May 08, 2009

The Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Program!


This Friday rant is brought to you by Cranky Fitness©. Now be sure to watch for our special Cranky Fitness Miracle Weight Loss-Cupcakes©, coming soon to a retailer near you! Or, OK, maybe not soon, but someday you just watch, we'll invent some. These cupcakes will be so incredibly tasty that you will not be able to stop eating them, but they'll also be so slimming you'll evaporate into thin air! Which sounds like it would be a bad thing, but we know what women want when it comes to weight loss. What could possibly be better than becoming so slim that you take up no space at all?

So, Kirstie Alley--she's a celebrity, right?

Sure! We've seen her before. Wait, now why is it that she looks familiar? Well, if you're old like me, you might remember her from the TV show "Cheers." Or you might have seen her in the less well-known show "Veronica's Closet" in the 90's. Or from the silly movie with the talking baby and John Travolta. She's been in other stuff too.

But at some point, Kirstie did what a lot of women do as they get older: she gained a bunch of weight.

Uh oh.

Rule number one of being a famous actress: don't gain a bunch of weight.

(Rule number two: don't get older. Naively, many actress persist in doing this anyway! No wonder their careers tank).

But, fortunately for her, Kirstie Alley was allowed to stay famous anyway. Normally, if you're an actress and you gain weight, you go from starring roles to cute little cameo appearances. You're not the Girl who gets the Guy anymore; you're batty Aunt Mildred or you're the emergency room patient with the wacky medical complaint or you're the cafeteria lady with the ugly hairnet and the caustic put-downs.

How did Kirstie avoid being the cafeteria lady? Well, partly by making fun of her own girth. She starred in a Showtime series in 2005 called "Fat Actress."

Then she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and lost 75 pounds and was in TV commercials! Hooray for Kirstie!

But, oh dear.

Later she gained 83 pounds, and stopped being a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. (I'm not sure which began first, the weight gain or the break-up with Jenny). Either way, she ended up heavy again and was no longer paid to tell people to eat Jenny Craig.

Oh wait, that didn't come out right. But you know what I mean.

I know it sounds like a sad story, but don't be sad! Because it has a happy ending:

Apparently Kirstie had a huge epiphany and came to realize her sense of self-worth shouldn't be all tied up in her weight and appearance! So she decided to focus on getting healthy by exercising and eating nutritious whole foods and discovered that there were other more important things in life than how many pounds the scale said she weighs, and...

Nah, just kidding!!! Ha ha ha!!! Of course that's not true.

What actually happened is that Kirstie recently went on Oprah and bemoaned her 83 pound gain. She told People Magazine about how horrifying it was to discover she was 228 lbs. "I was so much more disgusting than I thought!" However, now she's totally turning things around. She intends to hire a personal trainer and work really hard. And according to the Oprah website:

Though Kirstie says she still hasn't gotten back on the exercise equipment, she has begun the weight loss journey. "For the last year and a half, I've been researching and developing my own weight loss line, and I've actually lost 20 pounds in the last five weeks doing that," she says.

The article goes on to say that her new weight loss line will be on the market this fall, probably in November. And Kirstie is hoping to have lost a bunch of weight by then.

Now I wish Kirstie all the best with her health and self-esteem and all. It must be horrible to have your private life and your fluctuating poundage reported and photographed in the tabloids for everyone to gawk over.

And so many women have experienced the same sad cycle. There really is something poignant about it.

However... does the fact that Kirstie Alley is now starting to market a "weight loss line" based on the weight she intends to lose in the coming months strike anyone else as a little premature?

Though she'll probably manage to lose weight again. If she's motivated enough, she can probably pull it off temporarily, no matter what sort of program she decides to go on.

The thing that really makes me want to take a sledgehammer to a big-screen TV set, though, and then and pound away at the plasma for a good hour or two is: Kirstie Alley stands a reasonable chance of selling whatever the hell plan she comes up with.

Because she's a celebrity.

