July 20, 2009

I Got Nothin'

So sorry!

I'm adding one more day to my "staycation" and will be back to regular health and fitness blogging Wednesday. I'm hoping my brain will accompany me. It seems to have gone missing.

Seen it? It looks sort of like this, only much messier.

I thought perhaps I would be back posting today, but without a brain it just didn't work! Somehow I seem have frittered away the short time I had to write an actual health and fitness post with a dozen false starts that were all complete crap.

Blog block! Blog block! Acck!!!

And now I have an actual job to show up to in the mornings, so if time runs out... time runs out.

I do sometimes worry that part of the problem is that I've said everything I have to say about health and fitness. Is there anything fresh left to gripe about? Perhaps it's getting to be time for Ol' Crabby to hang it up?

But then I remembered I went through almost the exact same thing last year and had a blog meltdown. But of course I didn't quit, because I am a narcissistic whiner who craves an audience I love blogging. And somehow, I still found plenty of things to whine about since then.

And while Cranky Fitness is still not much closer to becoming a book, or a Mega-blog, or a revenue-earning job as I'd hoped, I've still been mostly having a blast and I'm really glad I didn't quit back then. And I'm pretty darn sure I'm not ready to quit yet. But, well, I think I warned there might be some service interruptions this summer until the temporary jobs are over, and indeed that seems to be the case. Sorry! (Also, it was the Lobster's birthday celebration last night, and in the Grand Scheme of Things Lobsters always come first).

I did, however, manage to get a post up this morning at The Juice, because a deadline for someone else always seems to "count" more than one for yourself, doesn't it? So if you want a bit more crab today, stop by I'm rambling on about Kyra Sedgwick (of The Closer) and Green Things.

Anyway, I promise I'll get my act together Wednesday and get back to health and fitness. Thanks for your patience!

Do any other of you bloggers struggle with posting regularly, or does it always just flow?


  1. Oh sure, Crabby, think about quitting just when I finally get around to discovering your blog and enjoying it daily! :) As for blog block, I've been blogging only a month, pretty much daily, and already I can see how it would get tiring. Hell, sometimes I get sick of listening to me!

  2. Blogger block hits every blogger. And if someone says it doesn't...they are soooo lying!

    Enjoy your 'time off'! Before you know it you will be back cranking up the crankiness!! lol!

  3. I'll probably miss you when you take breaks! Seriously, it's a happy part of my day to slide over here and see what's happening!

  4. I am newer to this than you & I get bloggers block and days I just don't want to post & days it just ain't happening in the brain so OR I just want to post a note that says I did not feel like blogging today so... I sure wonder what I will feel like when I get to your length of time blogging!

    No matter what you write, it is entertaining as was today's!!!!

  5. I went from posting every day to a few times a week.

    I don't post until I feel like I have something to say, rather than looking for things to write about.

    I had to realize that I write for me and no one else.

  6. Looking forward to your continued blogging excellence, Crabby!

  7. See, your problem is you always post *good* posts. Today I blithered on about my Dyson vacuum (it's the bomb! Get one!) You just need to remember my motto, which is "Lower your standards! You'll be much happier!"

    Something I learned from you (*fawns*)-- Am I Really That Fat?. Don't abandon us.

  8. I must have my servings of Crab. It's good for the heart.

    Yes, I struggle from time to time about what to post, and it's getting easier to skip a day or two. In my case I am convinced everyone wants to see my photos so I fill a blog with them.

  9. I feel this way every single time. I rarely come up with anything of interest to say, so I let my photos do the talking for me. If you're not relying on significant revenue from this blog, quit worrying about what you're going to say (or not say) and enjoy your summer. Go have some fun and I can promise with 99% certainty that we'll all still be here when you get back. Just leave extra cupcakes. Happy Birthday to the Lobster. :)

  10. The creativity over here is always flowing but it's not always put down where it's legible. I'm relieved when I finally blog about whatever nonsense has been in storage.
    Happy Afterbirth to Lobster.
    Enjoy your time whatever you do.

