September 30, 2011

Lazy Links--Casual Friday Edition

Yep, it's time again for Crabby's Completely Casual Collection of random health and fitness links!

And for those of you too fatigued or busy to concentrate on big long paragraphs of stuff? No worries! It's Friday, we'll keep it simple. You can pop in, find a magic (and tasty) cure for depression, then find some good news to pass along to your pothead friends, and check out some fun links... then scoot right back to playing Words With Friends finishing off your important work that you always do so diligently.

First up, ever wonder if taking fish oil capsules will work as well as eating real fish for getting Omega-3's? Or curious whether flaxseed oil will do the trick? The quick answers: Yes, and No. (Get the full scoop from the Diet Doctor).

Have you heard about the birth control pill packaging error that could lead to unintended pregnancies? Or new research challenging the notion that menopause increases heart disease risk? Or, hey, need a recipe for leftover lamb and mango salad?  These all courtesy of my new favorite gyno-food blog, The Blog that Ate Manhattan. And ok, it's probably the only gyno-food blog out there, but that only makes it more awesome.

Get tired of female celebrities being criticized for their curves? Charlotte has their comebacks over at Shape, plus some behind-the-scenes thoughts on her slideshow at The Great Fitness Experiment.

Wondering where you can find a list of good cardio-only workout DVD's? Ask the FBG's, they're on it.

Got a couple minutes to kill?  Check out the weirdly entertaining Draw a Stickman site, which brings your attempt at a stick-figure to life.  (I found myself, however, compelled to give my stick figure a That-Girl style flip haircut, so that she was clearly a stick-woman.  Down with sticksexism!) 

And Healthy Dish has more random health and fitness info--like how to know if you're at risk for osteoporosis.

Recent Stuff Copied from Twitter:

Study: older overweight women don't seem to have stronger leg muscles to compensate, making mobility difficult:

Colon cancer hits men earlier, so study suggests men should get dreaded colonoscopies sooner, women later. (whew!)

Lots of coffee may lower risk of depression in women: But 4+ cups a day? Yikes!

Pot smokers LESS likely to be obese:  Hmm, if we exploit it as a weight-loss aid, can we finally legalize it?

[Plus, Dr. J reports that timely pot-smoking may help prevent PTSD]

Study I plan to forget: chores like cleaning, laundry, may help ward off dementia: (Chores? Sorry, I have an allergy to those)

Shocking finding! "Most Patients Want Experienced Surgeons, Not Trainees"

Aerobic exercise great for blasting belly fat: (But clearly not perfect solution, according to my belly.)

Stop dissin' granny's driving! Kids less likely to get injured in crashes when a grandparent drives than a parent.

Slumping at your pc right now? Ha, thought so! An exercise to fix that: Though you may get funny looks at work.

More creepy MRSA news: antibacterial ointments like neosporin don't kill it, and may actually hasten its spread.

And that's about it...  Oh wait:

My favorite recent google query that led a reader to Cranky Fitness? "can i do lsd after the master cleanse?"

So, any thoughts, gripes, or stuff you're grateful for this Friday? Feel free to spill!


  1. It's sad when curvy, normal woman with real body sizes have to defend themselves due to their being curvy.
    How 'bout that? Fish oil is from algae. I learn so much here. Thanks. And I do wish pot would be legalized.

  2. Love the stickman site. Thanks for the morning chuckle!! ( PS get a dog they're worth it)

  3. Crabby, I am very, very worried about the possibility of you contracting a case of dementia. In fact, I'm so worried that I'm going to offer to let you clean my house for me. Out of the goodness of my heart. If you think raking leaves would help, you could do that as well.

  4. Posture! It's one of my biggest fights. Thanks for that one, especially.

  5. This very morning I took my first omega 3 supplement. Good to know I don't have to worry about eating fish...not that I don't like it...but it gives me weird side effects.

    Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen with the pills.

    Thanks for all the fun and informative links!

  6. As for pot for weight loss, it's hard to eat when you are sleeping

    I met patients with PTSD when consulting at our VA hospital. I wonder how high the number would be if they didn't smoke pot?

  7. I'm happy to see any good news post-menopause.

    Stickman? Next time I'll try giving him more joints. It's a terrible addiction.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  8. Well, answer my damn LSD question, please!

  9. Love the coffee link! I think I'll just duct tape a travel mug to each hand and enjoy the refills...wait that may pose a problem in the refill department when I have no one to refill for me. Sigh...

  10. That friggin dementia one! Actually, I don't mind laundry but cleaning - hate it cause it is all dirty again in 2 days! ;-)

    I saw the birth control one & with the issues I am having with menopause, I almost am wondering if it is worse than having a period!

    I am depressed it is too late to make coffee right now! ;-) I do drink my share!

    Bely fat - hmmmmmm, can we say food is at least 75-80% of losing weight & getting rid of that....

    That stickman one - cute!

  11. Just opened the link to the MRSA article and a Neosporin commercial magically appeared on my TV. Creepy.

  12. Wow. Heart attacks may be linked to age rather than menopause? Sheesh, who woulda thunk it?
    Great links, Crabby.

  13. That is a great comment on the Fish Oil debate, however all fish oils are created equally. Please be sure to check the purity, potency and effectiveness before assuming they are safer and give you the same amount of EPAs as eating fish.

  14. Thanks for all the fun and informative links!


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