February 24, 2008


[By Crabby]

Cranky Fitness has been terribly remiss about linking to other people's blogs lately. Or at least the Crab half of the team has been seriously slacking.

Basically, I visit many of your awesome blogs and think: "Wow, great post! I should leave a comment! Or better yet, I should link to this post the next time I'm writing about [fill in the blank]... And dang, it's really way past time to update my blogroll, some of my favorites aren't on there yet. I'm gonna do all that this afternoon, definitely. Oh wait, but I still need to pay that Visa bill and return that book to the library and wasn't I supposed to defrost something for dinner? Hmm, I think it's time for a nap."

It's tough being a McSlacker.

Of course there's no way one hurried weekend post is going to make much dent in the backlog, but hell, you gotta start somewhere. So these are just a few recent notables--and I really will try to remember to do this more often. (She said, looking longingly at the Nap Couch). So here we go:

Stephanie at Back In Skinny Jeans not only has a cool new blog, Noshtopia, but she's apparently going to be the next Skinny Bitch-- and we mean that in the nicest way!

And Vanilla at Half-Fast isn't content just being hilarious, apparently he wants to start his own unique blog niche: he's going to save you from various common running emergencies like falling into quicksand. Oh yeah, and he still remains the foremost world authority on running skirts for men.

If you like our feature "Ask Cranky Fitness" but have noted the lack of unfaked questions, you might want to check in with MizFit. She's funny and she actually knows something about fitness. For example, you know how the experts are always nagging you to drink more water? She can tell you how the hell you're supposed to do that.

(And speaking of Fitness Advice, don't forget our pal Dr. J at Calorielab--you might even get a $10 gift certificate if he chooses your question!)

Oh, and our newest sponsor, My Fitness Solutions, not only offers online help with getting into shape, but has a blog of its very own with plenty of health and fitness suggestions!

While over at Iowa Avenue, they've introduced a new feature called "Tight Ass Tuesday." Of course Cranky Fitness heartily endorses anything with the word "Ass" in it.

Enjoy the Oscars tonight, if you do that sort of thing, click on a few links here if you have the chance, and have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

And we'll be back Monday with more of whatever it is we do here.


  1. Well there goes my scheduled house cleaning ... now I'm going to be checking out these new (to me) blog links instead. :)

  2. Thanks for the link Crabby. I reciprocated on the Weekend Splits post today, but I'd been planning that anyway.

  3. Perhaps my "Skinny Ass" needs to hook up with the Iowa Avenue "Tight Ass". Whew! It's getting hot in here with all them asses...lol...thanks for the Noshtopia shout!

  4. Crabby, thanks for the plug. Yupp, a tight ass by the summer is a good thing. I'll be checking out the other links you featured, plus some on your blogroll.

    Yupp, it's a blog reading kind of Sunday...........:)

  5. Hey guys, thanks for stopping by on a Sunday evening!

    And see y'all tomorrow. The Oscars got me all sleeeeepy...

  6. Oh right. Linking! I somehow seem to have forgotten that's what bloggers do...

    (And I love stephanie's noshtopia, almost as much as vanilla's skirt!)

  7. You know... I don't NEED more links. Really, seriously... you don't need to do this.

    Oh, alright...g'ahead.... post more links... I don't mind neglecting my house, my work, my family.... but I do draw the line at neglecting my dog....

  8. My friend Dave has a few of those man-skirts. He swears by them. They are a bit pricey (~$110) but he picked one up for comfort's sake while on a photo shoot in the deserts of africa and honestly likes them better than pants now. Sure it's too cold for them up here right now, but I"m sure that as soon as spring is here he'll be back in them...and they have a modesty strap to save the rest of us from unpleasant surprises.

    I've been in on the tight ass thing. I don't know how well it's going so far, but now that I'm over the initial "dear god I think I broke my butt" phase, I"m looking forward to adding some shape to my juggly bottom.

  9. Geosomin, you win the prize for this post's "most relevant experience"--as both a Tight Ass Tuesday gal and the friend of a guy with a running skirt!

    I love to see guys in skirts, though even living in San Francisco it's really pretty rare. But $110 does seem awfully steep!

  10. Thanks for the new resources!

  11. Cranky - That was a Link-A-Thon

    Sending all that link love to us bloggers is a real nice thing to do....be careful though...you're showing as soft side.


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