June 30, 2007

Saturday Grab Bag

It's a random research day here at Cranky Fitness--where weekends mean sloppy laid-back blogging! Featuring: no transitions, weird stuff Crabby has collected but doesn't have anything sensible to say about, and assorted observations about things that have nothing to do with health and fitness.

Will Sunday's entry be any better? Is there any chance tomorrow will have carefully researched health news and nuanced discussion of Important Health Issues?

Not at all! Tomorrow is all about Adsense and Amazon and other bloggy things. Serious health and fitness readers are advised, as usual, to hit the archives or go explore other fine health and fitness blogs. Like, for instance, Diet King or Blogging While Fat. Both feature thoughtful, witty posts about weight loss.

Or you could always go look at cool offbeat architecture. Whenever Crabby goes there she lusts after dwellings that are not her own. It's house porn!

Another fine diversion, especially if you have a blog: go visit our good friend Geosomin at The Supposed Golden Path, and find out what your blog is rated! (Cranky Fitness is rated PG, for mentioning both Drugs (2) and Death (1)!)

On a more humanitarian note, you could help Deb Shed Pounds for Primates!

But if you're stubborn and would still like a few random health and fitness tidbits, Cranky Fitness style, here they are.

From a study of 92 patients over three years at an Irish hospital, here are some interesting observations about human bite wounds:

1. Men are 12 times more likely than women to sustain severe human bite injuries;

2. Alcohol was involved in 86% of the injuries; illicit drugs in 12%.

3. Seventy per cent of incidents occurred during the weekend or on a public holiday.

4. Seven out of ten bites were to the face.

And so remember how Crabby said no transitions? She meant it! Next up, a depressing survey of 3500 eleven year olds on the use of doping agents. The results:

More than one percent of them admitted to using performance enhancing drugs to do better in sports. The proportion increased from 1.2 to 3 percent by the age of 15. "While 62% of eleven years olds used doping agents less than once per month, at 15 the same proportion were using them at least every week and 24 per cent daily."


And here's some information on the health status of college students, based on a survey of more than 800 undergraduates:

1. At least one-third were overweight or obese;

3. Sixty percent of men had high blood pressure;

4. More than two-thirds of women were not meeting their nutritional needs for iron, calcium or folate; and,

5. Eight percent of men had "metabolic syndrome." This means a combination of high blood pressure, excess abdominal fat, high blood glucose, high triglycerides, and low “good” cholesterol. Sixty-six percent of men had at least one risk factor, as did fifty percent of the women. Metabolic syndrome often predicts future development of heart disease and diabetes.

Oh yes, and remember that discussion we had about Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention, and how you could take supplements but maybe you didn't have to worry if you got plenty of sunshine?

Well, sorry! New info just in: You can live in Hawaii, foolishly go out without sunscreen for hours a day, and yet still be deficient in Vitamin D!

Depressed yet? Research is fun! Maybe next time, Crabby will find a more uplifting group of random studies. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Interesting bite bits, Crabby. I once knew a fellow who claimed he had no feeling on one side of his face due to having been in a fire.
    I didn't believe him so he invited me to bite his cheek to prove it. I did. He was right. Need I tell you alcohol was a factor?
    Anyway, random good, Crabby! Random good!

  2. Hm, my blog is apparently rated PG-13 as well. It seems that using the words "death" and "crap" may be a shock to children. They really haven't been brought up in France, have they. ;)

  3. I got freakin' 'R' rating, due to the use of the words "crap" (six times), kill (four times), ass (twice-- only twice???), and torture (once).

    You got a 'PG' and have an entry refrencing an article about fellatio???

    I discussed this with Karen, who thought it was pretty funny. She thought I should post the rating, as it would encourage more readership.

    "Americans like R rated movies," she explained. "Maybe this way your readership will increase."

    Anyway, something to consider.

    I love it-- I plan to wear my R rating as a badge of honor. If you need to know the path to an 'R', just let me know, I'll be more than happy to show you.

    -- P

  4. Hey, Crabby! Thanks so much for the shout-out for the "Deb Sheds Pounds for Primates" program! Your blog rocks, and this is a particularly great collection of random tidbits. Love it! Stay crabby!!