  11. I can think of things to write about all day long, but the minute I get to the keyboard, I seem to lose my focus. But I can't imagine ever running out of things to whine about...just to much new material every day! :-)

  12. I never have trouble coming up with blog posts..... hehehe

    I totally hear you about blog block, which is why there are sometimes really, really boring things on my blog. I have this compulsion that says I need to post every day. Pah.

    Please don't quit, but we'll understand if you skip a day here or there!
    Happy Birthday to the Lobster! (Hey, this weekend we barbequed a big feast of... err... ummm... never mind...)

  13. Crabby, you shameless hussy, how dare you have a life! The nerve of some people. Honestly.

  14. Um... nobody took that too seriously, did they?

  15. Are you kidding?! Thinking up something to post about on a regular basis is *hard*. That's why a lot of the time I resort to posting about my workouts and whatever eating pattern I'm experiencing that day ^_^

    Enjoy the time off. Relax, and we'll all be here waiting to shower you with praise and adoration when you get back ^_~

  16. Ever hear of a TV show about nothing? Wasn't that #1 for years!!

    Blogging about nothing is sometimes the best kind of blogging.

  17. Happily, I do not experience blogger block, since I have no intention of posting regularly. No, I experience blogger logjam (blogjam?) when I have no time to put the words/pictures into the computer. Sometimes this means that the words, at least, get lost completely.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  18. Are you kidding? I've only posted fifty-something times since November.

    As someone who admittedly is prone to having enough of herself from time to time, even writing one word seems too masturbatory.

    Couple that with the fact that what's been on my mind flirts with airing dirty laundry - I'm left with not much to say.

  19. Having nothin' is no excuse. If I waited til I had something worthwhile, nobody'd ever hear from me...

  20. Words don't always just flow.

    If you are deciding something big in your life, or even something small, stop and think: What will I wish I had done when I am 80?

    I think if you quit blogging, you would regret it when you looked back.

  21. In times of blogging drought, never forget that you have cupcakes to fall back on...writing about them (with photos) that is!

  22. Ha! Sometimes I think I have the best idea and write what I think is the best blog post in the entire UNIVERSE and it goes over like a lead filled balloon. Good blog posts can be forced. Good blog days and bad ones, just like life.

  23. I'd love to leave a comment but am in the midst of a serious commenter's block. Hope it passes by the time you return. Hurry back!

    (BTW, saw Kyra's husband, Kevin Bacon, in an incredibly moving DVD last night, "Taking Chance". Highly recommended!)

  24. The thing is, what is "blah" to you when you write it is actually very interesting to me when I read it! Plus you put up cool LOL cats pictures - how can you deny us???!!?

    (see you Wednesday!)

  25. I have a lot of blogs I visit (I know I'm not nearly disciplined enough to have my own -- I don't even a picture on my Facebook page. Very lazy on this stuff) and I miss it when people don't have new entries. I think having a blog as you do would be a lot of work.

    I got to this site from a mention on another and I wanted to commend you -- I love it! I'm wondering if the pcitre on the "who is" site might be from New Mexico -- it looks like an area I hiked with some of my siblings and one of my kids a few years ago. I also like your practical stances on exercise and diet. (I do Weight Watchers, and I get exasperated when they keep harping on how exercise has to be "fun." I finally said once, at a meeting, "it doesn't have to be fun. You just have to do it." Boy, was there a shocked silence!

    For us, it's been a very mild summer, so I've been doing more walking outdoors than I normally would have. I still hit the gym several days a week, doing weights, elliptical and treadmill, but I'm also doing walking outdoors. What I need to do is start varying my route -- getting bored with where I can go from my house. And for those who live in Boston or the NYC area, there are some GREAT books with all kinds of routes through the cities. The NYC is called "Fun on Foot in New York," and covers surrounding areas as well. The authors have mapped out interesting routes, (even downloadable maps), plus have info on each one, such as points of interest, water fountains, public transit, etc. I wish I'd had this last year when we visited there.

