July 25, 2014


By Crabby McSlacker

So the last week or two I was in a bit of a funk.  And I'm still struggling with minor transitory stuff like injuries, and the resultant lack of exercise, and a potential new restrictive diet. (FODMAPS anyone? Copious whining about that to follow, if it indeed happens). Plus of course there's the usual dreaded Crapload of Stuff That Really Freakin' Needs to Get Done But Where The Hell to Find Time?

And yet? Funk gone for now!  Perspective returned.  Back to feeling mostly good about life. (At least for a congenital pissypants grouchbucket).

I know that research says gratitude is one of the best tools for getting out of a crappy mood, but for me it's no magic pill or anything. Efforts can seem kinda hollow and forced, and even if the "thinky" part of my brain gets it, the "feely" part just feels worse for being so lame that it doesn't recognize how lucky it is.

But sure enough, just pluggin' away and noticing good stuff where I can really does help!  (A good go-to source on how is pretty much anything by my fave geek/guru Rick Hanson). And then, voila, once I start feeling more myself again, the gratitude all comes rushing back for reals and everywhere I look there is all kinda stuff to feel grateful for.  Cranky Fitness readers in particular!

So please allow me share some appreciation and some fun links.

Margo Made My Day...

So I met a couple of cool Margos at Fitbloggin', and they both rock and make totally adorable videos in addition to their blogging, something I have never attempted myself. (But perhaps someday I might...if I can just figure out how to steal their charismatic personalities!) Apparently, Margo at Nacho Mama's blog and Margo at Brooklyn Fit Chick are conspiring to do something together. It will no doubt be awesome, but they're not announcing it 'til next week, darn it, but be sure to check back with them.

But anyway, the appreciation part?  Besides bestowing upon me an incredible Terry bike saddle giveaway prize at Figbloggin' (which is taunting me because my back prevents me from biking at the moment), Brooklyn Fit Chick featured Cranky Fitness on her blog and video! Plus, I discovered she has a cool postcard thing going, where she will send you an encouraging postcard (as long as you are not some creapazoid weirdo) just to perk you up!

The very kind shout-out from Margo was unexpected and totally made my day--this is the good side of the whole "lumpy" business of good things and bad things happening in a nonlinear way.  Margo has a kick-ass fun personality and has personal trainer certifications from every organization known to man, so you can bet she knows her stuff!

Who Knew? Music Videos Don't Have to F--ck With Your Self-Image

I will try to restrain myself from composing a 17 volume Rant Encyclopedia about the infuriating way women are represented in media.  Music videos are a particularly horrendous offender.

Instead I'll just mention that a post over at Diets in Review has a quick roundup of positive imagery that's a great antidote to all the offensive and objectifying crap out there.  And two of 'em I'm swiping and re-posting here.

And silly me, until I met the awesome and scary-smart managing editor Brandi Koskie, I kinda thought Diets in Review was about, well, diets! But it's a great site with all kinds of health and fitness info.

Anyway, whether or not you dig the tunes (so subjective) the visuals are worth a look. Images can sneak into your unconscious and deliver a positive message much more effectively than any esoteric tirade about the relentless enforcement of unrealistic and plasticky beauty standards.  (And about halfway through the second one it's hard not to get a bit weepy!)

More Awesome Fitbloggers

I kinda spaced out that I was going to go back and let you know about some of the gals I met at Fitbloggin' who all were genuinely sweet and smart and funny and unpretentious--which is probably why their blogs are all so great!  They also go out and Make Good Things to Eat and Run Races and Take on Challenges and have actual achievements to blog about, unlike some slackier health bloggers we might mention.

So check out Jennifer at A Hungry Runner, Jessica at rUnladylike, Lean Lena, and Allie at Vita Train for Life!  (There were many more too, perhaps in a future post).

Cranky Fitness Readers and Health Challenges

Two much-beloved "Cranketeers" who regularly entertain and inform us in the comments section have been dealing with some health stuff. Have I mentioned the HUGE gratitude and fondness I feel for the "regulars" who are always so supportive?