And it doesn't matter if it's a sensible weight loss plan, or if it's a chocolate pomegranate termite-juice shake, combined with a fitness regimen of shoulder shrugging and nail-filing and hair tossing. It doesn't matter. A bunch of people will buy it because it's Kirstie Alley's plan.

I do not understand this.

Why people are so stupid when it comes to celebrities pushing products? Celebrities are the last people on earth to take seriously when it comes to endorsements.

First off, the main kind of celebrities we have in this country, besides sports heroes, are actors and actresses.

Shall we stop and review the job description of acting? Acting is pretending. Actors get paid a lot of money to say things that are entirely made up, and be convincing about it. Do they sound sincere? Of course they do, that's their job!

But people should be especially skeptical of any temporary weight loss results achieved by a celebrity.

Rich, famous people who have careers on the line and huge financial incentives at stake, who can hire trainers and personal chefs and turn their houses into gyms, are much more likely to lose weight than an average person, even if program they're on is absolute lunacy and completely unsustainable.

Can an average person really expect that they'll get the same results if they just do the same kind of bicep curl or buy the same shake or frozen dinner?

But people do expect that. Because actresses and singers and sports stars and talk show hosts are our "friends." And if our "friend" can lose a bunch of weight eating a particular kind of convenience food, then shouldn't we trust that it will work for us too?

Seriously, you're going to love the Cranky Fitness Miracle Weight Loss-Cupcakes©. We swear they totally work for us!

So what do you guys think, about Kirstie's "line"--am I just being too cynical and mean? And are you more likely to buy a health or weight loss product because a famous actor or actress is associated with it?


  1. i have to agree, and actually, i think Kristie isn't going to succeed with her "line". if she does, i'll be shocked, as she already let people down with the Jenny Craig thing.

    on the business side of things, usually there is a clause that states she can't peddle other weight loss products for X-amount of years, and now i'm sure that time is up. name one other person that has been in multiple weight loss commercials? maybe this time she thinks she'll stick to something because it's HER name. who knows.

    on the flipside, programs like nutrisystem or jenny craig i really feel don't teach you much. you get prepackaged meals and if you ever go off of them, are you going to all of a sudden be "ok" with creating your own meals, portions and calories?

    oh well, i could, like you, go on and on, but i hope america or any other country this new line will be peddled in won't buy into it. then again, her gain/loss/gain/loss again story will hit the bleeding hearts of the audience and they buy into it, because they buy into the "she's just like me" mentality.

  2. Nope. I think it's a bunch of crap. I'd really like to see her, and Oprah for that matter, just accept that their bodies are not meant to be thin. She's always been on the voluptuous side of things and I think she's pretty darn hot. But we as a whole, cannot get past the mentality that thin=beautiful=healthy. So she won't. Which is sad.

  3. No one appreciates a cynic more than another cynic - and that's me. I had the same thought about her humping a weight loss line before she's even lost the weight. And you're right - people WILL buy it because of her. I loved Kirstie in Cheers but this idea's got me thinking she's on her way to becoming the Bernie Madoff of weight loss products. Woman and children should seek higher ground.

    By the way - what flavor cupcakes?

  4. dragonmamma/naomiMay 8, 2009 at 8:20 AM

    What gets my eyes rolling is that if they maintain their weight loss for a few weeks, we're supposed to believe that it will last forever. WRONG! Unless somebody has maintained a weight loss for at least a full calendar year (through Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc) they have absolutely no credibility.

  5. Where do we line up for the cupcakes?

    This has to stop. Seriously. Women of the world - unite! Stop the madness. Allow yourself to be the person you are meant to be...

    Umm...okay...that isn't going to work because so many of us buy into the thin = beautiful, even if it's bunk.

    A friend of mine was on Jenny Craig. She lost 30 lbs. Good for her! Yay! But when she told me that those pre-packaged meals were all cooked in California and shipped to her, I had to shake my head! That's 1500 miles away.... My only thought was "yum - fresh!"

