April 15, 2009

Cranky Fitness Declares A New Holiday!

No, this new holiday is not in honor of taxes being due. That's a sucky reason for a holiday.

Nor is it a celebration of this being the Two Year Anniversary of Cranky Fitness.

But it is somewhat related to the fact I've been blogging for two solid years--and have spent a boatload of hours in front of a computer monitor, nearly motionless and hunched over writing about the need for us all to go out and get some exercise.

So here at Cranky Fitness we are rechristening April 15 as:

National Get Off Your Ass Day!!

Seriously, I don't need you sitting on me all day.
Photo credit: coscurro

Now this doesn't mean you have to go out and do anything strenuous (though that might be very good for you).

Here's all you need to do to celebrate this new Holiday: if you are sitting in a chair and have been stationary for more than say, a half hour: STAND UP! STRETCH FOR A SECOND! YES, THAT MEANS YOU, MAGGOT!

Whoops, don't know what got into me!

OK, you can sit down now. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Over at That's Fit, Bev directed me to a very helpful Chicago Tribune article detailing the many reasons that sitting in a chair for long periods of time is bad for you.

Among them... "Sitting puts nearly twice the stress on the spine as standing; slouching while you sit increases the pressure even more." Also, "the disks in our vertebrae are important shock absorbers. When we're locked in one position, we're starving the disks of nutrients...there's no vascular or nerve supply to the disks; they get their nutrition through movement...if we're not moving, everything stagnates."

And who wants a stagnant spine? There were a whole bunch of other bad things too, like blod clots and flabby butts.

Suggestions for preventing problems include simple things like standing up every 15 to 30 minutes and clasping your hands behind your back, as well as more challenging endeavors like switching to a treadmill desk.

Now normally I might plagiarize pass on more of these suggestions, but you know what? I think I'll keep this a short post for once. Instead, go check out the relevant articles at That's Fit or the Tribune. Or better yet, take Rupal's awesome cartoon diagnostic posture test over at 101 Exercises!

Because I'm going to celebrate the Cranky Fitness second Blogiversary, as well as National Get Off Your Ass day, by... getting off my own ass and out of my desk chair for a good part of the day!

Note: thank you ALL, awesome readers, commenters, guest posters, followers, Stumblers, friendly bloggers, most wonderful co-blogger Merry Sunshine, and everyone else, for a wonderful two years!!!!

Oh, and speaking of Merry, don't worry, I haven't had her kidnapped and stashed away just because she's been consistently writing better posts than mine and showing me up. I'm used to that. She's been on a blog break and should be back soon.

So do any of you find yourselves sitting for long periods of time, or are you pretty good about taking little stand-up-and-stretch breaks every now and then?



    Im honored to have met you in person and to have met Miz Merry virtually so often.

    Im off to get off my ARSE in your honor!

    xo xo,


  2. I work at a desk and it's really easy for me to forget that I need to stand up and move throughout the day. I'm trying to be more conscious about getting up every 30 minutes or so for a quick stretch but I usually forget. Sounds like a good day to step up my efforts.

    Congrats on two years! This is absolutely one of my favorite places to visit.

  3. You started a blog on tax day? How come you're not doing your taxes at the last moment and standing in line at the post office with all the other red-blooded Americans, you commie/fascist/socialist weirdo?

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! 2 years! That is a huge milestone! And I'm getting "Who wants a stagnant spine" on a t-shirt. That's awesome:)

  5. I work at a desk and I try to get up quite a bit even if it's just to walk to the kitchen for more water. I'm going to the gym tonight for 2 classes, one circuit class and another kickboxing partner work class. I will dedicate it to get off your ass day!

  6. Congrats on two years and Happy Anniversary!!! I love your blog!

    I was slouching with my elbows on the desk while reading this post - when I'm finished typing this comment I shall get up and off my ass and go workout. OK, I was going to go anyway, but now I feel like I got a virtual shove out the door! Thanks for the kick in the pants!

  7. Happy 2nd Anniversary!

    I may not always have time to comment, but a day without reading Crabby or Merry is unthinkable.


  8. Congrats on 2 years.

    I'm pretty good about not sitting at a desk. Sitting on my couch is another story.

  9. I spend 8 hours a day sitting on my ass at work. I think I'm going to set my computer to beep at me every half hour or so to remind me to get up and MOVE! My ass and I thank you Crabby!

    Happy Blogiversary!!!

  10. Happy Blogiversary TWO you!

    And in honour of this post, I am going to get off my ever-expanding ass and go check cows to see if we have any new babies. If we do, (s)he will be named in your honour.
    We'll call it "McCalf". hehehe

  11. Happy Crankiversary.
    I shall be getting off my ass later. I swearz.

  12. Happy Anniversary (gets off her ass and cheers!)

  13. Happy Blogaversary! My 1 year is today.

    I work at a desk all the time. But, thankfully, the printer is down 2 floors and I don't plan my printing very well. So, I get up every so often naturally. Now, if only I could make myself not slouch in my chair. That would be a miracle, slouch buzzer or not!

  14. I just set a tickler in outlook to get up every half hour to remind me take a quick stroll around the building. Thank you!

  15. Happy 2yr Blogiversary :)

    I managed to work in a 2 mile walk with a friend yesterday on a randomly nice early spring day... maybe I can take the baby out again today in honor of GOYAD!

    Can't wait for a 70 degree weekend so we can GOYA and paint the living room, but this weekend? house hunting and apple tree trimming. one HELL of a workout!

