July 07, 2011

Random Round-Up: the Yep, Still Lazy Edition

Why yes, I believe this IS the same picture as last time!

What's happened recently in the health and fitness world that I was too lazy to blog about?

Well, favorite Fitness blogger Charlotte from The Great Fitness Experiment did something childish, various research studies said something or other about things that might either kill you or help you live to be 100, etc,  a poll revealed a surprisingly lame thing men find particularly attractive in women... all this and more!


So our pal Charlotte from The Great Fitness Experiment took Shape Magazine by storm with a playground workout!

My kinda cooking demonstrations:  Jack Sh*t does battle with a mango, and Hannah Hart demonstrates her patriotism by baking apple pie the 'Merican way at My Drunk Kitchen.  (Note: Hannah is adorable and cracks me up; however, if you have loved ones with alcohol issues or strong feelings about Apple Pie, Baking or Patriotism, you may want to skip this one).

And what health research did Crabby Tweet about this week?  Well, sure, you could look at the sidebar to find out, but then you'd have to scroll.

Painkillers Linked to Heart Rhythm Disorder: http://bit.ly/oSLk9K (yikes! Not just prescription NSAIDS--stuff like advil too)

Will going to a chiropractor help your back? This study is no help: http://on-msn.com/pmfvpA Bottom line seems to be: maybe?

I wear a size 10 shoe so I'm TWICE as hot right?  Poll: Women with Size-5 Feet Most Attractive to Men http://bit.ly/2jAjRG

Any other health bloggers just get an email that it's National Fried Chicken Day, with ideas for pairing wine with KFC?   #WTF? #PRFail

Are you getting enough good bugs in your diet? Probiotics may be good for your mental health as well as physical: http://bit.ly/nIzNVz

Does it seem like there's a new "hooray for vitamin D-3 study" every 3 minutes? This one says good for elderly women. http://bit.ly/pX0lMG

Awesome slideshow on finding ideas for blog posts by @nomorebacon. http://slidesha.re/pKXids (Great timing for this here lazy blogger !)

1 more reason I say stand up! @HeartsHealth: Sitting for Long Time Linked to Pulmonary Embolism http://bit.ly/r3fRfo

Annoying study: moderate salt reduction won't decrease your chance of dying. http://bit.ly/ojfrAY So: reduce more, or don't bother at all?

Though this study seems mainly relevant to mice contemplating spaceflights to Mars, love the headline: "Red wine: Exercise in a Bottle?" http://bit.ly/l9YwB2

Eating lots of veggies? Yet another reason to feel smug: leafy greens help build muscles! http://bit.ly/mCnQ3N

Biggest surprise: black tea lowers cortisol? Surprising Signs You'll Live To Be 100 http://bit.ly/mOMVst

You already knew to do strength training for healthy aging; this study says lift HEAVY for best benefits: http://bit.ly/jYAkKq

And now I believe it's time for a nap!!


  1. Wine and KFC? Oh, my goodness. That's so wrong it's almost right.

  2. Aw thanks for the link love! That was my fave slideshow of ours that we did for Shape so far. Too fun!

  3. And no, I didn't get the memo from KFC. #countingmyblessings

  4. Thanks Leah & Charlotte!

    BTW, I just got another PR email urging me to try wine ice cream. Did NOT, however, open the email. Shudder.

  5. Thanks for the link to the heart rhythm story -- i already have occasional episodes of SVT and avoid painkillers unless i've had major surgery, and now have an argument as to why i should continue that policy.

  6. OMG, messymimi, please don't accuse me of posting a USEFUL link, it will ruin my reputation! :)

  7. There's nothing lazy about finding and posting links to others blogs. But wine ice cream? Hmmm ;)

  8. So a size 5 show means a possible tiny little women which is no surprise - right! No surprise there! ;-)

    Great list of stuff to read! I love you people out there that research stuff!:-)

  9. Wine ice cream: the kind my great-aunt made (out of my great-uncle's home-made scuppernong wine) was suitable for children because you boil the wine and sugar into syrup before you start the freezing process. It was delicious. Nowadays it would be called gelato, I expect.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  10. never anything wrong with posting links from other bloggers! So many good posts out there - sometimes best just to share the love!

  11. I would like to have………….. a strong beer with KFC! What would you like to have?

  12. KFC along with wine. Oh really fun.


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