November 15, 2009

Exercising over The Holidays and Important Poll!

So I've got a short guest post up over at Blogher on exercising over the holidays. Nothing you health & fitness mavens don't know already, but I'm hoping if at least a couple people who are registered at Blogher leave a comment then I won't look like a totally hopeless dweeb. You can even say mean things, or totally unrelated things! And I'll most likely reply because I'll be so excited to see any Cranky Fitness people who might stop by.

(Note: this is NOT the corporate-sponsored forum I was pimping for alerting you to over the summer. It's just the regular Blogher and I'd love to get a contributing editor gig there some day).

So here's the Important Poll Question:

If you go to the Blogher Post, or my Twitter Page, you can see I've uploaded an actual photo instead of the standard Crab picture I use as an icon or avatar or whatever that teensy little picture is called on Blogger.

So the new one is not a professional photo, just a backyard photo. I'm not wearing makeup I look all crinkly and middle-aged and, well, kinda butch. But, as Popeye used to say, "I yam what I yam." Anyway, I'm trying to decide whether to start using that as my Blogger icon too, so there's a "face" behind the crab.

However, I'm pretty darn attached to the crab!

Hi Crab!

So what do you guys think? Crab, or crinkly face, or some other option?

Which avatar should Crabby use for her blog comments?
Crab Picture
Crinkly Face
Dolly Parton
Tuna Sandwich
Wait, I Don't Even Like Tuna
What Was This Poll About Again?
Oh That's Right, Avatars!
OK, Maybe 30 Possible Answers Are Too Many
Even If They're Free free polls

And stay tuned--actual health and fitness news on Monday!


  1. It occurs to me I should comment so the little crab appears and there's some basis for comparison!

  2. Y'know, Crab, I like the crab. Not that I don't also love your crinkly butchface, but I do like the crab. It reminds me what we're all here for: crankiness.

    Smiley Crabby McSlacker pictures might ruin your hard-earned reputation.

  3. I love the photo! But I'm kinda fond of the crab, too. And Jo does have a point!

  4. I have to admit I'm partial to the crab...

    Nothing says you have to stick with just one. Switch it up whenever you get the urge. : )

  5. I like your BlogHer photo better than mine and mine was taken by the BlogHer pro photographer. (note to self- get a new picture up there).

    While it's nice to know there is a face behind the crab - I LOVE the crab. (my birth sign and all...)

  6. I didn't vote because I didn't see the option to mix it up a little.. use both.. or more. :) But yeah, I kind of like the crab too.

  7. Crabby, I'm awfully partial to that crab, but I voted tuna sandwich for the sheer insensible weirdness of it.

  8. I vote both. Your human smile is better than the crab's, and you look healthy and fit (she practices what she preaches, woohoo), but the crab is so...Crabby. Can't you switch back and forth?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

    (WV: suplu. "Supple you?" Go do yoga? The artificial intelligence is after me again.)

  9. I like your real picture.

  10. Your real picture is quite nice, but I am kind of attached to the crab. You could keep your crab here and your real photo over there I suppose.

  11. As much as I love Dolly, I like your face the best! I voted for your actual picture.

  12. I switched mine temporarily (accidentally. theres a story) and then just blew off ever changing it back :)

  13. The crab is the essence of Cranky Fitness.

  14. While I like the crab... I like your crinkly real face even better. Just partial to seeing faces, I guess.

    Or maybe I don't mind my own face as much when other bloggers use theirs. That could be it! Man, I avoid the camera like the plague.

  15. Hey, I like that switching it up thing.. that sounds fun!

  16. I love your real face - in all its non-airbrushed glory! Someday I hope to meet you in person:)
    *turning off stalker mode*

  17. I voted for the crab. Its a brand - its an attitude! Sometimes that is needed just as much as the writing!

  18. What's not to love about a crabby Cranky Fitness??

  19. You look great and all, but the crab is so very playful and why I think what you do is so great. Is thee a way to incorporate both?


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