July 24, 2009

Return of the Friday Giveaway!

Yes, it's time to haul out the rusty-dusty random number generator out of the Cranky Fitness basement, and put it to good use. This week, we have a subscription to Fitness Magazine and an accompanying Prize Pack to give away!

If something about that sounds vaguely familiar, it's because our pal MizFit just did the exact same giveaway. So if you didn't win over there, perhaps it was because you were really meant to win over here!

And speaking of the awesome MizFit, she is part of a panel today at the Blogher conference in Chicago. If you are lucky enough to be at the conference, and silly enough to be reading Cranky Fitness when you could be off stalking your favorite bloggers and scoring free swag, networking and learning, then close up your laptop right now and scoot on over to hear her! It's called “Blogs and Body Image: What Are We Teaching Our Kids?” and it happens Friday (today) from 1:15-2:30.

But if you, like me, are at home feeling insanely jealous instead of hanging out with the cool kids in Chicago, then check this out: you can still benefit from the panel's awesomeness, because they are forming a new blog about body image issues. It's called "We Are The Real Deal." Besides Carla (MizFit), they've got Kate Harding, Heather from MamaVision, Roni from Roni's Weigh, and Claire Mysko! Talk about an all-star lineup.

Oh and speaking of giveaways, the Juice has a $200 Patagonia gift card up for grabs. And while you're over there, Kyra Sedgwick talks about Going Green, Org Junkie tells you how to greenify your makeup, as well as how to bring order into the chaos of recycling. And what did I whine about this week? Camping trips!

Anyway, so another reason Fitness Magazine might sound familiar is that the one of our favorite fitness role models, Jody over at Truth 2 Being Fit, posted what I thought was one the cleverest quick-but-tough workouts ever. She combines just two exercises into an intense routine that works pretty much every muscle in your body in just a few minutes. And that's where I discovered that the Fitness magazine website has exercise demonstration videos!

For more on the magazine and how you can win a subscription and other goodies, please join us for the giveaway over at the Cranky Fitness Product Page!


  1. AACK! SO many links. Must get work done...but the links...so pretty...

  2. I am so going to try that quick-but-tough workout.

    I have just found out that a "burpee" is an exercise and not a piece of equipment. I've been all this time trying to imagine what it would look like...

  3. Hey Cranky! Thx so much for mentioning me today! Coming from you guys, that is a real compliment! YES, The Fitness Mag site has lots of good info!

    Like your first commenter, I get caught up in links & never get anything done! :-)

    Thx again!

  4. This is the Real Deal is awesome. So are you!

  5. I am happy to be a readerfan of many of the bloggers on that panel. I am stuck at home on deadline -- I have attendee envy. *sigh*

    Hope there's some awesome panel coverage! *hint* ;-)

  6. And where's this math I was promised?


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