November 08, 2009

Giveaway Winners--Update

So much for my proofreading skills! I didn't notice that a coding error wiped out part of the Fall Giveaway Winner post. Too bad it was the section that explained how winners should claim their prizes and what the deadline was! It's fixed now, and many of you figured it out anyway--thanks for your emails. But I'll extend the deadline to claim prizes until end of day (midnight PST), Monday November 16th. Sorry about that!


  1. Thx again & can't wait for that sampler pack!!!

  2. Me too...I sent you an email. I cannot believe I won the traction system that people were staring at you using in the middle of the rest area. That contraption is neat!


  3. Hi Crabby - just wondering if you got my e-mail? Yes, I'm a little paranoid. :)

  4. Hi JavaChick!

    Yep, got it, and the sponsor has been notified. Don't know how long it will take for the headphones to get there, but the process should be starting soon!

  5. Thanks!! It's fun to win, I must do it more often :-)

    Yoga has been on my "must start" list for a while, this is perfect timing.

  6. Thanks Crabby. And I can wait; I may be paranoid, but I'm also patient. :)


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