June 27, 2011

"Strength Training"-- Not the Same Ol' Story

As is so often the case at Cranky Fitness, the title of this post is a bit misleading. I confess: I am a lowdown dirty shameless google-whore, prone to using searchable health and fitness keywords even if they're not quite on point.

So yeah, the post is not so much about strength-training in the traditional sense... but if you're looking for that, please don't go! We've got tons of slightly-used but perfectly good blog posts about strength training and working out here in the Cranky Fitness archives.  Weirdly enough, most of the tips that were good months or even years ago still seem to apply today!

But sorry for the trickery; this post is about "strength training" in a different sense.  In a life-coachy way? Well perhaps. (But don't worry, there will be more Health and Fitness stuff too, in coming weeks).

Read the rest of the post here!

(And yeah, more sneakiness and misdirection. Feel free to comment either place if you want.)


  1. Glad you are back!!! Shi*t, I thought you were gonna talk weights! ;-)

  2. Thanks Jody! Yeah, someday, an actual post about health and fitness. But you're the expert on weights, maybe I should steal... er, "research" some of your posts first.

  3. Not steal, Crabby... synergistically leverage...

  4. This is a truly delightful, fact-filled, newsworthy post. I love what The Merry wrote in her comment. Maybe I ought to go read her blog.


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