  16. Fine, I'll go walk Benny.. since you're practically escorting me out the door anyway. Here, please hold the leash while I put on the rubber boots.. it's muddy out there. Thanks. ;)

    Happy 2 great years Crabby! :)

  17. Happy Anniversary, Crabby :)

    I'm generally pretty good at getting up.

    Whether that's to get something out of the fridge, on the other hand..

  18. I find the opposite - I stand most of my day. I have to actually work on shifting my weight from foot to foot to not cramp up my feet or (yuk) develop vericose veins...

    I will continue to stay off my arse all day sir. Yes sir. Standing up now sir...

  19. Happy blog anniversary!

    I try to stand up and walk either out to the water cooler or to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Drinking tons of water makes it hard to forget to get up. But it would make it even easier if I had someone yelling "MAGGOT!" at me on the half hour.

  20. Happy blogiversary to all of us here in the Crankyverse!

    I'm so thankful my work requires a lot of movement, and I can't wait to get a home business started so I can work again. However, a 96 year old father means that I get up and move around a lot even so.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  21. Woo Two years!

    Yes, I do find myself planted in front of my computer for more time than I find myself up in motion.

    I've instituted a 20 minute movement policy, which states that every 20 minutes (or there about, sometimes I forget) I have to stand up and move a bit. This might be stretching, or walking to the sink to refill my Sigg, but it must include at least 30 seconds of not sitting down.

  22. Aww happy blog birthday! I like your holiday.

  23. Happy anniversary! In co-honor of NGOYAD and National SuckItUp and Pay Taxes Day I'll get off my ass and stand in line at the post office for an hour. I'll also go for a nice long walk after work.

    I sit at my desk for most of the day, but I think all the squirming I do should count for something, right?

  24. Happy anniversary & what a great site. So glad I found you!

    This is a great post. I even take this to the gym. I stand when doing my weights UNLESS it is one I have to sit for like chest press or lying something or other! I don't have to sit at a desk but I am one that is up and about a lot.

    As for sitting. YES, get up & stretch & move! Also, when sitting, watch that posture. I saw a great comment from Marylou Henner. She said to an audience.. don't move right now. Now, assume someone took a picture of you as you are sitting at this moment. How is your posture.. are you slouched or are you sitting upright & engaging that core & keeping your back safe. A great point!

    Have a happy, cranky, "get off your arse day"!

  25. Happy Blog Birthday! And thanks for the gentle reminder :)

  26. Congratulations on the two wonderful years of Cranky Fitness. I'm more than happy to move my ass today and I'm standing while I write this.

  27. Happy Anniversary! :D

    I have a desk job, but tend to get up and wander from one boss's office to another, so thankfully I'm not stuck at my desk ALL day! :D

  28. Congrats!!!!
    Actually am proud of myself, been getting off my a** just about every day, either weightligting or running. Makes a difference!

  29. (To the tune of the Lone Ranger theme:)
    Happy Blog-i-ver-sa-ry!
    Happy Blog-i-ver-sa-ry!
    Happy Blog-i-ver-sa-ry!
    Haaaaaaaapy Blog-i-ver-sa-ry!

    I sat up straight in my chair and stretched...does that count? (Good reminder, I'd better get up and walk around a bit.)

  30. How awesomely a propos of my very own situation even as I read and comment on this. I'm getting up right this minute...

    And congratulations!

  31. Happy Blogiversary! I shall get up right now and move about.

  32. Wow, this is a wake-up call I really needed! I sit in my cube all day, then I'm so run down when I get home that I sit at the computer all night.

    And having ADD makes it harder to remember to get up because I'm hyperfocusing! I just bought a vibrating watch for work, and maybe I'll use a couple of the 30 allowable alarms as "Get off your ass" reminders ;)

  33. CONGRATS!! That's fantastic! Both the day and the 2 yr mark!! WOOHOO!

    Best day ever...get off your ass day!

    Thanks for the constant laughter! You guys rock!

    THANKS THANKS THANKS for the shout out too!!


  34. Happy Anniversary. Keep up the amazing posts. Love your site.

  35. I've been reading recently about NEAT, non-exercise activity thermogenesis (not positive), and if you're interested, look it up, but supposedly sitting for a long time slows the metabolism down. A little movement occasionally gets things moving. Interestingly enough, the pattern of one hour exercise, 23 hours sitting, supposedly burns less and is less healthy than a lot of non-exercisey movement all day long.

  36. Congratulations on your Second Blogiversary! You've built something really fabulous here.

    And lol @ National Get Off Your Ass Day! Sounds like an excellent holiday, and I'm proud to declare that I have indeed gotten off my ass. :)

    I'm very good about getting up and taking stretch breaks while working for long periods at the computer. Sometimes they turn into hike breaks. Or play piano breaks. As much as I love writing, if I had to spend ALL my time in front of a computer monitor, I'd lose every single one of my marbles.

  37. I'm ok at work cos I'm a teacher of small children so rarely visit a seat for 5 hours a day. However at home I'm awful - we live in a very cute (small) flat so if we're home we're either sleeping or on the sofa.

    So today after your post I'm going to clean our windows which should take me off my ass for a bit and go to the gym. Hoorah for being a day late with the holiday!

  38. You must have some sort of blog-ESP--somehow I knew it was NGOYAD and was out and about all day!

    Congrats on your two year blogiversary! I'm excited to finally share my birthday with something more exciting than tax day :)


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