September 16, 2011

Kirstie Alley's Weight Loss and Other Lazy Links

Since People Magazine didn't get around to suing me two years ago...

Are you dying to know how much weight Kirstie Alley lost this time? Or don't give a crap?  Either way, hang out with us here at Cranky Fitness and see if there's anything you missed this week in health, fitness, or whining!

So the People cover is from a few years ago. But if you care to know Kirstie Alley's latest weight loss total...

This time, it's 100 pounds.  Huffpo has some Kirstie Alley 100 lb weight loss photos if you wanna check 'em out.

And what's the only reason I know about this? Well, a vintage Cranky Fitness post about Kirstie Alley's weight loss program all of a sudden got weirdly popular. Not that I check my stat counter program all the time or anything!  I just pop in there every three minutes occasionally and so I happened to catch an unexpected flurry of Kirstie Alley activity. So what do you guys think? Should I feel bad about teasing her two years ago with some skepticism about her efforts to make a buck off weight she hadn't lost yet? Should I apologize for being premature?  If someone wants to get her on the line...  I'm sure she's eager to hear what Crabby McSlacker has to say.

And elsewhere around the web:

Just wanted to recommend a couple of blogs I've recently become fond of. Over at Results Not Typical Girl, WTF Wednesdays are always good, plus, for those of you looking to beef up your resume and apply for a new job, Kirsten has some awesome tips!

Another great blog to check out is Keeping the Pounds Off, where among other inspirational and useful posts, you can discover a whole new kind of damage evil processed junk food can do.  Turns out snausages and other sugary doggy treats may be slowly killing your dog!

Want to discover out 10 mistakes you might be making at the gym or would you rather stay happily oblivious?

Do you find you're afraid to get hungry? Watch out--it could mean you're eating too much, and you may want to check out what to do about it.

Got an opinion about second hand smoke and higher education?  Read about the controversy on campus-wide smoking bans.

And some stuff I shared on twitter in the last couple weeks:

Remember that annoying study warning against taking Vitamins A, E, and beta-carotene? A newer study says these supps lower mortality rather than raise it.

USDA finally bans any bacteria from meat that sickens more than 100,000 a year. But if 99K get sick, bring it on?

Not a perfect-enough perfectionist? This books tells you how to be a better perfectionist:

Got at least one family member with insomnia? Your risk is 67% higher.  Got three? It's 314% higher. Yikes!

Dieters assigned to Weight Watchers instead of just getting a Dr's advice lost 2x as much...said study funded by Weight Watchers. (but it looks legit)

Cheers! Middle aged women who had 3-15 alcoholic drinks per week had the best physical and mental health by age 70.

Birth control pills affect memory--women on them remember emotional gist better, but are fuzzier on details.

Why are kick-ass exercises labeled "Men's" anyway? Great inspiration at Shape Magazine by Charlotte of the Great Fitness Experiment.

Vigorous exercise burns a bunch of extra calories after working out, moderate exercise doesn't.

Nearly 40% of Europeans suffer from mental disorders? And here I thought we 'Mercuns were #1 in head cases.

Couch potatoes rejoice! You can now blame your genes (at least if you're a mouse) But you still need to get fit.

Strange: subconsciously, most people find straight white men more likeable than gay white men, but prefer black gay men to black straight men.

Remember the marshmallow experiments? Follow-up says kids' ability to delay gratification (or not) persists for decades

Heavier women over 60 have fewer hot flashes: But experts warn: don't gain weight on purpose. Gosh, really?

Gotta Love Google:
What was my favorite recent search term for finding Cranky Fitness?

"why does it seem I cant focous?"

And lastly,

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Have a great Friday! Anything on your minds?


  1. Great links again, Crabby. Over at the hunger one there was another link (I'm a link slut) about whole egg v. egg white. I'm so glad it was pro whole egg.
    Meanwhile, Vitamins are good for us again. What a surprise.

  2. I am not a fan of Kirstie! Yes, she is a talented performer, but I do not like the way she has been deceitful with her weight loss until now. DWTS has become a weight loss show in recent years. Of course, we have pushed diet and exercise and that's what these guys are doing.

