July 04, 2014

Happy Fourth!

According to MessyMimi who is a great source kooky calendar events (and adorable cats): Today is also St. Ulrich's Day!

This is good to know given that he is the Patron Saint of peaceful deaths, pregnant women and weavers. Plus, he can protect you against birth complications, dizziness, faintness, fever, frenzy, mice, moles, and vertigo.

Anyway, whether you are Canadian and are still recovering from your national holiday, or are American and are going to do something Fourthy today, have fun!

We're going to be having dinner with some lovely neighbors and dodging Hurricane Arthur, who is being a butthead and causing our fireworks to be postponed until tomorrow night.  

Anyone actually around today? Got any fun plans?


  1. Happy Fourth of July, Crabby. Hope it's great.
    Boo Arthur.
    Stay safe.

  2. Death Ride GrandmaJuly 4, 2014 at 9:40 AM

    We're hoping there will be some fireworks up in the Sierras, where we will be heading later today. I am starting altitude acclimation for the Death Ride, which is 8 days away. Sorry about that hurricane, Crabby. At least they didn't cancel your fireworks altogether. I hope the storm is reasonably gentle with Provincetown.

  3. Happy 4th of July! Sorry Arthur is wreaking havoc with the fireworks, but dinner with friends sounds lovely.

    Today I will accompany The Boss to the airport and make sure he gets on a plane. He is headed west for a couple of weeks…so exciting!

  4. Almost recuperated from Canada Day! We were supposed to have storms on Canada Day as well so I planned accordingly and it was sunny and super hot all day and I was so busy I never got my ice cream cone I promised myself.

  5. I am, of course, working. Since the kennel is closed for the holiday, it's remarkably peaceful, though not quiet. Home for lunch now.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  6. Video was cute. Glad no one was hurt! Ouch. Gives a new meaning to "hot dog"

    I'll be BBQing by the pool with friends day.

  7. We are around, but not up to much except staying out of the heat. Thank you for the link!

  8. Leave it to you to drop some knowledge on the holiday.

    We have our best friends coming to stay with us for the weekend and expect to have lots of grilling and pool time, you know, once that jerk Arthur leaves.

  9. The boys and I did a 6 mile race around the lake this morning - got some sun and in a couple hours we have friends coming over for a big cookout and lots of firework fun.
    Happy 4th of July weekend!!

  10. A pile of great ( unread) books, big mug of dark coffee, a newly baked raisin scone ( almond meal, no sugar ) cats sleeping.....a big comfy bed and quiet...ahhhhhhhh..heaven.

  11. Be safe, Crabby.. and I hope you have a great one in spite of the obstinate wind.