October 19, 2009

It's Road Trip Time Again!

Yep, the Lobster and I are heading off for a leisurely cross-country trip for the next few weeks, and internet access will be scarce and sporadic. But Cranky Fitness will still be open for business! Jo and Gigi will be bringing you great posts about health and fitness... or actually, about whatever the hell they want to write about, 'cause I left them the keys to the place. Plus I'll be putting up some tired old reruns classic posts that newer readers may have missed, and perhaps I'll be sending in some pictures or short posts from the road. Oh, and one more inducement to hang around...

The Cranky Fitness Big-Ass Fall Giveaway!

We've got a grand prize from TRX and lots of other great prizes as well. To enter, go over to the giveaway post on our product page... and it's worth reading the instructions because they're a bit different than our usual giveaways.

Time to Recharge

Photo: Don Solo

So I will totally miss all my blog friends, and will be checking with all your goings on (in lurker mode) when I can. But I'm looking forward to taking a break from posting for a few weeks. Do any of you folks who have blogs of your own (or other serious internet habits) find you sometimes need to unplug for a while?

The fact that I can't think of anything remotely funny, thoughtful, informative, or interesting to leave you with is probably a good sign it's time for me to skeedaddle. I'm hoping that some scenic fall hikes, a few entertaining novels, and even long-ass driving days spent mostly staring out the window will provide either some blogging inspiration, or the answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" 'Cause that's something I'm still a little unclear on.

Thank you so much for your patience, and I'll see you all in a few weeks!


  1. Happy trails to you and the Lobster. Hope you arrive safely and refreshed. You almost got snowed in before you left!

    Thanks for the keys. By the way, how much should I be tipping the houseboy? (He looks an awful lot like Hugh Jackman.)

  2. Have a great trip! And I love that cat photo! :)

  3. Crabby, I wish you and the Lobster a wonderful, successful, and fun cross-country advenure.

    Oh, about that when you grow up business? I never caught on to that, either.

  4. I hope you guys enjoy your voyage across our beautiful country!!

  5. Have a great time coming my way!!!! And yes, there are times when I really want to turn this blog stuff off! I can become stressful at timeas!

  6. Have a fun and safe trip! (With many adventures to provide blog fodder, natch.) We'll miss you!

  7. Safe travels, Crabby! Oh, and if you're in search of free wifi while you're road tripping, keep an eye out for Panera Bread cafes. Also, Borders book stores are supposed to be starting to offer free wifi. And last time I was in search, I discovered that McDonalds was even offering wifi, not free but for a fair price.

    Just doing my small part to help you stay connected. :+)

  8. It's clear to me what you have become now that you have grown up - the most entertaining and informative Crab around!

    I wish you and the Lobster a grand and enjoyable journey, with adventure and refreshment of spirit.

  9. I sometimes have to unplug from my internet habits cause they start taking over too much of my free time. My biggest addiction is those damn games on facebook. I started banning myself from getting on them on the weekends and I only get a short time in the evenings now. I only started blogging about 3 weeks ago and so far I have been pretty good about not letting that get too crazy yet.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip and travel safe!

  10. Happy and safe travels! I'll add that I've found here in the sticks Arbys often offers free wi-fi. And you can get it from the parking lot and avoid the temptation of curly fries. :)

    Relax, refresh, and rediscover. The whole purpose of road tripping!

  11. Have a safe drive westward. Looking forward to your occasional posts about the trip. Grow up? Do I really hafta?

  12. Hilary has a good point. Why grow up if you're having fun as you are?

    Of course, if you're not having fun then that's a sign it's time to try plan B (whatever that may be).

    Have fun! Jack Kerouac wrote his best novels when he was On The Road :)

  13. **cough** come to austin! **cough**

    The Tornado DEMANDS to see the Lobster.

    She's entirely smitten with her.

    It's so freakin cute.

  14. Well, you will have to come through Edmonton, we have WiFi hot spots all over the city that are free. Enjoy your trip.

  15. happy road-tripping! wave if you drive near colorado!

  16. If you come this way (which I know you will), we should have lunch at Phil's Fish House.

    Travel safely. It's raining again here. Have a great time. Take pictures.

  17. Have fun on your trip! I think road trips are a great way to get unplugged for a while and tune in to something else besides the internet.

  18. Have a great trip! We'll be waiting here in Cali with open arms.

  19. Have a safe trip! Enjoy your time away from the blog (a little vacation will be good for you - recharge your blog-battery!) :)

    What is this growing up of which you speak?

  20. I hope your trip is pleasant, yet provides plenty of blog fodder. Wave as you pass Kentucky.

    Having started my blog purely so that I could comment on blogs that didn't allow anonymous posting I keep being amazed that I've been finding things to say for a year, and I'm not running out, so I think the key is not to have goals. This goes for life as a whole.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky


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