January 14, 2008

Was it Something We Said?

[By Crabby]

Warning: this post is pretty much bereft of any breaking health and fitness news. But as Mary is busy moving right now, our standards are temporarily lowered. Do come back though, as she won't be gone forever.

Oh wait, here's a health item.
I saw this in the paper and it's sitting right here so why not? A test is in development may allow dentists to spot breast cancer with a saliva test. They've just identified a bunch of new proteins associated with breast cancer that will raise the accuracy of the test, they believe, from 85% to 95%.

Won't that be a nice non-intrusive way to look for early signs of a deadly disease? We're used to spitting at dentist offices anyway, and they're pretty used to dealing with our spit, so it works out great for everyone. Unfortunately though, the process for testing and approval is excruciatingly slow, so it looks like it's still a few years down the road until it's good to go.

Whoops, It's Statcounter Again
Anyway, here's the actual reason for the post: I was checking my statcounter recently, and came across some interesting entries. Now that Cranky Fitness is a little bigger, I can no longer catch all the comings and goings, but I do like to pop in and take a peek whenever I can. (Oh hell, why try to pretend: I'm still totally addicted to stats, even after being forced to change from Sitemeter to Statcounter.)

(Technorati's good too, but it's not as fun since we lost almost all the old links by changing from the blogspot address. Sigh. So if you're a blogger doing Cranky Fitness the tremendous honor of linking to us, it is even more appreciated if you use the www.crankyfitness.com address so we look bigger and more influential like a real blog!)

Anyway, what did Statcounter reveal?

First the good news:
Cranky Fitness got a very nice endorsement from a blog we admire very much, Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds. But this is not just a courtesy "thanks for the link from a blog with lots of visitors" mention. This is to urge you go visit Wide Lawns and check it out. If you enjoy quirky, bad-ass, opinionated, hilarious, uncompromising, extraordinarily well-written observations, family history, and personal anecdotes, do stop by. This is a blog written by a real writer, a fact that makes me insanely jealous.

Now the Weird News:
Cranky Fitness has been blocked! We are apparently offensive enough to have been filtered out by members of "Covenant Eyes," a group dedicated to helping protect the vulnerable from the lurid temptations of the internet. Of course, we're horror-struck to have run afoul of a group so friendly with the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families. (We won't link there, you can google. Though we totally approve of both Children and Families).

So what was it we could have posted that triggered this? Is the frequent use of f*ck and assh*le? Perhaps they are not fooled by the use of asterisks. Is it the penis post in the sidebar? The vagina post in the sidebar? (Maybe they know what a hoo-hoo is). The post on gay bombs? The fact that many people arrive here googling "big bouncy breasts" only to discover a post about leotards and sports bras?

Or perhaps it's not our content. Perhaps Cranky Fitness is just so darn addictive people are having trouble staying away from it and it's ruining their lives. (Sure, that's it!)

Who knows. We won't lose any sleep over it. In fact Cranky Fitness can only aspire to become more of an addictive destructive internet temptation--like Sitemeter and Statcounter! (In our dreams).


  1. Congratulations on being blocked! You must be in the big time...

  2. That saliva test is an awesome idea...but a test based on teh results of 30 patients? Eee...so cynical I am. It'll need way more testing if it is actually accurate.

    I hope it's real and not labspeak for "this might be something cool, so give me money and tenure so I can look into it".

    If it *is * real tho? Cool...

  3. I often wonder if people have stopped visiting me because I have tags called "food porn" and "asshats"...but then I thought it's probably because I whine so much.

    I love that you and Mary are so badass :P

  4. Oh, I am so proud of you for being blocked!

    I clicked over to Covenant Eyes.

    Be proud.

  5. w00t! w00t!

    Hooray for Cranky Fitness getting blocked by some group!

    Isn't that like winning an Oscar or an Edgar?

    Hey, I'm a mystery writer--I'd love an Edgar, but I'd settle for being blocked!


  6. Thanks bag lady & leah! You too could aspire to be banned--you just need to get little smuttier.

    Geosomin, good point about the small study size. Fingers crossed, though. Spitting is even easier than blood tests, so I'm rooting for more saliva testing.

    Marie, I love that you have tags like Asshats! (And there are certainly enough of them around to necessitate lots of posts).

  7. Hi Terrie!

    Well, from this lovely group, I consider being blocked quite an honor.

  8. LOL, I was going to congratulate you on your blockage {grin} but I see that others have beat me to it.

  9. I'm currently writing a "penis post" for an upcoming column. :-(

    Dr. J

  10. You know you've really made it when fundies start to think that you're corrupting teh poor childrenz and tempting teh interweb pron addicts!!


  11. Last night I posted about an R-rated adventure at the masseuse featuring the age-old question of "underwear or commando?" I too use Statcounter - how can I tell if I've been blocked? It's probably way too soon for it to show up, but I'm excited to maybe be a badass like you.

