January 13, 2009

Winner: Mary Lou's Weigh Scale

Damn but I'm glad Mr. Random Number Generator had to pick the winner. There were so many great comments that I'd never be able to pick just one.

The winner is...


Congratulations! Please send your name and mailing address to crabbymcslacker @ gmail .com (without the spaces) by Friday, January 16th.

Reminder: if you'd like to order the scale from the kind folks at Mary Lou's Weigh, use the coupon code Crabby50 and they'll give you a 50% discount.

p.s. Y'know? Those irritating perky messages are becoming less irritating as time goes by. Now I just wish the scale would say something about my losing weight!


  1. Hi Crabby. I believe I read that the winner could only be in the USA. If that is the case than I would like to give my prize to the workout partner that MizFit set me up with. Her blog is: http://oppositelife.blogspot.com and I will have her email you! Thanks! I know she'll really benefit from this prize.

  2. I tried to purchase the scale with the crabby50 code and it didn't work. :(


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