March 16, 2012

Prizes, Links, And More Freakin' Gratitude

Presents! Everybody loves presents!

Yep, this another end-of-the-week random slopped-together blog post, the kind likely to scare off new readers with its weirdness, lack of theme, and announcements only regular Cranky Fitness visitors (all 3 of them), could possibly care about.

Which is bad timing! Because a few new folks might be coming in to check out the blog over the next day or two, thanks to my personal development Hero/Guru/Geekcrush/Idol Rick Hanson who mentioned me in his newsletter. (Which you should totally sign up for. It's free!)

So are some of you getting tired of hearing about how awesome I think Rick is? Well, sorry but I can't quite shut up about him just yet.  The dude has kinda changed my life, and I'm getting more annoyingly happy every day, so I've sort of imprinted on him like one of those Konrad Lorenz ducks back from Psych 1 and I go following him around from place to place.

  Webinar? Sure, Rick!

So Rick's got a new book called Just One Thing, (which has a Facebook page) and he's also adding helpful commentary on this cool series of online neuroplasticity lectures (most of which are the free if you don't buy the fancy package. That's how I'm watching them). And he does all kinds of other stuff like one-minute videos that his newsletter will keep you posted about. Why am I so smitten?  Maybe it's something about his personal warmth and humor, all his helpful research-supported tips about rewiring your brain, and the inspiring-without-being-sappy encouragement to "take in the good." Anyway, somehow he really got through to this Cranky Crab.

But I'll stop now!  That way you can use your limited Friday attention spans to find out what loot you could win for yourself or your favorite bloggers by voting in the Best Weight Loss Blog Nomination Post. Or to get the scoop on back fat, parasites, and other weird health news on the web.

Now On To Them Thar Prizes!

We've got a few prizes to announce for the Best Weight Loss Blog contest giveaway to start off with, and more are in the works. 

The top vote/nomination getting blog will get a $50 American Express Gift Card, and so will one randomly selected reader.  These two gift cards were generously donated by BodyLogicMD. That's pretty much as good as cash!

Who wants some?
Photo: 410k

Now to help your favorite blogger get the fifty bucks, you may want to stop by and mention the contest to them.  Each nomination from a different reader counts as a vote. Right now, the folks at DKFitness Solutions seem to be the only ones rallying their troops, but there's still another week or so left.

And don't be shy; if you've got a great blog yourself then self-nominate! For example, I don't see Starving Bitch's blog listed yet, or many other of your fine blogs.  Being on the list when it comes out may well get you a few new readers down the road!

Anyway, another prize is 3 bags of Popcorn, Indiana Chip’ins. I haven't tried these but I have tried their Kettle Corn and it is awesome, especially when the calorie count relative to other snacks is factored in. The Chip'in thingies are billed as "a healthy, yet delicious alternative" sort of snack, and they're gluten-free, have zero trans fats, are lower calorie and sodium than regular chips. They "come in a range of savory flavors."

Still hungry?  We've got 4 SmartForLife Protein Bars. To quote their promotional stuff: "With 18 grams of protein per bar, these ultra chic bars will keep hunger at bay and keep that bod beach ready for the summer! Women’s Health Magazine named these the 'Best of the Bunch' in a protein bar taste test." You can find more information at

And there should be more to come--At least I hope so.  Otherwise I'll have to start rummaging around the closets and cupboards at home and that could get really ugly.  (Six month old freezer-burned gluten-free bread left over from a house guest, anyone? Anyone?)

Other Miscellaneous Stuff:

If you're a fitness blogger, check out FitFluential!  I only just joined as an ambassador, and due to being extremely lazy busy have done nothing but sign forms yet, but it seems to be a group with a lot of potential.  All your favorite bloggers are already members, and I'm hoping together we can bend corporate sponsors to our will and extort large sums of money explore mutually beneficial promotional partnerships with the brands we already love!

Healthy St Patricks Day Foods? They do indeed exist! The FBG's have a round up.

Birth Control Options: Thought about an IUD? The College Candy kids have some thoughts.

Wondering Why I Link to the Same Sites so Often? I'm notoriously slothful about making the blog rounds, and some folks send me their links with URLs. So if you know of a great post you want to share, email me and if it looks reasonably compatible I'll try to remember to include it in the next round-up.