  12. It's probably your prolific use of 'WTF' which we all know means W**k T*t F**ker. Congrats! I'm sure jealous - but I'm too dang cheerful to swear a lot :)

  13. ohhhh...you're so taboo now. It's funny but this is the one blog where you hardly know anything about the author (which I totally understand with privacy issues and all) but yet you've still managed to offend someone! I like it- rock on!!!

  14. Hello, my name is Luke Gilkerson and I work for Covenant Eyes. I noted your comment about being blocked by Covenant Eyes software so I had your blog examined by one of our site-score personelle. He says that your current blog post scored at a zero (that is, it wouldn't be filtered out). It is true that just a few terms deemed inappropriate by our filter settings will kick an otherwise innocuous site into the objectionable range.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Luke Gilkerson

  15. Don't feel too bad about your technorati rating. Even WITH your new domain change, you're growing superspeedyfast. I'm jealous!

    So I'm curious, how could you tell you were blocked on Statcounter? Are you on some kind of naughty list or something?

  16. oh, uh, nevermind. Luke pretty much answered my question.

  17. Well, gosh-darn it, Crabby, you weren't as much of a hardcore badass as you thought!

  18. Still badass in my book...
    I find it hilarious that Mr.Luke actually came in and looked around, but also find it a great use of resources to make sure their organization is doing things correctly...

    Yay for the F-Word...One of my favorites...

  19. Laura and Katieo--I just happenened to catch a funny looking URL on my statcounter, clicked it, and it led to page on the Covenant Eyes site that said Crankyfitness was blocked.

    And Thanks Luke, for responding so politely to my not-so-nice post!

    Gosh, I have to say I'm disappointed though. They re-ran my site and now I'm a zero? Not a smutty badass after all?

    Well, f*ck. I guess the asterisks really do work.

    And Sambo, as you can tell, it's one of my favorites too!

  20. WOW. I'm going to be honored by association k?
    Maybe they banned you for posting funny shit, on no, I just swore, is that bad, will that make things worse, are they going to come after me now? In scanning their "about" section I'm guessing that you are causing people to have the uncontrollable urge to visit your blog for some internet porn. Damn you! LOL

  21. Crabby, isn't a zero what all those horribly thin people aspire to be? Oh, sorry that is a size - oh well! I would much rather be blocked than a zero, lets all say fuck and see if we can up her rating!

  22. All I saw was "I'm not addicted to porn, but . . . " and I knew it must be fabulous.

    Congrats on being blocked. I'm jealous; to my knowledge I've only been labeled inappropriate.

    -- P

  23. Thanks for the suggestion on Wide Lawns. This looks like a blog I could become addicted to (in addition to Cranky Fitness, obv) I promise never to block you, no matter haow many times you say Hoohoos. (cracks me up every time)

  24. That was nice of the guy to leave a comment about what makes a blog banned. Does make me feel a bit less of a rebel. :(

    I always thought there was too much damn profanity on this blog ;)

  25. Figures the first thing I did after I read this post was look for the vagina and penis entries you mentioned! I'm such a perv...

    And I just read Luke's comment, so I guess you're not the potty mouth you thought you were! lol!

  26. i am as addicted to checking my site stats as i am to the word "asshats". nice one, marie.


    I have a friend who started a small press and her tag line is:

    publishing the banned books of tomorrow.

    your post make me think of that!


  28. Congratulations, Mary, on getting to move before I do. (jealousjealousjealous)

    And...Cranky Fitness addictive? That must be why I save one post unread so I won't run out. Must have stash.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  29. Thanks guys!

    And Mary Anne, that's really sweet! (And if you're ever REALLY bored, there's always the archives.)

    I'm jealous too about the moving... not the actual process but the eventual having-it-done.

  30. You know I have this sickness to become the #1 Google search result for "muffin top." I am now #5 up from #10 last year but #1 and #2 are wikipedia and urban dictionary so it's gonna be Goliath tough but in my overly optimistic head, doable. It's now taken over my stat counting obsession. So far, I haven't been blocked by anyone, so perhaps I'll need to get a bit more potty mouth. Sounds like fun actually ;)

  31. What a great mission, Stephanie! The next time anything muffin top related comes along I will be sure to link to you!

  32. i just visited your blog for the first time a day or two ago, via Wide Lawn's linky link.

    i know i'll be back for more fitness, fun and words like fvck. ;0)

    p.s. back in november i started a love affair...with myself. i'm making changes in my thinking and living resulting in 15 pounds gone so far. simple changes in thinking and eating. i look forward to reading your blog more in the future.

  33. Thanks so much Mckay.

    Your blog(s) look very fun too--I love the way the internet keeps introducing me to cool people!


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