February 23, 2010

I just have to tell y'all this:

Remember that stupid exercise that broke my knee? (Well, sprained it and made it make weird popping noises.) My trainer emailed the woman from whom she'd learned that move, and got the following breezy response:

"My clients wear knee braces during plyometrics to prevent that sort of injury."

Auntie Jo just made up a new rule. I am pretty damn hardcore in my workouts, but I will stick to this one:

If you have to have protective equipment to prevent a lifelong injury *while working out in your own home*, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

In lighter news: My new trick knee went out from under me last night at work, causing me to lurch forward suddenly. The patient whose room I was in looked up from the bed and said, "Oh! I didn't realize Toyota was making legs now!"


  1. Time for sarcasm:
    --carry crutches at all times to prevent falls
    --wear knee and elbow pads in case such fall should occur
    --helmet ought to be required for all venturing outside in case a branch falls or a swallow drops a coconut (Monty Python reference)
    I'll stop now. I believe very strongly that all those 'supportive' devices only make us weaker.

  2. Ewa made me guffaw out loud! This could qualify you for a handicap parking tag.

  3. Lmao at your patient! Some people are quick on the draw, eh?!

  4. Are you kidding me? Plyometrics already scare me, now I know I'll never try.

  5. The wits on that patient of yours should be bottled up and sold. That was a good one.

    Rahim Samuel
    Publisher, Wellnessbymanymeans.com

  6. Eeek. If that's not enough to deter you, then I don't know what is!

  7. Love the Toyota comment.

    And I have to wonder why the woman who taught your trainer the move didn't mention the whole knee brace thing before?

    Sure hope the darn thing heals soon, you must be getting so frustrated. Or I would be anyway.

  8. My husband will love the Toyota comment. He's been telling everyone he arrived so quickly because he drives a Toyota.

  9. Too bad you can't recall your own body parts.


  10. This cracked me up something fierce! Your patient is awesome. You are awesome. And I totally agree with you about the protective gear issue!

  11. That's nuts! Any "exercise" requiring protective gear ought to at least involve contact sports.

    Love you patient. What a great sense of humor!

  12. so i'm curious ... what was your trainer's response after hearing that?

  13. I love the patient's comment! Very funny. =D


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