March 18, 2014

Three Annoying Questions for Gigi of Gigi Eats Celebrities!

Interview By Crabby McSlacker

Our next victim for "3 Annoying Questions" is the hilariously healthy Gigi at Gigi Eats Celebrities. Her videos and blog posts on celebrity diets, fitness trends, and other aspects of healthy or deranged living are so fun and informative that we can almost forgive her for being all gorgeous and talented and clearly destined to be a big-time celebrity herself. So please welcome Gigi as she bravely fields Crabby's "3 Annoying Questions!"

Ready Gigi?

1. Which celebrity would you currently most like to eat and why?

For the obvious reasons (well to me at least) I would adore the chance to sink my teeth into Ryan Reynolds. I mean, his lean muscle mass would be the perfect fuel.

photo: wikipedia

We all know protein is necessary in any diet, so let me grab my bib and then head on over to the TMZ headquarters so I can get an exact on his location!

2. What was the most atrocious experiment you ever undertook for the sake of your fans?

It’s a toss up between bungee jumping into a pool full of molasses and falling off an elephant while trying to balance a pumpkin on my head. Okay, just kidding… However, if my little web show gets a bigger budget, these scenarios could turn into reality!

But since I am working within my means at this current point in time, I think I am going to have to offend Coolio. Sorry “gangsta in paradise” but… The “Coolio tricked out tilapia,” was not so good… I assume it would taste like Lindsey Lohan if you smothered her in tomato sauce and beer.

Maybe I can blame the cod I substituted for the tilapia, since, if you watched my video, that fish is the mirror image of Courtney Love on drugs. That being said, the recipe did make for a good video, and Coolio’s music will forever be pure and utter genius to me!

By the way, my favorite quote by the rapper turned “chef”:

“My mom’s fried chicken would literally put on tennis shoes and run the f*** into your mouth.”

Coolio, you need to work on making yo mama proud!

3. Did you ever have any of your videos go horribly awry, and if so are there any humiliating links or outtakes?

I find it to be quite a compliment that you don’t think the videos I post are just compilations of outtakes! I am definitely not a one shot Sally over here… My neighbors can attest to this. I honestly believe they think I am hexa-polar (aka: have 6 personalities) and you know what? At this point, I don’t think I could defend myself against their beliefs!

While I never get embarrassed, I have to say my shoving a heaping spoonful of turmeric into my wide-open trap was pretty horrific. I would not even force my worst enemy (if I had any) into such torture. For some reason though, I did not film what erupted after I tried to swallow. The cinnamon challenge has nothing on the turmeric challenge video.

Thanks so much Gigi!  So anyone want say hi to Gigi or any of her six personalities?  


  1. I love GiGi!! She always makes my day when she has a new post!! I think it would be hilarious to be a fly on the wall while she is making one of her videos!
    Maybe one day!!!

    1. Come on over today Kim!! Making a new one with Whitney ;)

  2. OK then no Tilapia then. I just thought of it as the poor mans white fish up until now.
    Ryan Reynolds yes!! A good Canadian boy!

  3. Sorry, you can't have Ryan. I have dibs. :)

    I'm new to Gigi, but I can see she's going to earn a spot in my (oft neglected) feedly!

  4. I'm a Gigi virgin! I'll have to check out your blog. I am feeling happy today. It must be cause I had mustard with my corned beef and cabbage dinner for St. Patrick's Day yesterday. I will steer clear of tilapia from now on. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Ah ha ha! A GiGi Virgin - well I hope you your GiGi cherry soon.

      May I have some left over corned beef and cabbage please?

  5. Wow, I LOVE tilapia. I never knew it was bad for you!! I guess I will switch to salmon. Do you know anything about swai or catfish?

    1. I replaced Tilapia with Flounder.

    2. Catfish is an interesting one... Try and stick with domestic catfish! As for Swai, you can eat that one too - it's actually a relative of catfish! :o

  6. GiGi is a top fav of mine!! She puts great personality into important health messages!

    Because of her, the day I saw her Tilapia video, I never ate that fish again! I was eating it at least twice a week.

    That is the power of GiGi!

  7. I'm with Jody!!! Anyone who could make anyone ELSE actually smile whilst they opine energetically about Talapia and Tumeric has something going on for sure. Plus - I just love the way she says "that's naaaaasty" at 0:10 in that last video. That alone is grounds for me to let her off the hook for being so cute and funny. No - wait! That part actually IS cute and funny. Dang!

  8. Isn't Gigi great!?

    And sorry to be an ass today and toss the post up and then just disappear... busy day! Well, for a McSlacker anyway...

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  10. Okay, does this mean I have to address each Gigi individually??? Saying hi times six here then. Oh, and wait, does that mean I had SIX valentines this year, Gigi? I'm a lucky girl ;) . And yes, take as many bites of Ryan as you want - as long as I get all of Adam and David. Friends let friends eat cookies, er, have dibs on celebrities.
    Short story: yes to Gigi!


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