October 05, 2009

Career Advice

So I was over at Huffington Post the other day saw one of those headlines promising to share the secrets of a living a happy and successful life. The article was written by Marcus Buckingham, a guy with a new book out called: "Find Your Strongest Life."

I have no idea if the book is any good or not. Has anyone read it?

Anyway, from the HuffPo article, I gathered that one of the principle ideas behind this book is: screw "balance." Instead, go for more of what you really like in life and are good at.

And I'm all over that--just as soon as I find that job opening for "massage quality control inspector" or "cupcake taste-tester."

But the fun thing about this "Strongest Life" article? It comes with a quiz.

By answering 23 questions, you can figure out which of 9 roles in life suits you best: Advisor, Caretaker, Creator, Equalizer, Influencer, Motivator, Pioneer, Teacher, or Weaver. (Alas, there is no category for "Slacker.")

Once you know your Lead Role, this knowledge is supposed to help you find "moments that will strengthen you the most, invigorate you the most, bring you joy, excitement, and fun."

Cool! I like joy, excitement and fun.

And don't worry, this quiz will not tell you at the end: "Your Lead Role is... Ill-Tempered Dirtbag. You are: dumb as mud and mean as donkey spit. Your best quality: You won't live forever. Your Smartest Career Move: Night Watchman in a Graveyard, or other job that keeps you as far away from other sentient beings as possible.

Nah, this isn't one of those brutally honest quizzes. This is the nice happy kind where all the options and results are flattering.

So I took the quiz, and unlike most online quizzes, this one had me totally nailed! Check this out:

Your Lead Role: Advisor

"Your thrill comes from knowing that you are the person others turn to for the answer. You don’t necessarily want to be the person who actually makes the changes happen. (God, no!) Rather, what excites you is being valued by others for your insight and your judgment."

Your best quality: Your ability to analyze and talk things to death until someone else finally gets off their ass and DOES something find a solution.

Be careful you: Don’t get frustrated by other people’s failings. (Oh, don't worry, that never ever happens! (snort)).

And, saving the most awesome for last:

Your smartest career move: Any job where you’re paid to be opinionated.

Yep, it really said that.

Have you managed to design your life around what you like best, or are you still working on it? Ever take online quizzes?


  1. Crabby, for the most part, yes. I'm a stay at home writer. I avoid human contact as best I am able. Haven't made any money in this new incarnation as a novelist yet. Had an adequate career as a journalist, and made a bit here and there as a freelancer.
    I get a kick out of online quizzes so might get around to taking this one later on today.

  2. I've made some significant inroads in my quest for self-actualization, or life just happened while I was making other plans. "What a strange ride it's been." :-)

  3. I would say I'm still working on it...I went and took the quiz though and it told me my lead role is "Caretaker" which I think it pretty accurate.

  4. Well, as soon as I get some sleep, I am headed over to Huff to take that quiz!!!! Want to be fully awake when I do!!!

    I am still on the quest. I spent alot of my life doing what was expected versus what was right for me so now as an older broad, I am on the quest. I hope I get there before I expire!!! :-)

    I love your results!!!

    PS: Again, thx for the great question that prompted my post today!

  5. I have taken a few of these quizzes, and wouldn't mind seeing the results of this one.

    Although I'm not sure I could get a job for whichever one I supposedly turn out to be good at, it's nice to dream.

  6. Hmmm I'm 36 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

  7. I'm just glad I didn't get "caretaker"... something I'm conditioned to do, but don't get a lot of reward from. Instead, I got "Creator" which said basically that I'd be happiest being paid for "new content".

    It seems pretty vague, after all, we're all producing something if we're getting paid, whether it's something physical (like assembly line workers) or ideas and expressions (like artists, teachers, and politicians). I have to wonder if the other "lead roles" are that vague as well.

    The online quizzes are fun, but I can't take them too seriously, even when written by so-called "experts".

  8. I think I would probably fall along the lines of "pioneer" - the Donner party variety in particular.

    I like quizzes as long as the questions aren't too long or require too much thought. But alas, my life is still mostly off the rails in terms of doing what I'm good at as Tina Fey/Kathy Griffin still haven't responded to my resume.

  9. I'm still working on it, and didn't take the quiz (I'm not a fan of online quizzes).

    I'm also going to ignore the advice about only doing things I'm good at. I'm like to branch out.

