February 01, 2008

Random Friday

Stop Grinning & Get to Work!

[By Crabby]

So yep, it's that time of the week again...

Happiness: Hey, Go Easy There, Will Ya?
A new study found that people who rate themselves as moderately happy actually tend to be more successful and have higher incomes than those who give themselves ten out of ten on the happiness scale. But insanely enough, most of the reports about this study (including the press release) take this to mean: don't try to be too happy. God forbid you should be less successful or have a lower income, and settle for silly old happiness instead!

As I've said before, I think self-measures of happiness are bogus. Many people who rate themselves 10/10 are not rating their actual happiness--they're just demonstrating their tendency towards social conformity and black & white thinking. I'm not surprised 10's are not as successful as the more realistic 8's or 9's. But I don't think it's because 10's are actually happier. (Note: I'd take absolute delirious happiness over "success" any day).

More Reasons to Exercise:
Yeah, there's a new study like this every week saying you're screwed, health-wise, if you don't exercise. This one's especially interesting though, because it says that people who don't exercise have shorter telomeres in their dna. (Note: shorter telomeres are a bad thing--they're sort of a shorthand for our biological age. When telomeres get too short, cells can't divide anymore).

Another odd finding though, was that exercise only helps when it's leisure time exercise, as opposed to hard manual labor. The theory is that psychological stress plays into cell aging as well. (Just don't tell the hotel maids about this, okay?)

Department of Duh:
According to a recent news story, lots of people think meat is a good source of fiber. The National Fiber Council (there is one? Really?) says that 62 percent of people surveyed think meat is a source of fiber. Not coincidentally, "sixty-five percent of respondents said they try to eat foods that are high in fiber." (via That'sfit).

Bring On the Googlers, It's Another Breast Item!
As many other female bloggers have no doubt discovered, all you have to do is mention the word "breasts" in a post to lure hordes of mammary-seeking males over to your site. ("Big Bouncy Breasts") works even better. So, hi guys! (And, um, sorry. False alarm. No naked flesh here; try again later, when hell freezes over).

Anyway, this strange breast item was stolen from is courtesy of Marijke. She found a new study that links increased diabetes risk to larger breast sizes. So at least for certain health risks, it's no longer "the bigger the better the tighter the sweater." (Am I the only one old enough to remember "we must, we must, we must improve our bust?")

Speaking of Marijke, check out this great new food-hurling utensil she just found for us, the zing!

And to make this 3 Marijke-related items in a row... want to help out her at her great new blog, Help My Hurt? There's some sort of February comment contest going on at her blog network, so if you've been meaning to stop by and share your thoughts, this is a great month to start doing it!

Crabby's New Digs?

(Photo by Semanchuk.com)

Nah, but Jennifer at Offbeat Homes found this for me and, my goodness it's... um... different! (Offbeat homes has tons of bizzaro houses, many of them way prettier than this one. It's a great place to fantasize about what you'll do with those lotto winnings that should be coming in any week now.)

Risque T.V. Commercials:
Just how I like my commercials--if I have to see them, I'd prefer they be at least a little bit dirty. I'm classy like that.

If it's not your native tongue, here's a very good reason to take English lessons. (Warning: NSFW unless you keep the volume low.)

Guys Like Big Manly SUV's , apparently, though we're not sure women care quite as much.

And finally, this one demonstrates The Many Advantages of Reclining seats.

So have at least a Moderately Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Hi folks!

    So we're in a Boston suburb (in a hotel with a LAME gym) and fairly soon we'll be heading up the cape to see our new place in Provincetown, hooray!

    We won't be occupying it for real for another couple of months, but we're going to get some contractors started on it. We'll be camping out on an inflatable bed in an otherwise empty house, but there will be heat & electricity and water, or so we're told. An adventure!

    Anyway, we're not sure what the wireless situation is in P-town during the winter, so if I disappear for a few days, do not be alarmed! (Well, unless you hear of a meteor striking and obliterating the tip of Cape Cod--then, be very alarmed).

    Thanks for all the great comments this week!

  2. Quick, where can we go to get our telomeres measured?!

    Great random Friday, as always, Crabby! So much to think about.

    Love the photo of your new crib...
    So, perhaps the fact that the Bag Lady's exercise is mostly comprised of chores rather than fun and games is why she isn't losing weight (vis a vis the hotel maid thing...)? (Although, actually, ever since she started thinking, thanks to you, that she was, in fact, really working out, she has lost 3 lbs...)

  3. Wow, could I have used any more commas in that last comment?

  4. Woohoo for the Crabster and the Lobby. Oops, was up working too late last night. :-)

    I love the Boston area. I used to visit Quincy to see a friend and when my DD was a competetive dancer, we went down a few times. Boston is such a neat place.

    Great links as usual. I will have to have a better look at some of them when I'm more awake.

    Thanks for the link back to my blog. We're trying to boost the comments (which are pretty non-existant right now!!) to help build a community. So, comment away.

    Love empty houses..... it's like being in an adult playground.:-) Have fun!!

  5. I remember the must/bust exercise rhyme and the accompanying arm exercises that went with it. It'll be with me all day now.