Recent WTF Search Terms Leading to Cranky Fitness:
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did you grab my ass?
what does a lug like to do?
word nipples barbells

Stuff From My Twitter Stream, Some of Which is Ancient Because I Haven't Updated in Centuries, But Whatever.

Note to self: less reading studies about it, more DOING IT: Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain.

Vindication! 'Brain fog' of menopause confirmed:

Love ya Prevention Magazine, but "back fat" seems a weird thing to worry about, and how can any exercise target it anyway?

Aw shucks, breaks my heart. Who doesn't love 'em? Guidelines: No more annual Pap smears?

What?!? Chocolate chip cookies aren't a superfood? See which 3 superfoods can lengthen your life.

Yay, more good news on dark chocolate: may improve exercise capacity in diabetics and heart failure patients.

Handy tips to block evil effects of sugar, for those of us who aren't ever gonna give it up, via @joycecherrier.

Why You Shouldn’t Have More Than 354 Facebook Friends.

Creepy but fascinating research: does your cat harbor parasites that can seriously mess with your personality?

Study: chocolate may limit calorie absorption? Yay! I don't even CARE if Hersheys is behind it.

Holy Crap, if this study is true I have just died and gone to heaven: chocolate cake for breakfast leads to weight loss.

Gosh, that's motivating, thanks scientists! RT@weightloss: Spin class looks a lot like a heart attack biochemically.

Ha! UK study: Women are better at parking than men:  "The Female Shuffle" and "Pose Parking" are also explained.

Suburbs = "the good life?" Yikes, not for me. Turns out, not so hot for health either.

Sadly, not unless you use it to glue your refrigerator shut: RT @MarshaHudnall: Can chewing gum help you lose weight?

Study of low fat vs low carb? Oops, subjects had their own ideas. Conclusion: adherence most crucial factor.

Hard working folks (11+ hrs a day) twice as likely to be depressed. Embrace Slackitude!

Warning: what your brain is doing NOW may affect Alzheimer's risk later:  And, yikes... you're reading Cranky Fitness!

Any thoughts on a lazy Friday?


  1. No thoughts yet...but I plan to make this Friday as LAZY as possible. I have barely done anything.

    EXCEPT to check out the "Just One Thing" link. I believe my new favorite phrase is "Get on your own side."

    Contemplating that phrase may be the most thinking I do all day. What a wonderful thought!

  2. The news about chocolate gets better and better. Must go bake a cake.

  3. The article about cats is scary! Thanks for making it a Freaky Friday.

    Chocolate news is always welcome, though.

  4. If I win (haha!!) I'm giving the money to you, Crabby!

    You gave me my first opportunity and I'm loyal to my fore-blogger!

  5. So its taken a few trips here but I nominated blogs, signed up for Mr. Hanson's newsletter and thought hmm that is in my neck of the woods might have to check this out more...

    thanks Crabby!

  6. Vindication! 'Brain fog' of menopause confirmed:

    Loved that one!!!!

    That whole back fat thing always got me!

    So if choc chip cookies are not a superfood then are my fave oatmeal raisin ones!!!

    I nominated a few more blogs & I will tweet your post out & see if you can get more! Honestly, they are all good so I would random pick all winners.

  7. Glad to know I am not the only one with a geekcrush. I've been smitten with David Suzuki since I was 11, & I have the genetics degree to prove it.

  8. Really appreciate all of you who are heading back to nominate blogs, or who went off to check Rick Hanson out... my stat program clues me in and it's great to see the awesome engagement level of Cranky Fitness readers.

    But my most especial thanks to those nice enough to pop down here in the comments on a lazy Friday & weekend... you guys rock!

  9. "more annoyingly happy every day"? You'll soon be as annoying as I am!

    The thing about long work hours leading to depression? So far I can't stay awake long enough to be depressed.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  10. I would love to eat chocolate cake for breakfast, it would have to be my grandmothers chocolate mayonnaise cake with vanilla buttercream frosting...I think I just slipped into a sugar coma thinking about it.

  11. Just wanted to click over and tell you hi! I love your blog and ALWAYS read but don't always comment. :)

  12. my whole weekend was LAZYtastic.

  13. Loved the picture of Konrad Lorenz.

    Benjamin Raucher


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