January 27, 2014

Comment Troubleshooting and Be Real Shoe Giveaway winner!

There was supposed to be an actual "real" post coming later today, after these two housekeeping matters.

But after so many years of smugly proclaiming "I never get sick!"... well, you know that had to come back and bite me in the ass.

I seem to have caught something unpleasant, probably just a cold, but with a weirder and meaner variety of symptoms than I usually associate with a cold.

Or perhaps it's all in my head. The Lobster's been sick too and I could just be super-suggestible.

But nah, I'm pretty sure this f--cker is real.  The coughing and other forms of distress robbed me of much-needed sleep last night and I feel like crap.

(As you may have noticed, many people who rarely get sick tend to be extra whiny and martyred when it does happen. We know we are being pathetic but are powerless to behave like grownups).

In any event, my brain does not seem up for taking the scattered ideas and photos from the weekend and turning them into anything resembling a blog post.  I'm thinking I may crawl back into bed soon.  Sorry!

But lets take care of business first, shall we?

1. Comment Problems, Acck!

For months now, people have been reporting that they've tried to leave comments and haven't been able to.

This pains me greatly!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comments! I am a total comment-whore and will do anything and everything I can, short of writing interesting blog posts, to encourage people to leave their thoughts. So the notion that some people are trying to but can't makes me want to sob.

So let's do some preliminary troubleshooting, shall we?

Cowgirl Pin-up: Zellaby 

First up, I read somewhere that using "embedded" comments on blogger rather than having them open up as a separate page was particularly troublesome, so I changed that function over the weekend. And then I discovered that it removes the "reply" function, and everyone's replies get dumped back to the order in which they came chronologically, making for a chaotic and nonsensical "conversation."

So screw that.

Another thing I read that was outdated browsers can cause problems, as can browsing while blocking 3rd party cookies.  At least in Chrome you can decide that on a site by site basis, I don't know about other browsers.

I believe iPad and iPhone people are most affected by this problem. Sorry iPeople!

So here's the deal: if anyone is having problems, and you've got an updated browser, and are allowing 3rd party cookies on this site, please email your comments to crabby mcslacker at gmail dot com, with the name you'd like to post as, and I will post them for you. Possibly not in a timely fashion, but they'll get there eventually.

Unless you're a spammer, in which case I will delete. Or I may change your URL to a competitors, just for kicks.

If you do email me your comments, or if you've been having sporadic problems, if you wouldn't mind letting me know what kind of computer operating system and web browser you're using, that would be helpful info if I have to bring in the big guns to fix this.

If your problems are sporadic, you might try copying before you post, and if it doesn't make it, you can paste into an email to me.

So sorry about this!  Blogger/Blogspot totally sucks sometimes!

And now, onto the the Be Real Minimalist shoe winner!

The winner is...

OutSmart the Fat!

Note: if you're curious about these shoes and missed it, last week there was a Be Real Minimalist Shoe Review you could check out.

And by the way, I try not to comment too much on giveaway posts but it was hard! There were some awesome fun and funny comments that appeared therein. THANK YOU ALL!!!

OK, crawling back into bed for the moment but will be back later today to check in.

Comment troubles?  Are you or any loved ones under the weather? Or how was your weekend?


  1. Feel better soon....and yes, I know what you mean about those of us who never get sick

  2. Get well soon. Never underestimate the power of garlic. And maybe mulled wine. Meanwhile, I've had a few comment issues, but I think it was me clicking the wrong thing. That said, I'm here on Chrome.

  3. Being sick sucks. Get lots of rest and stay hydrated. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Also, I haven't had any trouble with comments, but I do run Chrome. :-)

  4. Ugh so sorry you are sick - rest, have some soup and some form of hot drink (tea, brandy, whatever works!!)!!!
    Most of the comment talk was a bit over my head but I guess I'm not going to worry because I haven't had troubles commenting!!!

  5. sending healing thoughts to speed your recovery...
    both you and the Lobster,

  6. Awww, Crabby, I hope you will be back to your run-around self, very soon! Sympathy illness would have been preferable, since you may have been better as soon as The Lobster was healed. Now your cold will have to run its (full) course.
    iAM probably one of the few people who had a couple of problems with posting comments, especially when iPOSTED replies. Like Kim, iWAS clueless re. most of what all that technical talk was about, because iAM challenged that way and iGUESS you know what type computer and browser iUSE. Oh and also the thought that iWOULD "not allow cookies" in ANY context, is, well, laughable!