    So manual labor doesn't help the telomeres because of psychological factors?
    I wonder what we'll learn next week.

    Congratulations on the new place. Enjoy the fixing up. It's all part of the adventure.

  6. Wow...that New Scientist link was great crabby. thanks. I'm very intrigued about the link of telomeres and exercise (SCIENCE!). I'm reading up in this guy's research and other papers...interesting. glad to know my telomeres are being properly looked after...

    As for the happiness thing - maybe the really happy people are so busy being happy, they aren't so engrossed in their work and such, so they may make less money, but be more happy. I've always found that in periods of my life when I am the most happy, I may not get all my work done but I am a grinning fool...and I really think if someone is having a 10 out of 10 happy day then hey - good on them! If only we could all be contented with our lives and relax.
    Being happy has always been my most important goal in life. That and longer telomeres...

  7. as always you made me SMILE.

    thanks for that.


  8. telomeres? that has to be totally made-up! besides, i always tell my wife that it's not the length of my telomere, it's the thickness that counts!

    on an unrelated note, the above-mentioned wife and i visited the cape and p-town two summers ago and totally dug it. and i'm not even gay!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I think the happiness study seems logical to me. If you were totally happy than you wouldn’t want anything else. There’s no reason to strive for more money or a better career. For me there’s different measurement of success and to be honest I would rather be personally happy than to achieve what everyone else thinks is success.

  11. I love Boston too. One of my favourite cities. I'd envy you but the snow that's dumping on us today is bound to head out that way tomorrow. Bundle up!

    All those driving-related videos reminded me of this one about men not asking for directions.

    Also NSFWork or Kidlets.

  12. P-town huh?? Do you KNOW about P-town?? Apparently every August just about every shrink in MA goes to P-town for vacation....and things can get pretty wild!! So beware of August in P-town! LOL (I'm an Avon-Brockton girl myself, and only been to P-town once)

    Love the commercials....especially the Dodge one. That poor guy in the stall! LOL

    Of note with the breast size and diabetes, the articles I read said it's the size you are in late teens early 20s that decides your risk! The argument, of course, is that overweight girls have earlier breast development and tend to have larger breasts....but of course they didn't look at weight along with breast size. In any event my tiny not-even-close-to-A boobies makes me safe! LOL

    Thanks Crabby for your blog! Several times over the past few weeks I've needed a good laugh, and have found one on your blog! And today was no exception!

  13. Great posts. I didn't have time to read yesterday, but in regards to Crabby and Lobster's Ipods and computers fighting, if you transfer the songs using a USB disk thingie, it should work, as you're essentially transporting files. And ITunes will let you copy a song you purchase from them up to (i think) 5 times.

  14. Great bunch of links Crabby. Like I don't spend too much time on the net already! Love the commercials.

    Good luck with the new place, it is so much fun being in an empty place and deciding what you want to do to it!

    Hilary - too funny!

  15. So if I'm a group exercise instructor, does that make my exercise leisure or manual labor?

    Go Boston!

  16. Oh, great. So not only do I have to buy my bras overseas, but I'm gonna get teh diabeetus too?

    Makes me wish my bust would hurry up and decrease, but given how much weight I've lost without losing any boobage at all, looks like it's not going to happen outside of surgery. Damn and blast.

  17. OK, so the science nerd in me is coming out...Done a lot of DNA research in HS and college and I've never heard of "telomeres"...However, I don't want to say they don't exist, forensic DNA research and medical DNA research could be looking at differnt areas, but still...*confused*

    Funny commercials, love 'em...

    I can't wait for the day that I will be stable enough to get a house...Anyone know any cool companies in Portland that are hiring??

  18. I'd love one of those zings the next time someone serves up boiled broccoli. I'm so DONE with boiled broccoli.

    I love the idea of a "Crabby Shack". Can I come over and play? It would be so fun...lol...

  19. Sambo: I heard about telomeres when I took zoology in college, and I've heard the term other places since then. So... The Truth Is Out There.

  20. that SUV commercial made me spit out my breakfast! LOL

  21. It blows my mind how littlw some people know about food....Fibre in meat....that is so dumb it is funny.

  22. Those ads were out of hand. I especially liked the Hyundai one. I am also buying those spoons for my niece and nephew. My sister will want to kill me!! Great Friday post! Good Luck with your adventure!!

  23. Um, "Offbeat homes has tons of bizzaro houses, many of them way prettier than this one"

    How can you say that! This crab house is by far the most beautiful offbeat home ever. Well, maybe not as cool as that total wood panel house? Hmmm. Man, am I ever kidding. I will have to find you a better crab house. Thanks for the link!

  24. The commercials had me laughing hysterically!

    Big boobs = diabetes? Well add that to the list of reasons why they are not be envied. (Can't wear spaghetti straps is at the top of the list.)

  25. On happiness:
    P + (5 x E) + (3 x H) = Happiness


    try it if you like.

  26. hope the new place visit was a fantastic as you'd hoped AND that you and your lobster got along swimmingly (me and my counterpart? we can get a smidge testy in those new home situations...)

    thanks for being such a fitspiration to me.

    I did it.

    the dreaded annoying word contraction.



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