    I'm sure that Kirstie will be successful with her line of weight-loss products (but will the insulin injections be included, or will they cost extra?)

  6. mmm...cupcakes...mmmm.

    I personally think Kirstie is crazy, but I feel her pain. It's hard to lose weight and then gain it back - there's a certain desperation to get back to where you were before.

    I'm extremely skeptical of her "weight loss line" - what does that mean anyway? Weight Loss Line...of bull?

  7. I am SO glad you did a post on this! Everytime I read about K.A. these days, I just seethe internally and can't think of anything to say. You summed up my feelings perfectly. Watching her go berserk over Valerie Bertinelli's weight loss has got to be one of the most tragic roles she has ever played. And this: "Celebrities are the last people on earth to take seriously when it comes to endorsements" should be the first sentence that children learn to read.

  8. Mmmm Cupcakes.

    Oprah is in the same category to me as Ms. Alley, I don't care about your weight. I really don't, Fat or Thin Oprah will still be Oprah, as will Kirstie, Kirstie chose to get out of acting live in Maine and eat too many cupcakes and goodies, she said so herself when Oprah first did an interview with her before she went on Jenny Craig. She knows how to lose the weight. But coming out and declaring this is the way to do it whether it be Jenny Craig, her new weight loss plan, or Oprah with Bob Greenes Plan, or the book on detoxing blah blah blah. It's all crap and it makes them look like donkeys.

  9. Honestly, I was creeped out by the KA weight loss story and the way it reeked of low self esteem before the she even regained the weight. Not sure if anyone remembers, but when she went on Oprah the first time to show off her bikini body, she came out in a bikini, but with control top pantyhose on so everyone could see the seam up her stomach. If she didn't think she was in bikini form, I would have so much rather she said, "I lost all this weight, I've started to get active, and I think I look great" and worn whatever she wanted. I mean, how did she feel so much pressure to be in bikini shape that she chose to embarrass herself by wearing control top pantyhose under her swimsuit? Awkward!

    And this weight loss program is absurd. I feel bad that she has such low confidence that she can only recognize herself as someone in a state of weight loss/weight gain and can't seem to find any way to feel good about her accomplishments or focus on her health.

  10. No, you are not being to cynical. She's marketing her product before she even knows that it works, so she's counting on her fame to sell it. Seems unethical to me.

  11. I thought KA was great as Vulcan Lt. Saavik. She was fine in her other roles, but this weight-loss guru nonsense? Not so much.
    My real problem with these programs is the pre-packaged food one must eat. I'm sure it's fine if you stick to it and don't eat and give them all your money, but who's going to keep doing that forever?
    And as cousin dfBag Lady noted upstream, it's all made in California and that's just not fresh.

  12. No, you're not cynical. You're right. KA is crazy, but it's true, she's going to make money from this venture. Sad to think about all those people wasting their hard earned money, but it's their choice and if they choose to be dumbasses, then so be it.

  13. Prepare yourself for the "how to be a millionaire" book and video series that I'll be putting out in the very soon. I haven't actually made a million dollars, but do plan on in the very near future. Advanced copies are being composed in my mind as I respond here.

  14. I thught it odd that she would start a fitness line when she hasn't even lost the weight too. Isn't that something like a guy who just had a heart attack writing abook about how to keep a healthy heart? Who the hell would buy that? It all depends on the name. And why do we give any credibility to someone just because they are famous. Celebs are involved in politics and everything else. And their qualifications for all of their extra curricular activites: they're famous. That's it.

    Excuse me, but I'd buy fitness gear from MIZFIT before I'd buy from Kirstie. At least she has the results and knowledge to back it up. Heck, I'd buy from Crabby McSlacker before I'd buy from Kirstie!

  15. Oh, Kirstie will lose the weight, just like other celebs lose the weight. Why? Because they make it their full time job for months on end. Crap, if I had five hours a day to devote to meal preparation and planning and working out, I could be a hottie too.

