April 18, 2009

Stuff I Meant to Mention

Sometimes I accumulate various items or links I want to pass on to you guys, but I can't quite squeeze them into regular posts and have them make any sense.

I used to do something called "Random Friday," which was a great place for miscellaneous links. But then, somehow, "Random Friday" turned into a monster, one that constantly needed to be fed.

But if Random Friday were this cute a monster,
I'd probably go ahead and feed it
(Drawing by Dylan)

Unfortunately, if I had two things I needed to say, I couldn't just have a whole "Random Friday" post with 2 paragraphs in it! That would look weird. So instead I'd spend hours and hours surfing the net, goofing off, all justified in my mind with the idea that I was "just looking for "Random Friday" ideas.

Best not to bring back that tradition, methinks. Instead, how about I just pass on the actual things I wanted to tell you about this week?

Blog You Must Check Out

First off, here's a hilarious blog that you folks probably already know about, but I was late finding. (Or quite possibly I found it, liked it, and failed to bookmark it, which happens quite frequently and I really should get all set up in a feed reader but I'm too stubborn and there are too many blogs that would need to go on there so better to have nothing that something imperfect, right?) Anyway, the blog is called Chunky Monkey Mama. It's all good, but be sure to check out Gigi's awesome review of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred DVD.

Moms and Daughters and Body Image:

I had to double-check my calendar that I hadn't inadvertently missed Mother's day, because there are 3 items with this theme!

1. Remember the Dark Dirty Secrets of a Dietician post from last week? Well, Marsha and the other bloggers over at Green Mountain at Fox Run are running a blogging contest about mothers, daughters, and body image. And you know what you could win? A week at Green Mountain! If you are a blogger, you might want to check it out.

2. For those of you who are Blogher members (or want to join), there is voting going on right now about whether to have a panel at their conference this summer called "Blogs & Body Image: What are we teaching our kids?".

So why would a childless crab care enough one way or the other to mention this? Well, not only is a great subject, but the awesome MizFit and others you may be familiar with (like Steph from Back in Skinny Jeans and Roni from Roni's Weigh and some other great bloggers) will be on the panel, if they can get enough votes to have it. See more details over at Mizfit's place.

(And speaking of Blogher... yes, I heard your anguished cries and finally figured out how to disable the Floating Layers ads. I think. Let me know if they reappear.)

3. Dara Chadwick, whom many of you may remember from her blog and her great comments on many other blogs, has a new book coming out that also deals with mothers and daughters and body image. It looks great! It's called: You'd Be So Pretty If...

Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment has a review and giveaway, and you can read all about the book at Dara's website.

Silly Animal Video

OK, some old Random Friday habits die hard...

Fed Up from shots Mag on Vimeo.


  1. Great stuff...it's amazing how the little things that parents say effect us in such big ways.

  2. If only there were blogs about mothers and daughters and body image when I was young...Alas there was not so I have spent the beginning of my life raised by a nut who passed on her nutty nutnut stuff to me about food and body image and then, she had the nerve (da noive) to take care of herself and get thin and stop eating crap and now she is 73 and healthy!

  3. So Random Friday went on a diet and now it fits into the blog again?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  4. Dear Crabby,
    Many thanks for the mention. Just please, please don't let Jillian know where I am.

    Am also still trying to navigate Blogher to vote. Yes, as you would suspect every electronic device in my house reads a bright flashing "12:00". Wish me luck.

  5. Had to show the monster pic to Hubby. Got a kick out of it, and your blog title/handle!

    If I have something random to say, chances are with 6 blogs (5 biz, + my diet blog), I can find somewhere to stick it!

    Vee at www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  6. That video is way too funny & I suspect too true for some poor overweight dogs out there! I hate to be rude but maybe overweight parents feed their animals the way they feed their overweight children. Yes, a peeve of mine when kids suffer due to parents not putting the kids health above their need for food. Jeez, I am turning into a cranky fitness person today!!! Sorry, the hormones!!!

    Loved the other links & have seen some of them at other blogs too. The more you can get the message out, the better, on the conference, the book, body image and more.

    THX & have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Crabby - Thanks for your comment on my blog. My next post is going to be about Shepard Fairey (http://tinyurl.com/ccl39r).

  8. thanks for all the links and info have a great weekend!

  9. I was running to check my calendar too when I saw a couple posts about Mothers Day... jeez, giving all of us bloggers a heart attack thinking we forgot about it! Thanks for the links.

    PS Mary Anne I'm still giggling over your comment

  10. OMG the dog under the table was really too much...I know it is late, and I am tired, but I am going to pee my pants laughing.

  11. thanks for the blogher shoutout Cranky!

    and the random friday? Ive missed those and yet can ENTIRELY relate to what you said in the post.

    entirely :)

  12. Crabby, you are so sweet to mention my book...thank you for your support :-)!

  13. hehe, Crabby -- the video cracked me up! :) And cool, lots of interesting links to check out.


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