Anyway, Leah, who blogs at The Goat's Lunch Pail, is off having bowel cancer surgery, if you'd like to drop by her place and offer good wishes.

(Note: you might want to bring Leah over some flowers from Hilary's 7th anniversary post at The Smitten Image! Hilary always has stunning photos if you ever want to take a break from your various webligations and just luxuriate. And bonus, she writes really well too! Apparently Leah and I were a couple of her first commenters when she started, which seems like yesterday--which is of course what all geezers like me say but just wait, young'uns, til you find yourself saying the same damn thing).

And reader Heather Lee has a blog post on her recent surgery and very sad loss, managing to be brave and still amusing and inspirational despite all she went through.  Stop by the Spotted Cat if you haven't already!

Shopping for one on of those Folks Who Has Everything?

(Because I can't end a random link post without some weird-ass stuff, right?)

Buy An Enormous PreHistoric Poop Fossil!

 Fossilized poop photo: © I. M. Chait Gallery via Live Science

The ancient droppings measure about 40 inches long and could be up to 33 million years old according to auctioneers, though no word on what sort of creature it came from. Can't think of a better way to spend $10,000!

Or, Perhaps an Arty Vagina-Boat?

I'm not sure what it says about me that I couldn't resist clicking on the link "Tokyo Artist Arrested for 3d Printing her Vagina," but I did, and I actually think it's kind of a cool concept.

Or, a "Just Leave Me The F--ck Alone I'm Napping" Hood?

Photo: The Grommet
And you can buy one there! For real!

Perfect for libraries, airports, or overly long staff meetings. I do think it should have horns or antennae or something though, just to emphasize the "Seriously, I clearly don't give a shit what you think so do NOT mess with me" vibe.

So, what's on your minds this fine Friday? Anyone feeling grateful or pissy about anything or have comments about any of the links or any interesting weekend plans?


  1. Heh. Every time I see the napping hood I think "If only I could nap!" It looks so comfy, but entirely useless for any other purpose.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

    1. I too keep thinking "I want one!" Then try to think how often it I actually would attempt to nap in a public place. And would be especially useless for you being nap-challenged, Mary Anne!

  2. Oh those are touching videos. I'm glad you're funk has pretty much funked off. Thanks for the linkage. :)

  3. Hey, thank you, Crabby! I was so happy to see a links post (because that top picture cracks me up every. dang. time.) and it made my day to be in one! Each day is a bit better than the last. I'm glad the funk has lifted for you, too.

    As for weekend plans, yes! We committed last year to do a charity bike ride for the high school band boosters and that is tomorrow morning. For a while there it looked like we'd have to skip it, but recovery has gone so well we'll be able to go. We're riding the short stint (10 miles) and planning on training for one of the longer rides next year. Should be fun! Then I get to come home and work. Not as fun, but yay for productivity. :-P

    1. Heather that is SO GREAT that you're already doing so much and hope the bike ride is fun! Sounds like a very worthy event.

      And your blog post was really great, I was happy to link to it!

  4. 40 inches long? I think they will probably find the dinosaur host responsible only a few feet away. There's something to frame and put on the bathroom wall.
    I saw a picture last week of a women's rugby team in their underwear and they wrote inspiring messages on each others bodies. What was interesting is I gather the sport requires people of different sizes depending on the position you play so everybody was muscular but they also represented every body type. It was nice to think there is a place for every kind of person to excel in that sport!

    1. Cindy, saw the rugby girls too, over at Charlottes! (Whom I feared had stopped blogging but it seems she's just posting a little less often). Rugby is so badass (I tried it for about 5 minutes in college and it was too rough for me!) and love the fact these women could rejoice in their strong bodies whatever their size or shape.

  5. Hilary wrote you up in her blogaversary post, so I came over here and have become a follower. I do like your take on the world, Crabby, and I'm now very much enjoying catching up on some of your finer takes on the world. How could I have missed you for so long? :-)

    1. Thanks so much DJan!! (And as another Jan, it's always nice to meet one of our vanishing tribe). Looks like you are quite the active adventurer from your blog(s) and great to get to know you!