    You want to sell me on a diet? Offer me the Working Mom with a 60-Hour a Week Job and a Group of 4-Hers to Take to Camp on Friday Diet, and I'll gladly fork over cash for it.

  16. Kristie's only going to sell to people who are just like her -- chronic fad Oprah.

    Frankly, I think you should be meaner, if only to disuade folks from starting down this path of constant yo-yo'ing.

    I don't think the blame should rest with folks who buy this stuff.. they are just as sick as Kristie. The blame should lie with folks who back ridiculous business premises like this, not because they want Kristie (or any of us) to be healthy, but because they see yo-yo diets as a cash-cow business (excuse the expression) with infinite sales possibilites.

  17. I wonder if her weight loss line will be a food delivery program, supplements (like protein powders, etc), cookbooks or fitness equipment? However it goes, I really just feel bad for her.

    As someone who yo-yos on a consistent basis, I can see how she can be desperate to keep it off.

    However she got to where she is today, I do feel bad for her. There's no "winning for losing" when your body doesn't want to be Hollywood thin. Even if she'd lose 50 of her 83 pounds, people will still criticize her and call her fat. But to lose the next 33 pounds, she'll have to go to extremes and then maintenance will be virtually impossible. It's a horrible cycle and I'd never want to do it in the public eye.

  18. I loved your point about how easily we forget actors are sooooo good at make-believe when they're trying to tell us something or sell us something. Then again, I have no doubt that the people like KA who struggle the most w/ weight actually probably know more about everything weight-loss related-- including just what to say or how to prey on people like themselves with the same insecurities and frustrations. :(

  19. KA is a flaky lady. Anyone who remembers her will remember her infamoucs line at the Emmy's one year.


    Announcing a program that she is just "creating" is very poor marketing/planning. Letting Oprah film all the exercise equipment coming into her house -with her saying, "this one is easy make it easy to get to" - showed her flakiness.

    Her JC contract ended, she stopped exercising and gained the weight back. Big surprise.

    I'd rather order some your cupcakes.

  20. Well, I'd eat cupcakes fer shure.
    But since Kirstie has put on a chunk of change, she is no longer getting the parts in movies, TV shows that she could get when she was more fit and trim. Actually I really enjoyed FAT ACTRESS, twas funny. She could have kept that show going for years and skipped the Jenny Pig weight loss fiasco and been making money all this time.
    But now that she cannot make money acting officially, she's got to make a product you can buy that will make you skinny (er) and try to make money that way. She should have waited until she got skinnier to market the product. At least we could have seen some halfassed sincerity. She sure as hell didn't convince me when she was on Oprah. She didn't sound convinced either. If Kirstie invents a weightloss cupcake and she loses significant weight, people might actually buy some of it. Until such time, she's just another fat actress out of work.

  21. I rolled my eyes SO HARD when I watched that show they became permanently stuck.

  22. This whole thing is tragic. Really - Kirstie is one of the most down to earth actresses there is. Going back to her Veronica days I always admired her for being a larger actress who was comfortable in her skin. It's pretty apparent her self-esteem has taken a major hit the last few years. Here's what I really wish could have happened:

    1. Kirstie realizes she'd gained a bit too much weight.
    2. She ignores Jenny, gets active, cuts back on calories, and does things right.
    3. She keeps it up for a few years.
    4. Then she makes the circuit & come up with her own line, & whatever.

    Because really, if I was going to choose a celeb to follow, Kirstie would be a great gal. But she's going about it all wrong. She needs to emulate Jane Fonda more. Weight loss/gain cycles are hard to deal with emotionally. Do your own self-esteem and health a favor and do it right. Once you're an "expert", then you can get to preaching.

    The savy of us know when we've being fed a line of bs. Too bad so much of the rest of the public has blinders on.

  23. Well I'm not sure whether or not she will manage to lose weight. I think she is genuinely a nice and somewhat normal person...who has no chance sticking to a diet! lol.