  7. WHAT???? I WON?????? WOOOO WOOOOOOO!!!!!! That just made my day.

    I was going to talk about sickness but don't want to jinx myself. I am at the peak of my training for the LA Marathon, so I need to stay as healthy as possible.

  8. I am just over my second cold of January. This is my usual routine. Get stressed over the holidays then get sick and then get sick again because your immunity is low.
    Do not disrepair? ... dis pare? ... dis-pare? I don't think that is right but spell check hates my spelling chose. When you feel better the freedom from the coughing and sniffles is so glorious that you will feel reborn and life will be a wonderful thing! That's where I am right now . I am hiding in my office with the door closed hoping nobody comes by to harsh my buzz!!!

  9. I'm the poster duck of commenting problems, although they usually seem to get through okay when I post from work (as I'm doing now). Firefox on Windoze at work, Firefox on Xubuntu Linux at home - pretty sure I've got the settings for cookies etc. the same on both, though there are some small differences in the options available.

    Wonder if this one will make it through? Get well soon, Crabby!

  10. Aw, I'm so sorry you're sick, Crabby, and I know what you mean about being super suggestible! My test is to curl up with a cup of tea and a good movie, and if I'm fine when its over, then I am definitely just being suggestible! If I'm still not sure, another cuppa and movie may well do the trick, and so on until you definitely test positive for suggestibility. It's foolproof!

    And congratulations OTF -- All joy to your lucky feet!

  11. Knock on wood I've been pretty healthy for the last 5 years. Thanks to Boiron Oscillo, I stock up at the beginning of fall and start taking it the moment I start feeling oogy. It works everytime. Thankfully since I haven't had health insurance for the last 3 years, it's been a godsend for me and yes because I do not get sick often when I do get wallopped with a sickness I do whine and it usually hits me pretty hard. I've had issues with Chrome just in the last month, I don't know why, Chrome was great and now I can't go on facebook with Chrome as nothing functions correctly so I have to go back to Firefox. It's weird.

  12. Thank you guys so much! Am feeling like a truck ran over me, almost wondering if it's flu rather than a cold. Don't have a thermometer, but the whole hot/ cold chills thing feels kinda suspicious. And the headache--I almost never get those. The congestion is all in the chest, not in my nose where I usually get it if I have a cold. If I'm gonna feel this lousy, I want credit for the FLU not some wimpy cold! I've never had to take to bed with a cold before.

    But I'm a huge hypochondriac, there's that. Good thing I rarely get sick because even I'm getting tired of my whining.

    Am self-medicating with zinc lozenges, garlicky chicken-vegetable soup, ibuprofen, cough medicine (which does not seem to be doing anything), peppermint green tea... along with stupid things that are not the least bit healthy and are too embarassing to mention but are tasty and thus psychologically beneficial, right?

    Thank you all SO much for stopping by and cheering me up!

  13. I never get sick either. Did you forget to knock on wood? The last time I was sick was when the swine flu came through (5 yrs ago?) and it sounds a lot like what you have. Probably the only time I've ever had a headache. Get better soon.


  14. Crabby, i hope you are feeling better very soon.

    There are times, at some blogs, where i cannot comment if i allow the system to try to link my blog to my comment. Then all i have to do is change that, and it goes ahead and posts.

  15. No problem with making comments here!

    I had a terrible cold last week! Can't remember the last time that I got one. No chest stuff, however. You may end up needing antibiotics for this. Stay as active as you can.

  16. Feel better soon, Crabby - and if it is the flu, can you get your hands on some Tamiflu so you won't get too sick?

  17. A comment whore is willing to do ANYTHING for a comment. Perhaps you should engage the services of a comment pimp to fix this problem once and for all... duh!

  18. No probs from me so.. that is a 1st! ;)

    Hope you & the Lobster feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I've never had a comment posting problem here.
    I've never gone five years between illnesses, either. Good luck to you and the Lobster.
    Mary Anne in Kentucky

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