July 13, 2011

Lazy Linkage: Cranky Fitness Midweek Roundup

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What's new in lazy blogging this week? Well, there's shocking news about your navel, and some helpful links from fellow health & fitness bloggers who were taking the time to write thoughtful blog posts and host giveaways while I was off napping.

Note: Cranky Fitness is working on a giveaway or two as well in order to bribe people to come here better serve loyal readers!  So stay tuned and you may score some free stuff.

And now, on with the show...

There's a one-year anniversary celebration at Fit Bottom Mama's, another fine site from the Fit Bottom Girls. And they're hosting a DVD giveaway.

Our favorite Canadian mouse has a thoughtful post questioning the notion that weight loss makes you pretty. Agree? Disagree?

Do you skip breakfast because you're not hungry and then feel guilty about it? Do you dutifully eat many small meals a day to boost your metabolism? Over at Mark's Daily Apple they've put together a great post collecting and analyzing research about meal timing--and guess what? Turns out Krispy Kremes are good for you after all! A lot of conventional wisdom is NOT supported by research.

So why is Crossfit just like Rachel Maddow? For new Cranky Fitness readers (or old forgetful ones), here's a recap on some pro's and con's of Crossfit workouts.

And now, this week in the Twittersphere:

High blood pressure linked with lower socioeconomic status: http://on-msn.com/nWvWzS (but article implies correlation=causation, grrr)

Study: high salt, low potassium diets are deadly: http://reut.rs/nwwE5r  But wasn't there another study 2 minutes ago saying hi salt ok?

I confess: I use a bit of splenda & stevia. Should I rethink? "Diet Soda Makes You Gain Weight" http://bit.ly/n76wSO

And I thought eating AT my desk was bad. RT @PreventionMag Eating your desk several times a day? Make those meals healthier http://ow.ly/5BodG

Sneaking Healthy into Your Vacation http://bit.ly/omq1JO via @joycecherrier Cool, I love being sneaky! But umbrella drinks=nonnegotiable

Not sure I wanted to know this: Study: Belly Buttons are loaded with 1500 Strains of Bacteria. http://bit.ly/2jAjRG

Ah, good-news coffee research, my favorite kind! The Brain Benefit of Your Regular Cup of Joe http://bit.ly/pP1OeH

In happier news, I was psyched to open Prevention and see great article on @GreenMtnFoxRun featuring @MarshaHudnall. Go Marsha! (Here's the Prevention Magazine online version.

Crabby got hacked! I just discovered/deleted a tweet "from" me linking to a slimy website, saying I made $360 bucks from them.

Turn a walk into an aerobic workout! 1.grab wifes pricey new camera, sans cover; 2.walk 2 miles; 3.get caught in rainstorm 4.runlikehell!

Didn't think obesity rates could get much higher? Well, think again! 16 states rose yet again. http://bit.ly/r31F7P

Egg yolks have lots of antioxidants, who knew? Even more if you eat 'em raw. Yikes! http://bit.ly/pUo0Zn

That's it! And say, how's your week going? Lazy or Crazy?


  1. Exciting stuff, Crabby. But I draw the line at raw eggs.

  2. Also saying no to the raw eggs.

    Going to look closer at the meal timing post -- i have my own theory (eat when you are hungry!) and want to see how theirs compares.

  3. Where do you find all this! ;-) The belly button - hmmmmm - not gonna think about it but I love all the studies on on coffee is good for you!

    WTF on someone pretending to be you!!!

    I saw the news about the obesity rates - :-(

    Thx for the links!

  4. My week? Crazy! Looking forward to a nice Florida vacation with runs on the beach and much sleep.

    Raw eggs sound like a bad idea. I shall pass.

  5. Lots of great links Crabby, but cooked eggs are giving me grief these days, not about to try them raw thanks ;)

    LOL WV ungestie - what happens when I eat eggs

  6. Blech. Raw eggs? I'll pass...unless they're in my cookie dough. :)

    As for fake sugar - I think limited use is one thing. This talks about folks with a 2 soda a day habit. And I don't know where Stevia/Turvia fits since it is closer to an actual real sugar product. (I've heard it's low on the GI scale though, so even better than real sugar!) I've slowly been banning fake sugar from my diet along with HFCS. Slowly...and not always very successfully. But Truvia sure makes some awesome sweet tea I don't feel so guilty about drinking. (It's SUMMER!)

    My other question - what about HFCS? Did they compare diet soda drinkers vs regular soda drinkers?

    Finally - I'm going to try growing my own damn Stevia this winter. I'll let you know how that goes...

  7. No to raw eggs here. In fact, I wear gloves when I crack them. A bit of a germophobe here!

  8. Great link ups and good ,yet oddly weird info.

  9. From what I've read, there is a huge difference between artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas and stevia. Stevia is a natural plant that acts as a sweetener. Takes a little getting used to, but stevia is a healthy alternative in every way. Artificial sweeteners are chemicals, and bad news in every way.


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