January 16, 2012

HUMAN T-Shirt and Snack Pack Giveaway Winner

And the winner of our healthy snack giveaway is... Kim!

Kim, please send mailing info, as well as T-shirt size and style (Men's or Women's) by the end of the day Wednesday to: Crabby McSlacker at gmail dot com. And congratulations!

And to those of you dreaming of healthy vending machine options at your work-place, school, or gym, don't forget the HUMAN folks are handing out $250 rewards for successful referrals.

Thanks for stopping by; new post up in a minute or two!


  1. Dammit! I didn't even know there was a giveaway. Sorry for the lack of witty jackassery, been super busy and lost internet for a while. Apparently the cable company actually expects payment for using it. Who knew?


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