June 01, 2007

New Website You Should Visit

This is just a quick note; there's a new Health & Fitness post coming soon.

In the meantime, regular readers of the Comments section may be aware that one of our favorite commenters has a book coming out soon. Dawn Rotarangi, Author of Ripples on the Lake, has a new website and if you'd like to know more about Ripples on the Lake, you may want to go there and check it out.

(A quick refresher: Dawn is the cream-filled apple donut aficionado who runs a fine blog of her own, where Crabby can often be found hanging out and scarfing up all the tempting snacks Dawn leaves out for visitors).

Even if you're the lazy sort like Crabby who might normally wait until after Dawn's book comes out (soon) to learn more, consider visiting a bit sooner. Slothful search engine bots sometimes need a hand finding worthy but brand new websites.

And as greedy as Crabby is for comments generally, she would be quite happy if there were none here. Go instead to Dawn's blog (after you visit her website) and let her know what you think. Perhaps she'll even offer you a donut.


  1. I've never kissed a crab before - but here goes! Pucker up you gorgeous little crustacean!

  2. It's a great website and it was very nice of Crabby to mention it here. Terrie


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