September 01, 2011

Pre-Labor Day Weekend Lazy Links

OK so not everyone is a lazy-assed napper when they hit the beach.

Technically it's only Thursday and not really Labor Day weekend yet, but let's go ahead and start slacking early, shall we? Shut off the laptop, put your feet up on your desk, and grab a cold one! So what if your boss and your hard-working colleagues are giving you dirty looks? Just tell them Crabby McSlacker,  obscure and irresponsible world renowned and respected fitness blogger, said you're supposed to relax and take it easy for your health.

Anyway, here's a little of what's been happening in the health and fitness webworld over the past couple of weeks. Because in keeping with the "lazy" theme, these link roundups now seem to happen biweekly.  Um, unless "biweekly" actually means twice a week, in which case, sorry--that's a total lie.

In Blogland:

Should all previous track and field world records for female athletes be tossed out and the slate wiped clean?   Fit and Feminist has the details on this controversy, one I was completely unaware of.  Plus, you gotta love a blog that has a whole category called "fascist beauty standards."

Feeling sleep deprived? You're not alone! Here are some ideas on how to catch some more zzz's.

No need to be scared of purple green beans or purple potatoes! Find out at Escape from Obesity why they're so awesome and what to do with them. (Bonus: pretty pictures of food!)

The always hilarious Leslie Goldman, who was recently on the Today Show talking about how women can't take a compliment, has coined some awesome new sports and fitness terms.  Example:  " Zomba (n.) ZAHM-buh. A person who looks hopelessly lost and unable to follow the lead in a Zumba class. Usually characterized by a scared, wide-eyed, frozen stare, open mouth and stiff limbs."

Want to save money when buying organic, or find out why Paula Deen is the “worst, most dangerous person to America”?  Healthy Candy has that and more in their always-tasty link roundup.

And Here's Stuff Crabby Tweeted About Recently (as edited and interpreted for the Twitter-Impaired):

High protein diet + dairy is better than high carb for gaining muscle, losing fat. Says, um, study funded by dairy group.

Yet another study says chocolate has health benefits, yay! This one says lower risk of heart disease:

Climbing Everest? Or, (much harder) enduring a calorie-restricted diet? Leucine may help burn fat, conserve muscle:

Brain imaging techniques better identify those at risk for Alzheimer's. But do you want to know?

In the war between scientists and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, scientists find a new weapon: Your move, bacteria?

Study: Consuming 25% of calories in fructose or HFCS raised heart disease risk factors; glucose didn't.

Brits issue new guidelines for diagnosing high BP: Cool! You gotta wear a bp cuff all day, but much more accurate.

Bad news if you argue lots, good news if you don't: conflict levels in couples don't change much over 20 yrs.

Bi-guys validated! Scientists belatedly discover male bisexuality DOES exist. Older study implied bi meant gay men lying to themselves.

Get off the couch! Yet another study says exercise good for your brain; both aerobic & strengthening:

Triclosan, an antibacterial in soaps, under scrutiny for safety. Creepy: it's also in Colgate Total toothpaste.

Study: Moderate drinking cuts alzheimers risk; heavy drinking may worsen memory. Wine looks to be most protective:

And at Cranky Fitness:

What were recent non-obvious search terms folks used to find Cranky Fitness? My faves: "gorilla without fur" and "moo you bastard I was going to say that."

Planning on hiking this weekend? You may want to re-read this vintage post on how to pee outdoors.

Got plans for Labor Day?  Miscellaneous thoughts or complaints? 


  1. My Dad grows purple string beans in his garden. They're tasty, I like them. Um, I had other thoughts as I was reading through but now they are gone. Need more coffee. Off to peruse some of your lazy links. Have a great weekend Crabby!

  2. Purple potatoes. We grew them in our garden when I was growing up. We called them "Purple People Eaters."
    Good links as usual, Crabby. And I am dead-set against the common use of antibacterials.

  3. Mmmm! I love purple beans and purple taters. (Although so dissapointing when purple beans turn green upon cooking.)

    On the Alzheimers thing, have you read this article about Pat Summitt?

    Off to read about track records!

  4. Don't dare the bacteria to make a move! They will! ;)

    Thanks for the link on sleep, we need that.

  5. [I hit a broken link, but unfortunately couldn't figure out which one it was. Not helpful of me.]
    Excuse rant. The sleep one was better than most, and I didn't want to go yell at them for saying what ninety or so people have said before, but I Am Not A Morning Person! (I don't remember what the other two tips were, but they were among the things I have tried without effect.) Exercising in the morning does NOT make me sleep better. I've only done so when forced to, back when I was sleeping better than I have since menopause, but It Does Not Work. Exercising an hour or so before bedtime does help, but I can rarely work it into my schedule since I rarely get supper finished before that.

    Shouting irritably,
    Mary Anne in Kentucky, sleep-deprived

  6. You always have so much stuff crammed into 1 post! ;-) Of course this stuck out: Brain imaging techniques better identify those at risk for Alzheimer's. My grandmother had it

    But do you want to know? NO, definitely not now & not until they get a better handle on how to help it!

  7. I was being cranky to my friend and he sent me nothing but the link to your blog. This is awesome! He's a fan too I guess but since we're going to slack you may as well provide other people's links and I enjoyed a number of them. Not as cranky anymore.

  8. I just came across an old link of mine to your site from mine and for fun, clicked it. I thought you retired and yet here are new posts? I should probably get out more often.

  9. What an awesome picture of the dog holding the dumbell. Wish my dog could do that. He is getting a little older, and I begun giving him joint juice so that he can move around a bit better. Anyway cool pic!


  10. Hey, I meant to comment a while ago, but I wanted to say thanks for including a link to my blog in your links round-up!


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