June 11, 2014

Jord Watch Giveaway Winner

So, there will be a "regular" blog post up soon, but in the meantime, who won the Jord Watch from our Monthly Goals Checkin post?

Congratulations Peggy!

Please email me (address on Schmooze page) with a good email address for you, I'm not sure if I need your actual address or if this is done via web coupon.

And sorry for those who wrote great comments and replies and didn't win (I hate that part about giveaways) but know that I appreciated reading them, and just assume you were nominated as a finalist and the Random Number Generator was being all spiteful this morning.


  1. Thank you!!!! I never win anything--this is so cool!!!

  2. Yay, Peggy! Report back on how it feels, in some post sometime.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. Congratulations, Peggy! Enjoy your watch!


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