    So yeah. The whole "I'm making my own weight loss thing"...that's just silly. Especially since as oprah says, she's lost 20 pounds which is nice, but she isn't working out, and has just really started actually committing to this process. So what she's really doing is smacking her name on someone else's product. Being a spokesperson. Again.

    Shallow comment of the day: I do really like her dress on that people magazine cover :D

  24. Any time a celebrity talks about their "healthy lifestyle," just assume they're lying. Most of them eat very little and work out a lot. Some of them are honest about it (Amy Brenneman, who has admitted to living on a lot of coffee and being hungry all the time, and James Marsters, who says that being hungry is part of the job and he's learned to live with it.)
    I saw it. I tried it. I couldn't do it for long.
    If celebrities are poster children for anything, it's for eating and exercise disorders.

  25. Kirstie's line succeed? Who cares? I don't think you are being overly cynical at all. Celebrity endorsements are very bizarre to me too. You have actually inspired me to write about this in my own blog.

    And yes. Jenny Craig etc all promote programs that sell a lot of pre packaged crap. Not to mention the cookie cutter/ calorie deprivation strategies almost all of those commercial diets use. It is constantly re cycled again and again. In different guises. Sigh.

  26. Bah! Weight loss products are such big money as are celebrities. They are the ones that are cynical. I can almost hear the raspy sound of greedy hand-rubbing from here!

  27. I've been researching and developing my own weight loss line, and I've actually lost 20 pounds in the last five weeks doing thatI was astounded when I first read that. I mean, damn! Just researching weight loss can cause her to lose 20 pounds? Forget all her yoyo history, I wanna know how she managed that.

  28. That second part was a trick question, right? ;-) As for the first, I'm very skeptical about her plan. The whole Oprah thing is ridiculous.

    Incidentally, my son was watching TV while eating breakfast, and reading the words on a Nutrisystem ad that appeared. It cracked me up that he was reading "carbs" as "crabs": "Good crabs...Bad crabs...." ("Crabby," I thought to myself, is definitely one of the "Good Crabs.") I had the intense pleasure of being able to *credibly* tell him that one can get healthy and strong without having to buy stuff on TV. :-D And we followed that up with some talk about what they meant by "good carbs" and "bad carbs" and nutrition in general.

  29. Okay -- I have so many opinions on this whole Kirstie-Oprah-Valerie thing that I won't write them here, b/c y'all would never let me comment again.

    I just have two questions:
    1) How do so many people here manage to comment so early in the day? I'm always late.

    2) How bad is it that I tried to click on a link for Cranky Fitness Miracle Weight Loss-Cupcakes© not once, but twice?

  30. I am so glad that you did this post because I have been thinking about posting on this since I saw her on Oprah & my crankiness would be way more than yours!!!! I even sent an email to Oprah to say how disappointed I was in Kirstie in reference to her thought process. It was not about the weight loss/gain that PO'd me so much but that her thought process is so screwed up! She goes on to say how she "cracked the code" & she has lost all that weight in a SHORT period of time & she is going to sell a weight loss program.. blah, blah, blah!!!! If you really listened to her in that interview, she is totally off in terms of reality & what it takes to lose weight & be healthy. She does not want to exercise & her food thoughts are messed up! I hate to say but I think if she loses all this weight, she will put it back on again. I don't mean to be defeatist from the beginning about her but again, listening to her makes you really thing there is no way she is going to keep the weight off again. I would never buy a weight loss program from her & I don't make any of my health decisions based on celebrities. Quite honestly, I think she went on Oprah just to hype her end of year, make a ton of money for her, weight loss program. She might lose the weight to sell it but time will tell. She needs to get to the root of the mental stuff first. She obviously does not have that part straight at all!!

    Now, saying all this, I bet tons of people will buy this.. UGH!

  31. There are already plenty of "diet" items on the shelves. Do we really need another?

    We don't need another product - we need to learn how to live properly. That means how to eat for a lifetime and how to get more movement. I mean really, enough with the diets. They are temporary band-aids. Once you stop the treatment, the pounds always come back. What we are doing isn't working!

