March 12, 2012

Turn a Crappy Day Into an Awesome One

 Photo origin unknown; if it's yours let me know!

So here's a multiple choice quiz, with only one (admittedly long-ass) question:

Knowing how annoying it is to send readers elsewhere to read blog posts, requiring the strangely abhorrent task of clicking on a link, waiting for a page to load, and ending up who-the-hell-knows-where, why would Crabby send you to another page to read today's post about dealing with horrible days? It's because:

1.  Last night aliens invaded the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, picked a residence at random, abducted Crabby and informed her that unless she made readers click on an extra link they would vaporize all the humans on earth;

2.  Crabby tries to include at least a few posts about personal development every now and then over at her life coaching website and it's been awhile and she's too lazy to write a different post for each blog;

3.  A slick multi-media publishing conglomerate offered Crabby 7.5 million dollars for the rights to Cranky Fitness, but they told her to get rid of her existing readers because they're too clever and sensible to buy overpriced products;

4.  Crabby is discovering (despite some initial skepticism) that life coaching actually works, and is trying to lure in a few more awesome clients of the kind who come from reading Cranky Fitness. Thus she'd like to remind anyone who is remotely considering hiring her or recommending her to a friend that if you buy a 4 session package, her life coaching rates are a relatively cheap option in the otherwise costly market for such services;

5.  The extra finger movements and irritation you experience changing venues burns 17.5 calories, and Crabby wants you all to earn an extra tasty bite of something today;

6.  Crabby can reply to each comment individually on the other blog, and it gives her an excuse to hang out more in the comments--which she'd rather do anyway instead of the unappealing chores she's got lined up to do over the next few days;

7.  All the Odd Numbered answers are true.

8.  All the Even numbered answers are true.

And yes, 8 is the right answer...did you guess correctly? Hooray!

Still don't want to click an extra link for the turning around a bad day post? No worries! Just stay here and visit or revisit the last post on the Best Weight Loss Blog Nominations, which could use still use some more ideas and votes... plus you could win prizes! The nomination process is also the voting process, so the more mentions a blog gets the higher it will rank in the final list.

Also, I've noticed that many of you with awesome blogs of your own are avoiding self-promotion and not mentioning them. Or you're overly concerned with the definition of a "weight loss blog" and are afraid yours isn't. But if your blog helps or inspires people to lose weight and get in shape, then you can call it a weight loss blog... even if the focus is fitness or cooking or healthy living or whatever. So please go back and self-nominate and include the names and URLs--consider it a favor to me because I want your blogs on the list and it will save me a couple of steps when I vote for you!

Anyway, thanks for your patience with the extra link, and hope you're all having a great Monday.


  1. Good morning!

    I think that maintaining two quality blogs + comments would actually be tremendously difficult. Interesting problem you have because in some ways I could see your blogs merging well - but I could also see why they can't. They are both very powerful blogs in their own right...and it would be nice to see the life coaching one bump up the articles. But what a lot of work!

    I am off to read your the turning a bad day around post. :) I love starting my week off with inspiration!

  2. Hey! Look at that. You got rid of the word verification thing!

  3. I clicked. I read. I wrote something.

  4. Thanks you two for stopping by both places and commenting, that's really sweet!

  5. Thanks, Crabby for your follow up to your last blog. I did omit my blog, and like you said, have a feeling many others did as well.
    The site to my weight loss blog is:
    Thanks for allowing me to nominate myself, and thanks again for your writings :)

  6. You will never get me to click another lick, I won't do it. You can't make me...*fingers in ears* I can't hear you...

    Okay I will go there but only because it's you Ms. Cranktastic

  7. Went, commented, and was glad i did. If anyone else is here, go there.

  8. Good post. I clicked the link because you seem very nice individual. Thanks for different kind of post.

  9. Because Crabby loves comments :-)

  10. And I thought I, was having a bad day

    Benjamin Raucher

  11. I find weight lifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are great for blowing off steam from a bad day because you get to really physically exert yourself and are acting on another object instead of just running or biking.

  12. Sitting here contemplating my lack of imagination, and running through list of friends to see who I could recommend life coaching to. One reason I haven't before may be my difficulty describing what life coaching actually IS. But! I could quote from your site.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  13. Hey thanks for leaving helpful comments here as well as on the coaching site, and for your continued help with blog nominations!


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