  6. Oh my gosh...this post was all over the place. I loved it. :) I attempted to look up FODMAPS diet but once I realized it involved cutting fruits and sugars I stopped researching. I look forward to hearing about it.

    What is sad is that someone feels that spending 10K on poop rather than me is money well spent. Hum. That could be an entire topic actually....


    1. Yeah QD, FODMAPS is not a particularly healthy diet, it eliminates a lot of really healthy foods. Best to be avoided unless one is symptomatic and even then the goal is to add as many foods back as possible after the elimination phase. My GI doc recommended it but until I get a dietitian consult and some test results back I'm only easing in and experimenting at this stage. Again, much whining to come if I go whole hog!

  7. Definitely feeling gratitude today after a shift at the food bank!

    I was scared to click on the vagina artist article when I saw it online, so I am happy to see you posted a picture!

    Up tonight is yoga, chanting and meditation, then a blues show. Tomorrow gym and a play. Sunday yoga and cooking! Wheeeeee!

    Have a great weekend and I hope your back is feeling better!

    1. Sounds like a great weekend Kimberely, and yeah, leave it to Cranky Fitness to be your go-to Vagina and Poop Art source!

  8. Sometimes i could use that hood!

    Today we are just grateful to be here, especially since the van brake light came on again, and it was actually the wheel bearings. We could have had a wheel fall off while driving, so it's been repaired, and thank Heaven we didn't find out because of an accident!

  9. I can't wait to hear about FOODMAPS - I know nothing about them currently!!
    So cool that you met Allie - isn't she awesome?!
    I just read Heather's post at the Spotted Cat - I can't even imagine all that she went through.

  10. I'm glad to be alive. NO, I have not come close to dying, at least I don't think I have. I am just happy I still have life which means I still have chances to change things! I am doing better, but not where I want to be. I finally (today) made a doctor's appointment to ask if there is something wrong with me. I am too tired all the time. It could just be the meds I am on too. I feel stupid for going to see a doctor for being tired. On the other hand, what IF it was something serious?

    I remain positive and I can't wait till I dig myself back out of this hole! I know I will. And Crabster, you and I are not the only ones struggling. Perhaps it has to do with all the crappy news? Between politics, religion, war, etc. etc. etc, we can't seem to get a break to have the world be a happier place these days!

    And just cuz I am in a mushy mood, HUGS to you Mz Crabby :D

    1. Sherri, I'm with solarity (below), there is nothing to feel stupid about, chronic fatigue is a real problem that can have many sources, hopefully something easy to clear up!

      And love your positive attitude and I'm in a mushy mood too so big hugs right back atcha, you are such a wonderful presence here!!

  11. "I feel stupid for going to see a doctor for being tired. On the other hand, what IF it was something serious?"

    So so SO not stupid! What if it wasn't serious, but was easy to change? (I've been on thyroid medication for 46 years.)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  12. We all have our cranky, ;) & pissy times. I for one think it is fine to not always be happy.. we all have to vent...

    LOVE your shares, especially the funny ones!!!!

  13. Crabby, thanks so much for the linkie. And I would totally row my own vagina boat. Now that I read it, that sentence seems to say way more than I intended.

    1. Ha!

      And yay, Leah, you're up and about and rowing imaginary vagina boats, this is excellent! Hope all went well!

  14. OMGOSH. you had me at arty vagina boat.

  15. I actually had a very frustrating day on Friday, and finished work in a very bad mood. I was having a hard time shaking it off, and was extremely restless, until I decided I would finally post some family photos from our vacation on my garden blog. Going through the photos completely turned my mood around, and I am so grateful to have a wonderful family, many of whom are close enough to visit!

  16. Oh! Thanks for the shout out, Crabby :)
    I'm successfully slacking on my own challenge right now, so don't feel bad :) :) :)


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