    She tried a product and once she stopped she regained. So what does she do? Market her own product! So again, you use whatever she's planning to sell but once you stop the weight will come back.

  32. This is exact reason I gave up on TV. People, who know nothing, tricking you into buying gimics and crap. I appreciate that they take my field (psychology) and make a living from it, but I do not want to participate.

  33. I wonder if she'll also have some miraculous "Get toned in 10 seconds a Day" DVD or some new piece of exercise equipment that you just have to look at to get toned.

    Hey, a celebrity is selling it, so it has to work! :-)

  34. You are right on with this one.....great post.

  35. I totally agree with April, sick of hearing about Oprah and Kirstie's yo yo weight gain/loss they need to accept their body types. They may be much happier if they did.

  36. I hate it too. It sucks. But I have to admit I bought The Biggest Loser Whey Powder because I like Jillian... even though someone else is on the package. It ain't no miracle powder, I just like it in my shakes.

    Ah well. Would you buy an Escape from Obesity Weight Loss Package... including a mirror taped to your head so you have to watch yourself eat, and a set of handcuffs to keep you from driving to McDonald's for a Big Mac meal? Or maybe a sugar/fat breathalyzer that tells your husband what you *really* ate? Hmmm.

  37. "chocolate pomegranate termite-juice shake, "
    HA! yesyes.

    I saw her on Oprah and was SO disappointed. Not in her weight gain, just in everything else. I like the woman, I think she's funny...but she just seems totally clueless. Even Oprah was a little incredulous.

  38. I wondered why I hadn't seen Kristie and Valerie doing their thing against each other on Jenny Craig. I now only see Valerie in her bikini! I really liked Kristie in her acting on Cheers. It doesn't surprise me that now she is having her own line! After all she can afford it and be in the lime light! What else would help her gain fame besides being the big weight loss-gain queen on Oprah?

  39. Yes, I can see those Crabby cupcakes happening! I'm in!

  40. "What could possibly be better than becoming so slim that you take up no space at all?"

    This is especially much of this "hey-women-you're-fat and-we-don't-like-that-so-do-something-about-it-at-all-cost" billion-dollar industry is about the disempowerment of women? Oh yeah- about 99% of it! So sad on so many levels.

    And yet I'm not immune.

    I think I'll go for a run.

  41. Great post!

    I suspect Oprah will be the only one in line for Kirstie's line.

    Now, where's the line for the cupcakes?

  42. I'm glad to see so many sensible people writing in to this blog. I'm a clinical psychologist and have worked with people with eating and food problems and eating disorders for over 30 years. I've written about many issues including why diets don't work, how to judge a diet book, and what is an effective weight loss program. If you're interested in reading about these and other topics go to

  43. Sounds like Kirstie beieves that she can only loose weight if she is paid to do it.


  44. Um.... Cranky.... you know that line that says: "It must be horrible to have your private life and your fluctuating poundage reported and photographed in the tabloids for everyone to gawk over." Well not really.... not if um it helps you sell your next miracle cupcake intended diet plan.

  45. All of the talk shows have turned in to infomercials. I have just about stopped watching any of them.

    I really came by to say I saw where you posted that Cranky Fitness had never rec'd any kind of award, and I know why. You know how you hear these super beautiful women say they never get asked out on a date? It's because everyone assumes that they get asked out all the time. Same thing with this blog, it is so deserving of many, many awards and the only reason it hasn't rec'd one is everyone assumes that you already have a gazillion. I am absolutely sure that is why.

  46. Weird but Kirstie was being talked about on NZ televisiion this very morning. She's on the cover of several of our women's mags and looking gi-normous. We're probably a little behind because it wasn't very long ago that she was on all the JC commercials here.

    Oh well, I'm only here for the cupcakes anyway!

  47. I would love to see more people focusing on health, not weight. I'd like to encourage my friends that they are worth more to me than their jean size.

    I want them to be healthy.

    My friend Joshilyn is soon to be a spokesperson/blogger for Go Red For Women to get more women healthier and combat heart disease.

