February 12, 2010

What to do when you're not nursing a sprained knee:

Unfortunately, Attila and I only got through a couple of exercises this week before I fell off the step and hurt myself, so I don't have a full round of tortures for you. What I have got, though, are doozies.

Exercise One: Worse Than Isometrics!

Lie on your back on a yoga mat. Sloooowly bring your arms and legs up until your body assumes, against its will, a V-shape.

Hold for two seconds. Now do ten one-second pulses, moving your arms and legs down and back up very slightly. Hold for another two seconds. Collapse.

Repeat nineteen more times. That's your first set.

Exercise Two: Attila Just Made This Up, So It Has No Name.

Place your hands on a step. (Make sure the step is backed up against a wall or something solid.) Bend your elbows slightly and assume the plank position. Now, while in that position, hop up with your knees until they're against your chest. This should look and feel something like a double-legged mountain climber.

Do that three times. Now do three full pushups on the step.

Repeat until you've done a total of 21 pushups. That's seven reps of the hop-pushup combo. That's one set.

Is it any wonder I worked so hard to sprain my knee after those?


  1. Considering that I can only do ONE pushup, I would have gladly flung myself down the steps.

    Sorry about the owie.

  2. You say "that's one set" as though there are supposed to be more to follow? Gahhhh!!!

    I'd sprain my knee too just to keep from having to do these. Yikes, Attila is hardcore.

  3. That sounds killer! Love comingup with alternative moves. I'm usually injured often enough to get quite a bit of practice.

  4. It looks like you can sprain, but you can't hide.

  5. Darn. I though the answer was: Sit on the couch, eat Valentine's Day chocolate, and watch a chick flick.

  6. hope the knee feels better soon!

  7. You and Atilla rock my world. I don't think I could make it through one set of each of those, much less multiples! (But I'll sure give it a try...)

  8. Most people don't realize that doing that first exercise (the V position) can do wonders for your mid section.

    Rahim Samuel
    Publisher, Wellnessbymanymeans.com

  9. Hope you are better soon but I love the exercises!!!

  10. I stand in awe of you and Attila; her, that she can think up this stuff, and you that you can do it!

  11. Loved exercise number two.

    I will work it into my regular routine


  12. Oh no! *hugs* feel better soon. I was JUST looking at an isometric workout yesterday and thinking I'd give it a try today... *gulp* sounds killer.

  13. I really like doing that V-shaped thingy exercise. It's kinda like the Pilates move: the Teaser. It's awesome for core control.

  14. Where do these trainers come up up with sets like that? I would have died when I was young and in great shape.


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