit.ly/qyNGyS Hooray for olive oil & avocados!

Want more random health links, to find out, for example, what body part you should wash thoroughly to keep from attracting mosquitoes?  College Candy has a weekly round up.

Do what I say, not what I do:  So it might seem ironic that when people google "proper elliptical form," they often end up at Cranky Fitness.  But this week's  "blast from the past" post does actually contain some elliptical trainer form tips, along with the usual whining.

And speaking of internet searches, what are the "keywords of the week?"  Two terms people used to find Cranky Fitness this week:   "Porn for Crabby People," and "Shaved Gorilla."

So how's your Friday, folks? Doing anything fun this weekend?


  1. Antibiotic soaps and wipes will lead to the end of humanity. I wish I was being sarcastic, but I'm not. They are evil and bad and should be outlawed. Just to be clear, I really don't approve of them.

    Husband is away so my weekend fun will include writing, not eating regular meals, and probably cleaning something.

  2. Good link ups. I had to look at the whey protein one, because, what the hell is grehlin? The skin cancer link is interesting too.

  3. Put your celery in the smoothie, with banana and spinach. You won't even notice it.

    Thanks for the link about what attracts mosquitoes. Little Girl is highly sensitive to them and they come for her before anyone else. Also, i'm always telling her to go wash her feet. This might convince her.

  4. Great link. Not positive about the smelly feet & mosquitoes though... I have been camping with friends and the husband has the worst foot odour, yet I am the one that gets eaten alive. When we go out, they don't need bug spray! Sigh :(

  5. LOL!! I love when I'm taken out of context!! Makes me feel like a real live TV sound bite :-)

    Thank you for linking my column. I will try to live up to your very kind words, Crabby!

  6. OK, I will have to come back & check those links but the search terms for you - way too funny!!!!!

  7. I keep reading that soy is an all around bad choice. In every way. Your link to the whey protein story helps. Thanks.

  8. I am way too lazy to read them all, or I have a short attention span, but I did enjoy the ones I read. Thanks!

  9. [tried to follow the sorghum popcorn link and got Page Not Found]

    I have popcorn. I have sorghum syrup. Since I like my popcorn plain, I'm not inclined to experiment.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  10. Thanks all, for your comments! and Mary Anne, hmmm, wonder what happened on the link. For those who are interested here's the company website: http://www.minipopsinc.com/ I'm hoping that without any effort on my part, a company rep senses my interest in trying these things and offers up some free samples! Because I'm sure they're scouring the comments of Cranky Fitness on regular basis for that very reason.

  11. Checking out a few of these, so thanks for the heads up, haha. Especially the one when it comes to dining out. Hubby and I try to eat mostly at home now, but it's good to know for future reference!

  12. I've recently started drinking more protein shakes thanks to the yummy healthy milkshake recipes over at Chocolate Covered Katie (http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com), to which I add whey protein so they're even healthier. And I've been less hungry lately and wondering why... so maybe that's why! I will continue to drink my yummy breakfasts :)

    (Because my study of one is CLEARLY valid).

  13. Huh. The Hormone Diet author is really big on whey protein smoothies for breakfast. I'm not a smootie fan - I would rather eat yogurt & fruit, but I may have to give it a try.

  14. The sorghum popcorn is pretty tasty. I think you should try it.


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