  5. Hey Crabby,

    I love this bits and pieces approach. I am worried about the future if those leaving college are in such sad physical shape.

    Of course I ran womenofmystery through the blog rater and we came up PG-13. I'm disappointed. I was hoping for an R. We are mystery writers and it seems we should be blood and guts, but apparently we are very genteel when we talk about what we do. We earned our rating by using the words murder 4 times, dead 3 times and hell once.

    I guess it proves the old adage: it's not what you say, it's how you say it.


  6. Hi Leah!
    You bit a guy in the face once? My admiration for you only deepens the more I get to know you!

    I'm guessing they must only check the first page or something. I say crap all the time! And they must be easily fooled by asterisks, because I also say f*ck and sh*t quite a bit too. I wonder if you can say merde, being in France or if the ratings are bilingual?

    Penelope, a cat of your refinement is rated R? That's so unfair! But I agree, it should be a badge of honor.

    I'm jealous. Because yes, despite my posts on oral sex, penis size, and big bouncy breasts (2), I'm just a boring old PG.

    Thanks Deb, and it's a great cause you're promoting. And don't worry, I'll always stay Crabby!

    I'm so sorry your blog is only a PG-13! We'll definitely have to take lessons from Penelope on how to shock human children under 17. Clearly she knows something we don't. Maybe it's "ass." From now on, more "Ass" at Cranky Fitness!

  7. Crabby, Thanks for the kind mention! Yay! You're gonna make me famous! LOL
    Happy Weekend!

  8. Hey! I don't write house porn! Okay, maybe just a little...Thanks for the link you're a rock star!

  9. A bite to the face would be positively uplifting! We lost another race in the America's Cup. To win, we will now need to win all of the final three races.

    Fat chance!

  10. That is some pretty off the wall stuff.

  11. Hi Adam,
    Sorry the readership of Cranky Fitness is not yet large enough to help anyone much yet, but someday, fame will certainly be yours.

    Jennifer, c'mon, admit it! Luscious descriptions and pictures of totally cool and desirable dwellings is totally porn once you're a grown-up.

    Hi Dawn,
    Oh, I'm so sorry. I wouldn't normally pay much attention to boat races, but now that the plucky New Zealanders are faring poorly I can't help feeling sad for them!

    But three-in-a-row miracles are what great sporting stories are made of, right? So who knows. Perhaps the Kiwis will pull it out!

    Hi John!
    Yes, weirdness prevails at Cranky Fitness, especially on the weekends.

  12. Mornin!

    Thank you for the mention in your blog, it was a nice surprise!

    I'm digesting last night's meatball sandwich, and Mrs Fat is dreaming of the cupcakes on your home page.

    Peace and goodwill everybody!


  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. And a good mornin' to The Fats and Mrs Fats as well!

    And anonymous--Apologies! I may have deleted you a bit too quickly for looking spammy. I had completely forgotten I'd mentioned something about sunscreen in the above post, so thought you'd just put the product recommendations in randomly! But I tend to be more aggressive about deleting when people I don't recognize yet put product URLs in comments.

    (Which you all will realize is totally hypocritical of me once you read my next upcoming post!).

  15. "Seven out of ten bites were to the face."
    FOr some reason that *really* wierds me out...

    Penelope - I'm jealous of your R. I had to make an effort to get a PG! It's been fun to see how other blogs rated...

  16. Mrs J and I have a division of labor with our housework! It ends up 50/50 and works well for us. Oh..this wasn't about cleaning the house?

  17. Geosomin,
    That 7/10 thing is kinda weird when you think about it. Not only from the victims' perspective, but were I ever to bite someone, I'd be more naturally drawn to a finger than a face. (In the "weird hypotheticals category...)

    And yes, I'm also jealous of the R. Thanks so much for finding that for us!

    Dr. J!
    Good for you & Mrs. J.

    Crabby is trying to come up with a 90/10 plan housework plan like her 90/10 eating plan, but this proposal is not being met with enthusiasm.

    And if you don't mean housework...Crabby is not going to inquire too much further!


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