    And as I said, there are books for jogging and walking routes in other cities as well.

    Now that I've found this site, I'll check back in -- hopefully you'll be back!

  26. I can't really consider myself a "blogger" because I post so erratically. But I find it incredible that people can come up with content every day. I tried that for a WEEK and couldn't do it.

    I suppose some of it has to do with the fact that I have a business to run, which occupies most of my time, but I'm still enamored of those who can put out consistent (and consistently good) content.

    So, don't kick yourself. It's harder than it looks.

  27. Wow I think you are pretty consistent, I rarely post everyday, there just isn't enough going on in my brain to share I guess. You can blame the gorgeous weather for frying your brain this week.

  28. You've lost your brain? Join the club.

    Posting: ebb and flow. Sometimes I feel like I'm spewing too much on the interwebs. Other times I feel as though I've gone dry.

  29. Oh, are we supposed to post daily? I'm lucky if I manage weekly these days. We would miss you though, but would then welcome you back with open arms and a sigh of relief.

  30. Can you say "blog block" three times fast?

    I find that the more I write, the more easily the flow comes. So right now with keeping up two blogs I'm finding that I have plenty of stuff to write about... it's the time that sometimes gets to me!

    Liked the green post :)

  31. Grandmotherhood is seriously interfering in my case. But I did throw up a post today!!!

    Sometimes I think you have to live life (I think MizFit did this not long ago) and not be constantly thinking, Oh can I work this into a blog? It's like carrying a camera around with you all the time, recording your life. Sometimes you just want to put it down and smell the roses. Or the newborn baby, as the case may be...

  32. When I first started I didn't seem to have a problem with posting almost every day, but now...not so much. I just don't seem to have the time/energy to put into it. Not sure why.

    I always look forward to reading Cranky Fitness though!

  33. Not only do I get Blogging Block, I get Reading Blogs Block and Commenting on Blogs Block!


  34. Ha, blog block. Say that 10 times really quickly. Sounds like "block block".


    And nope, it always flows. It's just part of being awesome. ;)

  35. who says you have to be cute, funny, and creative ALL THE TIME? I enjoy your posts but don't get to read it and Merry's each day...so if you have to take time off, then that gives me a chance to catch up and read older posts. (Too positive and supportive? How about this... OH, MAN!! If I can't count on my daily blog posts, what can I count on?!!! what's this world coming to?)

    So, you've hit a blogging "plateau" like with exercise. what's the advice out there: mix it up a bit.

    I'm new to blogging. My goal has been to at least journal with an old-fashioned pen and paper. I always have writer's block. It's easier for me to respond to someone else's creativity than to produce something interesting on my own. I'm definitely brain-dead.

    "Do something worth writing or write something worth reading." --someone famous said that but I'm too brain-dead to remember...but I always liked that quote.

    Take care.

  36. Oh heavens no, my posts always come out flawlessly and effortlessly every.single.day. *coughbullcrapcough*

    It happens to the best of us (and the mediocre of us too), so don't sweat it. You'll find your bloggroove (bloove?) again shortly.

    Yeah, not sure what I would do with out my (every other) daily dose of the Crab.

  37. Well, I didn't know today's Bizarro World cloud had also stolen brains far more capable of far more brilliant thoughts than my own. I thought it was just me.

    Don't leave us.

  38. Well, if blogs are like people then I would say that sometimes there is just nothing very interesting coming out of their mouths. So, there are going to be good days and not so good days.

  39. I'm running two blogs (for two different real pay jobs) and two twitter accounts as well as my own. Sheesh. I find that I am struggling to find enough time to research which lowers the quality of the posts produced. *Sigh*

  40. Hey, you're allowed to take a break. Enjoy your posts but don't beat your self up about not posting.


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