June 21, 2011

Life Coaching Update

So in my last blog post, I revealed my plans to bake a cupcake the size of Manhattan start up a life and wellness coaching practice. I also confessed that I intended to start using Cranky Fitness to shamelessly pimp for my Life Coaching website at livealittlecoaching.com. Oh yeah, and I mentioned that I might need a few beta (i.e., "practice") clients if anyone wanted some free coaching.

Well, holy cow, I'm psyched! Not only did I get to reconnect with some favorite & much-loved Cranky Fitness commenters, who offered support and encouragement, but I also got a TON of folks volunteering to be guinea pigs.

First, the bad news: I've got way more volunteers than I can handle, so I'm closing off the freebie thing now. So sorry! I know for many folks there wasn't near enough time to see the post and respond. But sadly, if you haven't already emailed me and received an email in return, I'm afraid I can't accommodate any more. (I got roughly 5 times more inquiries than I expected or that I can handle at one time, so I'm going to have to get to the first round of folks on a rolling basis).

What's the the not-so-bad news? Well, if you're interested, I'm starting a wait list for people who might be interested in Cheapish Life Coaching. The cost will be 75% off the prices listed in the life coaching rates page of the website, and will be locked in for at least 8 sessions, if you're interested in that many.  And if you decide you want more than 8, the rates may stay the same or may go up a bit over time, but they won't change dramatically all at once. It's also possible that some of the original freebie clients will drop out or not be good match for my services, in which case there may be a few more free slots coming up for those on the wait list.  And there's even a kind of a "silver lining" aspect of the wait list:  by the time I get to you, I'll have had a chance to iron out potential bugs in the coaching process, get some feedback from the first round of clients, and I'll be approximately 75% less likely to be a clueless ass.

You can contact me via my email address for Cranky Fitness (lower right sidebar) , or by using the link provided on the "get started" page over at my  Life and Wellness Coaching website. (The reason I'm being coy is to avoid spambots; I promise it's not some sort of tricky client screening device).

Thanks again everyone for all the encouragement, help, and general awesomeness!


  1. Hey! Who is this J. Graham person impersonating the Crab?

    (Oops, sorry, readers, I logged in on the wrong account before posting. The byline was supposed to be Crabby McSlacker.)

  2. Ya gotta watch that Graham chick, Crabby.
    Glad you're such a hit.

  3. You Ms. Slacker, are tres populaire! Love it!

  4. Love having you back whether you are pimping your services or not!

  5. Hey, Ms. McSlacker, I have a question. Can you help people who know damn well what changes they have to make in their life, but still somehow find themselves stymied? Are you good at stymied?

  6. Hey, Ms. McSlacker, I have a question. Can you help people who know damn well what changes they have to make in their life, but still somehow find themselves stymied? Are you good at stymied?

  7. Hey, some of my favorite folks actually read this post and dropped by again, awesome!

    Also, reading the comments to the last post, I wasn't clear whether some of you were saying you were truly interested or not, or were just being nice. And, in some cases, I couldn't find an email address. If you are one of the people who indicated possible interest in the comments from the last post within the first 24 hrs, go ahead and email me if you were really hoping to be included in the freebie bunch. Though at this point it may be towards the end of the summer before I get to you.

    And Merry: "stymied" is exactly the sort of thing I'm hoping to help with. Time will tell whether I'll be good at it or whether I'll suck. As a therapist, I wasn't half bad! Though I realize coaching is a different animal. Anyway, feeling optimistic at the moment. Though it could be the huge cup of coffee I just drank...

  8. She who hesitates is ....... sucking the hind tit on the waiting list!!

    I'm not at all surprised that you had such a positive response, Jan... err.... Crabby. I'm certain you will be a tremendous life coach!

  9. "Cheapish life coaching" sounds phenomenal. I wish my life were more messed up. I've longed for less than truly expensive life coaching. Won't you get sick of these people?

  10. Janell, you wouldn't believe the awesomeness of some of the emails I've gotten. These are folks who I'd feel lucky to spend time talking with and/or emailing! Just hope I can help. And somehow get to everyone before 2020.

  11. You know I was just giving you a hard time with your less-than full price advice.
    I have been offering that kind of advice for 55 years. Maybe you can help me get my own life coaching business up and running. ;-)

  12. So, now you realize that you're Five Times More Awesome (with added caffeine)?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky, who coulda told ya.

  13. I don't think using your blog to promote your new service is shameless pimping. Pimping, maybe, but not shameless. Best of luck.

  14. Dadgummit! What a week to be stuck in Yellowstone with no internet! Boo. Hiss. I missed out! (That's probably okay thought...I'm probably a bit too much of a slacker for you. Or maybe that's the challenge you need? *snerk*)

    Conga-rats! Can't wait to see what unfolds. And a big huzzah to being so much more in demand than you ever anticipated. Gotta love it.


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