October 23, 2009

Okay, I admit: I'm bummed.

It's been kind of a bummer of a week. My workouts have gone well, true, but it's raining. It's raining so much that Max has been scratching at the back door, asking to be let in and towelled dry, something he normally hates.

And work is....a little frustrating.

And the boy thing? Went nowhere.

Life is dust and ashes.

Well, okay. It's not that bad. But I still need some suggestions to get my mojo back. Fitness, after all, implies not only physical, but also *mental* fitness.

What do you do when you want to cancel today for lack of interest? Post in the comments!


  1. I'm sorry you've had such a poopy week, Jo! They're not great suggestions, but if exercise isn't helping your mood, try finding a new book by an author you really like.. go to the shelter and play with the puppies down on the floor where they can knock you over..go hang out with your mom or grandma.. get someone to teach you a craft (sewing, knitting, scrapbook?) that you don't know but were curious about.. go to the park and just SWING, even if it's still raining.

    It's so much easier said than done.. I have far too many days like that, so I know all too well. Thankfully it's friday.. call in sick! You need a mental health day!

    and oh goodness i love that lolcat.. gotta steal it :)

  2. Sometimes it helps to set a timer.

    Seriously, set the timer, and allow yourself to be seriously, fully and deeply committed to feeling bummed, as deeply as you can, for the duration.

    Wail. Gnash your teeth. Cry out in agony if you must.

    When the timer goes off -- 15 to 20 minutes maximum is allowed -- get up and laugh at yourself, and go watch a comedy, or pet a cat, or read a funny book, or just laugh at a funny website.

    It often helps.

  3. During seven months of chemo I had plenty of days I wanted to cancel. For some reason, (think it has to do with out I was raised) I will usually start thinking about how bad other people have it which does not address my problems but it takes my mind away from my bummed feelings for that day.

    Once I was so bummed about an illness I was born with that i read a book about a guy who spent his entire life in an iron lung. He never even got to have sex except a time he paid a sex therapist to touch him. His story put things into perspective for me.

    There, now, don't you feel better? ;-)

  4. Ummm, is POD suggesting that you pay a sex therapist?
    I'm not sure you need to go that far....
    Take up knitting. Or something. (Don't listen to POD!)

  5. I get it done trusting that I'll feel better when I do. If given a choice, I'd rather have a day begin bad and end good, than the other way around!

  6. Oh you're allowed a day like that now and again. But there's good advice above. Why not do all of them? Set that timer, think about how much better you have it than others, take a naps and then get Baggie to teach you how to knit. ; )

  7. Oh, my gosh, I've been having many days lately that I've just wanted to cancel...we can be miserable together. My saving grace is knowing that it will get better, even if the situation hasn't changed...I'll just be better at coping with it.

    Doing something nice for someone else helps a mood...even if it's just a smile to another who also wants to cancel his or her day.

  8. Try watching one of these videos: http://www.wherethehellismatt.com

    The last time I was having a Debbie Downer day, I watched this guy dance around the world and it made me so happy. In fact, I couldn't stop smiling at it. So, here's hoping it does the trick for you, too.

  9. I put on headphones (which I rarely use otherwise) and listen to inspiring music. So it fills up my whole head. Preferably while knitting. That helped on the days when I couldn't move.
    When I'm stronger, like now, I either ride my bike or look at pictures of last years' trip and plan the next trip.

  10. Well, exercise usually helps me get on track since I start my day that way BUT there are times it does not.... I usually try to get to the root of it. Is it my crazed hormones, is it overload or what? Sometimes I give myself the pass knowing it is just a bad hormone day & I deserve to just hibernate. Other days I may delve into a good bookor magazine that I know will lift me up or get me laughing.

    Maybe you can turn on a comedy or something funny on TV to get you smiling! Stay away from the news! Too depressing!

  11. I'd suggest either some extra-upbeat music (from whatever your 'era' is!) or, just get out the house for a while, go and do almost anything, and you'll feel better. Failing that, it must be time for a chick-flick!

  12. If I'm bummed, it's usually because I've overloaded myself and not given myself time to chill. So I'll hang out at home, watch a movie (for some reason, the new Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley works really well for me, YMMV), and cross-stitch. It gets me out of my head for a bit to watch a movie, yet I'm still productive and doing something with my hands, and I can do it all in my PJs :)

  13. I wish I knew. When I have times of feeling the way you're feeling, the only thing that helps me out is focusing on the positive, resting and waiting it out. I guess it's when you CAN'T come out of a rut that you should really start to worry.

  14. Rainy day here too. Not feeling like doing much, face still sore from 2 hour dental visit yesterday. And I just don't feel good. I cranked out my push-ups for the challenge I'm in, got hot in the face while doing them, which is not the norm and am off to just rest and read for a bit.

    Love the LOLCAT! That's exactly how I feel.

  15. Life has it's ups and downs, what can you do right? Sh*t happens missy.

    Hmm, I guess you could go read the interview between me and the naked red head (It's just a name, no worries)... as people have told me it's one of my most entertaining interviews yet.

    Here's a link to it: http://www.thenakedredhead.com/journal/interview-with-fitjerk-of-fitjerks-fitness-blog.html

    You may also want to read up on her "Dating horror stories" series. Pretty damn funny.

    Cheered up? Good. Now go do some push ups ;)

  16. Every once in a while you need a day off. So take the day off! Watch movies, do crafts, read books...whatever makes you happy. I've been taking (demanding!) time for new hobbies - scrapbooking lately. Try out new stuff if you don't have one already.

    WEll, I see I'm not the only one that had this thought. lol. I hope you find your groove again.

  17. good lord I have been there.

    for me it's still the trite FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT although many of those days I wish I could HIDE IN BED UNTIL...I NO LONGER WANNA.

  18. When I'm bummed I just sigh really deeply and groan. If I'm so bummed that nothing picks me up I go walking until my mind is fuzzy, no more morbid thoughts, just in a relaxed state. If I think of cancelling a workout...I push myself to go anyway because I know I'm going to feel better after.
    Doritos also do the trick ! :)


  19. I go for a run. Or, if that's what I want to cancel, I feel guilty for a little bit and then I allow myself a few days off. I find when I feel as though everything is going crappy I DO need a few days off from at least one thing.

  20. I am so sorry you are having a rough time at the moment. From my point of view when I am feeling like that I always feel that a little retail therapy does just the trick :)

  21. There must be a lot of this going around!! Lol, I won't tell you want I do to gain my mojo because it won't help you accomplish alot but jodiojo.com did an article on lack of motivation and I found it insightful! You should check it out...it's worth a shot! Better than sleeping and hoping mojo shows up tomorrow (which is what I'd do).


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