    I can get into that because my friend is sharing this great thing with me and it's about our HEALTH, not about our jean size.

  48. Excellent post. This whole thing is sad sad sad. Now on to those cupcakes..... evaporate did you say?

  49. Marketing a weight-loss product BEFORE you even begin to lose weight...hmm, sounds like a young, unsigned rapper who is rapping about all his bling, cribs, and whips while he's selling homemade CD's out of the trunk of his 1992 Ford Escort. Maybe it's all about visualizing your dreams?!? What a crock! She and, especially Oprah, make me sick with this. So, what?!? At least stop with the supposedly "perfect plan" marketing and touting. There isn't one or we'd all have done it a long time ago--and not gained back the weight a dozen times!

  50. Ok seriously, i think your criticism was right on. Why should we commend an unhealthy lifestyle?? She should receive criticism. i saw her on Oprah and she seemed so scatterbrained saying i'll come back in a bikini and it's like...i wanted oprah to smack her into reality. you cannot lose 20 pounds in 5 weeks. be realistic. it's called liposuction. believe me, she can afford it.

    if she was a normal person, she would say...yes i screwed up. but i love myself for what's inside(if there is anything) and i'm going to do what it takes to live a better healthy lifestyle. Not..."Oh i have researched for MY weight loss program and i'm going to put out unrealistic goals to accomplish". i would've given her an ounce of respect again.

    She needs to do the Self Esteem diet. in which you love yourself and find beauty in yourself no matter what size you wish to be or have become. then work on the outside. say no to diet fads and extreme hunger. shut your mouth and move a muscle or two. the only way you lose weight the healthy way is to watch your portions, stay active and work out regularly. and stay committed!! believe me, i know.

  51. Though Kirstie lost a lot of weight with Jenny Craig, she still had some more to lose to get to her goal when she decided to leave Jenny Craig and start her own Scientology-based weight loss program. That's when she started putting the weight back on. Arrogance.

  52. I disagree, and have faith that Kirstie will go forward with her intuition, that she will lose weight again.
    However, if Kirstie doen't follow through, she can check my website out at

  53. I saw Kirstie have an ah-ha moment on Oprah - but they were both unaware that it happened.
    Oprah asked Kirstie "when did you realize that your weight issues weren't about food?"
    Kirstie looked astonished at Oprah for about a split second and then went on to say "Oh, just recently"
    It takes alot of work to figure out the power food has over a person. It is not about a diet.

  54. Kirstie Alley is FAT and she won't be losing the significant amount of weight she'll need to lose in time to do photo shoots and launch a product WITHOUT weight loss surgery.
    I think she's a big phoney baloney and am tired of hearing about her weight issues.

  55. We, the fat people, need to find it in ourselves as individuals to like ourselves & strive to love ourselves.
    Realizing that we were all made to be different, individual, and accepting that "society" is whatever you choose to believe it is, is what matters to you. If we all were size 5 & some had big boobs & some didn't "society" would probably say it's better to have lager boobs, or whoever is a red head should have green eyes, or if you don't eat meat your insulting the creator who made cows. Come on people. There is always going to be someone trying to tell you why you need to be something else, my question you all of you is how long are we going to listen??? Be who you are, if your over weight & un happy find it in yourself to change that if you are fine with extra weight continue to be fine. Yes, we all can be healthy & healthier but I just want you all to be happy with you, & by the way skinny people die of health problems also. Be happy, share happiness, & respect our differences.

    About Kirstie she needs to stop trying to do what people are telling her to do (I believe someone put her upto it)(the weight loss program) If she wants to loose weight she will but it's all upto her & what will work for her. Stop trying to market an item that you don't even have yet.

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    Weight Loss Program

  57. I agree 100% with your blog. Has no one noticed that Kirstie is now a B actress?? She's not in the limelight anymore. The reason she is doing this weight loss line is quite simple $$$$$$$$
    She may not lose the weight, but her followers will lose their cash.


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