February 29, 2008

Random Friday, Compact Travel Edition

The Actual Plane Crabby Is Taking is Just As Safe and Comfortable

Why so Compact this week? Because the Crab is traveling again, which means she is packing and fretting rather than blogging.

Actually as you read this, she is very likely in a blurry haze, staggering towards baggage claim in the Boston airport, having (hopefully) survived a red-eye flight despite her airplane fears. She can't sleep sitting up, so she will be sleep-deprived and contentious, the perfect condition in which to make final decisions about floor tiles and bathroom vanities and kitchen faucets. (For those who are new to Cranky Fitness, the Crab and her long-suffering Lobster are remodeling a place in Provincetown MA, which they plan to occupy fairly soon. They are running out of time to dither around about it).

Crabby's plan is that if she specifically mentions the fact that she is flying and that she fears the plane will crash, it would be WAY too much of a coincidence for each one of you if that very flight ended up crashing. Crabby is banking on all that accumulated improbability to help keep the plane aloft. Clever plan, huh?

Anyway, so Crabby will just throw a couple items out there, and Merry might too. (You betcha! There's an essential component to a Random Friday post, which can be found only at the end. Can you guess what it is? -Merry)

Now on to the abbreviated randomness!

Wrapper Tip
Our friends at Healthbolt, who always have the best in off-beat as well as on-beat health stories (and no, I have no idea what I meant by that) are reporting a helpful tip for candy eaters. According to a recent study from Cornell University, you can cut your candy consumption in half simply by saving the wrappers so you can see what a pig you've been. (The trick also apparently works with chicken wings).

Those of you who are regular readers of Cranky Fitness may have discovered that (a) Crabby is a simple sort who likes poetry that rhymes and (b) Merry is a classier type who tries to slip in stealth haiku when Crabby isn't looking.

So Crabby was amused to see another great blog, Scrumpy's Baker, offering up a whole post of fitness-related Haiku. So go check it out, and feel free to offer up your own efforts here or there or both places!

Frosted Mini-Things
Remember a while back we were talking about products with stupid warnings?

Well Crabby just noticed that the Lobster's favorite breakfast cereal was being very careful to warn those folks who may have wheat allergies with a cautionary label:

Contains Wheat Ingredients

Really? Cause who would have guessed that Frosted Mini-Wheats might contain wheat?

Bored At Work?
I'm guessin' so, otherwise why would you be reading us? Anyway, when you're done here you could always check out whether you have any haunted houses or UFO's or other freaky things going on in your neighborhood.

Or, you could find out what the geeks scholars are up to by checking out real-time Wikipedia edits. Why is this interesting? I have no idea, but it kinda is, at least for thirty seconds or so.

Sweet Love Songs:
Here are two videos you've either (a) seen before, because they're all over the internet or (b) will be incredibly offended by, if you don't have an adolescent sense of humor like Crabby does.

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman are a couple, and both are comedians. Sarah performed this video for their anniversary or Jimmy's birthday or something, Crabby can't quite remember. Anyway, it's crude but quite amusing, or at least the Crab thought so.

And Jimmy's response, also pretty funny, is here.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

[p.s. This is Merry again... did you notice? Not One Single Cat Video!!! Yes, I was shocked too. So here's the best I could do: a link to a Jumping Cat Monastery in Burma]


  1. Wow, a whole blog post of haiku! Now that is class. I'm impressed, Scrumpy's Baker!

  2. Nooooooooooo! Frosted Mini-Wheats have wheat?! This is an outrage!
    Why oh why doesn't somebody do something?

  3. I saw those videos the other day. Hysterical.

  4. Marijke, I'd /heard/ about the videos, but this was the first time I'd actually seen them. I'm impressed they got so many stars to put in cameo appearances in the last one... Harrison Ford?