  3. I got so wrapped up in the comments on the Kirstie Alley link, I almost forgot to come back here!
    Must go now and check out some of the other links (once I scrub my brain to get rid of all the crap I just read in those comments.)

  4. So the most important thing I can take away from this post is that I should drink more? YAY! Bring on the margaritas!! :)

    Also, that being a little hungry thing? Written just for me. I don't how many times I have heard "fitness experts" say that you should never get hungry, eat before you get hungry, etc, and I never understood it. I like getting a little bit hungry just before my next meal - everything tastes better! Also, I have forever eaten a big dinner at night and for the last month I have been experimenting with eating a smaller dinner early in the evening. The result has been 4 pounds lost this month. Yay me!! And yay for getting just a wee bit hungry. :)

  5. I like the idea of weight loss through dancing. Maybe they should try incorporating that into the Biggest Loser show.

  6. Hmm, weight loss through dancing, healthy aging through drinking... top it off with lowered blood pressure through chocolate and it sounds like my kind of evening!

  7. I'm never a fan of the "weight loss" pages of People. I love to read the ones when they are regular people, but if you ever notice the next month there is always 3 people in the letter to the editor stating that there is "NO way someone who weighs 140 at 5'4 can be a size 8 because they are a size 8 and 5'4 and weigh 125" It annoys me because these people writing in are so ignorant about how body types work, I lost 35 lbs several years ago from mainly just working out, and I sat at 160 on my scale and my size kept going down I went from a 14 to a 12 and 1 button on my 501 jeans into a 10. I know it can happen. So these articles always just infuriate me because of the stupid people who write in afterwards. Okay off my rant box.

  8. Of course being a couch potato is partly in the genes, just like whether you fidget a lot or not, whether you are a morning or night person, or whether you are really great at math or just average.

    The point needs to be that we can't control our genes, but we can control whether we sit around and do nothing and blame our genes for being out of shape.

    Great stuff as usual.

  9. Thank you for the shout out. I am honored to be mentioned. I Loved reading your tweets in your post (since I am too much of a twit to tweet on my own). I really enjoyed the irony and humor in so many of them.

    I am glad I am not the only one who thought Kirstie Alley was not be truthful to the number of pounds lost. Why do we think that lying about our weight is not obvious? Is it because we deny it to ourselves??

  10. Moonlight Dancer -
    I like your comment very much. Frame size and body composition play a big part in how we carry our weight. I am a smaller clothing size now at 170 lbs then I was as a teen - because then I was packing on weight and now I have exercised my way down from 385 pounds. I am 5'4" and I wear a size 8-10 blouse/skirt/dress. I wear a size 10-12 pants because I carried all my weight in my thighs, hips, and butt so the excess skin still takes up too much room in the pant legs. But clothes that do not need fit my thighs can be smaller. People do not understand that.


  11. Got to love Kirsten! She is her own woman!

    As for Kirstie - no, I don't think you should apologize. She was out there even saying she did not want to do this or that & really just saying that everything you need to do to lose weight, well, she just did not want to do it. I really disliked her interview on Oprah back then. Now, time will tell if she keeps it off. You have to maintain & we have learned that at least 75-80% can't do that. It has to be a total lifestyle change.

    You got lots of other links & I am thinking about whether I need to gain weight & start drinking! ;-)

  12. Do I live in a cave? I've heard Kirstie Alley's name for years, but I have no idea who she is. (I think I like it that way.)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  13. Lots of fun links. Kirstie Alley? Can't say that I care much.. ok.. at all ;)

  14. I think it's a little easier to lose the weight if you're getting paid to be on a dance-off competition and the rules are that you have to dance 5-8 hours a day.

    Yep. I'd be losing 100 pounds too. I'm being smarmy. I love to dance and it's a great way to exercise. For high intensity choose Hip Hop.

  15. the kirstie alley thing makes me wanna poke my own eyes out.

    not that I have ANY FEELINGS on the topic!


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