January 13, 2012

What's On Your Workout Playlist?

Photo by The Lobster

Looking for workout tunes?

And say, wouldn't it be nice if some blogger assembled a vast collection of awesome songs that totally transformed your workouts from a dreary chore to a blissful celebration of movement and music?

Well sorry, I ain't that blogger.  In fact, musical taste is so personal, passionate, and persnickety that no matter who claims to have the best workout playlist, it will, for most people, suck in some way or another. 

But you've got to start somewhere in locating new faves, right? And over at Shape Magazine they've got a great round-up of workout playlist selections from 13 health and fitness bloggers.  Some contributors may sound familiar to you... like perhaps Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment and Jenn of the FBG's?

Though of course it would also be nifty if you'd stop by Page 7 of the Shape story, to check out what The Crabby One regards as some of her favorite workout tunes.  Or actually, who cares about the songs?  I just get all excited when a media outlet mistakenly refers to me as "a top health and fitness blogger" and would send y'all over even if the article were about ear wax removal or constipation remedies.

Note:  there seems to be some disagreement as to what a "beat" is when it comes to "beats per minute" (or BPM's).  Apparently I'm playing "slow" music and going double-time. Whatever!

What do you guys like to listen to when you work out?  Suggestions greatly appreciated!


  1. You're famous! May I have your autograph?

    Please do let us know when you write an article on constipated earwax. I'm sure it would be... Well, I'm not sure what that would be like, but it wouldn't be dull.

  2. Famous ladies everywhere! Congrats!!!

    I listen to a lot of different things but I do love classic rock & some of my fav 80's rock bands. I like some recent stuff too but more the older stuff, you know, the people that did not need a sound studio to sound good! ;-)

  3. Hi Crabby,
    You can't beat a bit of "Eye of the Tiger" for those Rocky style workouts, punching dead meat is optional here though!!
    Kind Regards
    James Davis AKA The Fitness Blogger

  4. Perfect timing...I'm putting the finishing touches to my winter biking list right now.

  5. I guess it depends what I'm doing, yoga, biking, nothing at all. I tend to like classic rock or nice new age meditative stuff.

  6. I guess I listen to the sound of one hand clapping..

    as in whatever the universe is providing at the moment.

  7. I typically don't listen to music while I workout as I usually do dvds but when I walked I did have a walking playlist on the ipod. It had Duffy's Mercy, which always had me walk at a much faster pace due to the beat, Raise your Glass by Pink and Party Like a Rock Star were just a few of the diddy's on my walking tape, having a strong beat kept me walking at a good clip. When I worked out at the gym doing boxing, the music was always hard rock i.e. Buckcherry, Metallica, Papa Roach Etc. Really angry music to be boxing and kickboxing too and getting out your aggressions.

  8. OK. That is a great photo!

    I usually listen to what is around me. When I am hiking I don't listen to anything. Don't even own an ipod to be honest.

    I did used to use blip.fm at my house however. That is kind of fun because it is whatever you are in the mood to search and add for yourself there.

  9. Love the eclectic tastes you guys have! Thanks for stopping by for this not-quite-a-real post. And hey, next week... earwax removal and constipation remedies!

  10. I listen to podcasts because they have no beat, now that I have an iPod. The music at the gym used to drive me mad (mad! I tell you) because I couldn't quite ignore it and it would influence the speed I was going against my will.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  11. I listen to whatever earworm is wriggling that day. I am no help.

  12. I listen to mainly pop music. It is very up beat and energetic! It definitely keeps me motivated. I like stepping/running to the beats.

    Mallory @www.pickyeaterstory.blogspot.com check out my new blog!

  13. Yeah you! And what a fun article! (Double time is not "wrong" btw. We use that technique often in tap to dance to a song we love but isn't quite fast enough.)

    When I'm on the treadmill I'm all about my Netflix streaming queue. If my eyes don't have something to do I get bored, no matter how good the music. When running on the trail, I have an eclectic mix I put together much too long ago (6 years-ish). Quite a bit of late 90's early 'oughts pop. Now might be the time to mix it up. Off to compile a list courtesy of Shape!

  14. I love me some Lady Gaga and old Destiny's Child. I keep an ipod loaded with only upbeat music for workouts, it really does help me-but it didnt' get me on Shape's list, congrats girly!

  15. Wow, some of you are capable of exercising WITHOUT a pair of earphones pumping music straight into your brain? I can't do it! Once I found myself blinking back actual tears when I was all ready to climb on the elliptical and discovered my iPod had no charge. Suddenly my workout turned from a nice break in the day to open heart surgery without anesthetic. Gah.

    I admire those of you who don't need a beat propelling you through your exercise routines--I just don't have that kind of willpower!

  16. Well, I don't push myself to go faster than I feel like, just longer than I feel like. Also, the greater part of my workout is weights, when going fast is Not The Point.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  17. Well, i'm also one of those with no music but whatever happens to be on the radio at the moment, if i even have it on.

    Word verification is slycats; maybe that's what the people at Shape are, using this to get you to contribute more articles.

  18. LOL about your mistaken identity.

    A couple of songs on my workout playlist:

    Miss Me Blind...Boy George & Co.

    I'm Every Woman...Chaka Khan

    We Trying To Stay Alive...Wyclef Jean et al.

    New Attitude...Patti LaBelle

  19. If I'm in the gym, I need music. If I'm out for a run outdoors, I enjoy the silence.

    When I'm in the gym, I need upbeat music. Lots of pop: Flo-Rida, Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas. I also like to listen to angrier stuff if I'm pedalling up a hill in spin class: Metallica, Muse (Uprising), Alice In Chains, etc.



    off to read yer fame...

  21. I like something with a good beat to it. I lean twards funk and electric music (breaks, psytrance and such) so anything like that gets me moving :)

  22. Congrats on being listed in Shape Mag! :) Girl, I got some songs for you:

    - "Starry Eyed" (Jakwob Remix) by Ellie Goulding
    - "Promises" by Nero
    - "Idioteque" by Radiohead

  23. Each individual has different preferences and the bpm is an ongoing debate. Best to listen to your favorite songs. Some preferred rock, hip hop, country or even love songs. Once the music plays and felt the adrenaline rush...it's "the one"


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