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  11. In my quest to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, I realised I would prpbably never really grow up. At nearly 36 I can confirm this :)
    Right now I'm liking science and trying to do things I enjoy...what the tests all waid I'd be good at...but if it ever gets to be too much of a drudgery? On to something like a catering business.

  12. My lead role is "Equalizer", that seems to pretty accurately desribe me, a "middle child".

  13. If I threw away my law degree/practice based on an online personality quiz....well, it wouldn't be the worst decision I've made.

    Personally, I prefer the Facebook app quizes, like "Would You Survive a Zombie Holocaust" or "Which John Hughes 80's Character Are You." They seem more relevant. ;-)

  14. I'm a 'teacher' with supporting role of 'advisor,' essentially a know-it-all. Might be why my childhood best friends called me Bossy Rossi.

  15. Haven't taken it yet. Love that kind of stuff, but sometimes it only tells you how you answered it that moment. Every time I think I have life figured out it throws a wrench in the mix!

  16. I mostly do what I am best at, which is why the things I suck at never get any better, haha!

  17. Hee! I LOVE self quizzes! And I have to say when I was reading thru the list of possibilities, I immediately thought, "Huh, I bet Cranky is an advisor type!" Now, off to take the quiz myself...

  18. I'm still trying to figure out what I like, let alone how to design my life around that.

    I tend to answer online quizzes with how I think you're supposed to answer instead of how I would actually answer.

  19. I'm in the process of designing my life around what I like best. Hence the reason I'm working on my Personal Training Certificate. Not that my current career doesn't already involve some things I like, I just have more passion for wanting to assist people in a way that improves their health.

    Oh and yeah I take online quizzes all the time...some really lame ones as well as some pretty good ones. Got to say I have this strange addiction to taking really lame ones that are part of facebook LOL.

  20. Hi Crabby!

    Weeeeee, that was fun!

    My lead role was teacher, and my supporting role creator, so yeah, I resemble those remarks.

    Online quizzes--usually a nice way to waste time.

  21. It really said that? REALLY? Hehe love it.

    I think it's useful to take some time to reflect on ourselves and our "role" in our relationships with ourselves/others; from that reflection, we can figure out our path in life much more easily.

  22. My role (and yes, I take online quizzes sometimes though I try not to take too many of the "what is my stripper name" on facebook quizzes) is Teacher.

    I wonder if taking an online quiz is how Dr. J. became a doctor?

    BTW, I am not doing what I'd like to be doing which is why when I am not at work I do what I like.

  23. Hmmm...I have absolutely no self-control whatsoever when it comes to online quizzes. Came up Teacher-Motivator. My FB friends concurred. I hope it doesn't mean I'm doomed to a life in middle management. ;)

  24. Motivator???? Er, not. Most of the questions did not include the response "Flee for the hills" so I suppose my answers were not accurate enough. It did get that I'm an optimist, though.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  25. I'll check it out. I got a good chuckle out of what my answers hopefully "won't" be.

  26. Just had to take this quiz. Came out Creator, with supporting role as Motivator. Not so sure about either one. It was hard to answer the questions! Probably didn't do it right -- maybe wasn't supposed to think too long about it. Actually, that was one of the cautions for me -- don't think too long, you'll never make a decision. Nailed me!

    Love quizzes like this....

  27. I'm a Creator (which makes total sense.. VERY accurate) and my Supporting role is Motivator... surprising.

    I liked how it made a point of telling me to beware of "emotional vampires"... I have known Many in my life!

  28. I took the quiz and got 'teacher' and whaddya know, I'm at university training to be just that! Nice to know that old Marcus thinks I'm heading in the right direction (although I had a bit of an inkling myself). I used to be a graphic designer and definiately felt I was on the wrong path. It took a bit of travelling and some volunteering at different jobs but I definately feel I'm doing the right thing now. It's a nice feeling.

  29. hey crabby, if I was a woman, I'd be a motivator. Not bad eh. Too bad as a male I'm a slave driver... for the good of the people, ofcourse.

  30. I am a parent. Therefore, I am a caretaker, creator, equalizer, influencer, motivator, pioneer, teacher, and weaver.

    Oh, and ad "sleepless-er"...thus, my post at 2:50 a.m.

  31. I'm still figuring out what my niche in life is... I'm only 40, so there's plenty of time!

    I love online quizzes, so I'm off to take this one.


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