    Leah, I feel your outrage. Somebody should definitely do something about this. Maybe we could start a movement? ;)

  5. I fucking love Sarah Silverman. XD

  6. Hilarious videos!

    When it comes to breakfast foods, that are frosted or filled I tend to eat them only for the frosting or filling, the wheat part doesn't really matter its just a bonus for my colon. I've been known to suck the cream out of a donut and lick the frosting but throw away the actual donut, ya know, to save calories and all. Of course I'm all healthified now and those donut sucking days are over.

    I think I need to watch those videos again!

  7. Scrumpy has led me to a true appreciate of haiku.


  8. I am slightly sadened by the fact that the hauntings of Southern Oregon University ae not included on that "hauntings" website...

    Haiku is fun...
    At Live Wire here in P-town, they have a haiku contest and the winner gets to read his/her haiku on stage for everyone...
    I believe they have a podcast if you guys are interested...Not positive though...

  9. Oh man I love that clip. We watched it at the office the other day and I nearly peed my pants. I wish I had celebrities that were willing to make sexy music videos with me.

  10. I had seen the f*cking Matt Damon one before, but hadn't seen Jimmy's response. Thanks that was great! Hilarious that he got all the rest of Hollywood involved.

  11. We just bought peanut butter and it said on the label: Caution, contains peanuts.

    I never would have guessed!

  12. Hope you have a great time in MA. I loved those Sarah/Matt and Kimmel/Ben videos. I have to say that Matt & Ben are some pretty cool celebs. Not too big for their britches.

  13. I think the moral* of this post is: never date a comedian unless you're brave enough to risk the consequences.

    *"Moral?" A jet-lagged Crabby wonders. "This blog has a moral?"

  14. Hope you've landed safely by now, Crabby and that the chosen taps reveal hidden nuances of your character and show your neighbours that you're a crab with style - or at the very least, they never drip!

  15. No fitness remarks.
    simply fraught with jealousy over yer traveling again.

    hope it's somewhere FUN.


  16. Hi all!

    Well, we survived the red-eye and shopped for house crap all day and arrived in P-town last night (the East Coast version, not Sambo's P-town, which would have been a lot more convenient town to fall in love with).

    Crabs do not function well making lots of decisions on no sleep. (We did catch a two hour nap in a McDonalds parking lot waiting for the tile place to open. It's hard not to feel a bit scruffy sleeping in parking lots. We thought about finding a motel for a couple of hours but were (a) too cheap and (b) to self-conscious about the implications of hourly motel rental.

    Anyway, our little place is all torn up and full of sawdust and big impressive but messy tools, so we're staying at a neighbors house. We do have wireless (hooray!) but alas we still have a TON of stuff to do before we head home on tuesday. (Crabs HATE chores. They also hate finally finding the perfect tile/sink/flooring/vanity and finding out the lead time is 8 weeks so sorry, try again!). So I apologize for the extended blog absences--I can't wait to catch up a little better with you all when I get back.

    (And I know the Silverman video is not exactly news, but the damn song was going through my head all week and I was hoping to exorcise it by giving it to any of you who hadn't been exposed.)

    "I'm f*cking Matt Damon!..." Dang, it, it's still there...

    Thanks everyone for stopping by (and for keeping my plane from crashing!)

  17. The Bag Lady could have sworn she left a comment here yesterday! Sigh.
    She agrees with Leah - what's up with putting wheat in Frosted Mini-Wheats? Sheesh.
    Glad to hear you landed safely, Crabby. Hope all goes well.

  18. I've seen those videos like a hundred time and I'm still laughing. Why these are so funny, I don't know. I guess I have an adolescent sense of humor.


  19. Friday posts are so fun.. even when I only get to catch up on Saturday. Thanks for the laughs.

  20. Those videos are absolutely hilarious, Crabby! I can't stop laughing.

    I like that cat video, too. I happen to love cats. I just watched an anime movie last night called "The Cat Returns" and really enjoyed that. It's one of the few anime I've found that's appropriate for the whole family, and I can't wait to watch it with my son. I know he'll love it.

  21. Oh my gosh, if I did that candy wrapper thing, I would be absolutely disgusted with myself. Which I suppose is the point.

    Also: I've heard rumors that Egg Beaters may conaain egg products, so watch out!


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