January 26, 2012

Lazy Linkage: Let's Mess With Texas Edition

Should we worry that this is the design on a Kids Extra Small T-shirt?
Photo: cafe press

Yep, it's time for one of those weird posts with bunch of miscellaneous stuff in it. And for absolutely no reason at all, it seems a good week to pick on Texas.  Of course we apologize in advance to all of the awesome folks who live in Texas, like Mizfit! (Though does Austin really count as Texas?)

So, want to find out how Texas college kids are getting high these days, or why the New York Times is writing about pee, or perhaps where you might be able to score some free tea? 

Join me for another lazy link roundup!

First up, do you think women who compete in World Championship amateur boxing events should have to wear skirts in order to differentiate them from men? Head over to Fit and Feminist for the full scoop and prepare to get steamed if you think that's nuts.

Everyone knows that tea has health benefits, and there's a great Fusion tea giveaway going on over at Desert Raven Art.  (And if you haven't entered yet, don't forget the Cranky Fitness Healthy Snack and T-shirt Re-Giveaway either!)

Looking for more protein in your desserts?  Why the Fitfluential folks love their balls.

Looks like a fun read: The Twitter Diet, by Rebecca Regnier from Does this Blog Make Us Look Fat? Not only does it look to be a cool approach to getting support during weight loss, it explains all about Twitter for those of us who just can't seem to get the hang of it! Definitely on my "to-read" list. Plus, it's in a nice affordable ebook format.

Want the scoop on a challenging pilates core workout you can do in a small space like a dorm room?  College Candy has you covered!  And they rounded up this excellent video tutorial with plenty of tips on proper form:

And to finally answer the Texas Teaser question: A recent survey revealed that 1 in 7 Texas college kids admitted to playing "the choking game" to get high. Sure, it's potentially lethal, but at least it's cheap! (Seriously, Texans?)

Random Stuff Copied From My Twitter Stream:

My favorite kind of study: Moderate red wine drinking doesn't seem to increase breast cancer risk. Cheers!

Except for mini desserts, love this list. I don't do anything "mini." RT @blogomomma: 2012's Trendiest Health Foods.

WTF? After tons of research saying "boost your Vitamin D levels," this one claims the low end of normal is best.

Study suggests natural transfats in meat and dairy don't have same bad effects as industrial ones.

Owning a car or tv raises heart attack risk:  And yeah, its a global study. In the US, people have tvs IN their cars.

More memory boosters? B vitamins and folic acid. But isn't there a reason B supps are bad? @#$% I CAN'T REMEMBER!

"Coming Soon, Memory Boosting Pill"  Can't come soon enough for me! But I ain't holding my breath. #soundslikehype

Scientists discover memory loss starts by the 40's.  Hell they coulda saved the $$ and just asked me! #livingproof

Calcium + Vitamin D Supps may help weightloss: All this: calcium is good! No wait... calcium is bad! stuff confuses me.

I use my fingers, otherwise too many typos! RT @blogomomma: Should You Write with Your Head or Your Heart?

Good news for boomers who occasionally smoked pot: they scored a bit BETTER than non-users on cognitive tests.

Get more protein to keep from losing muscle, but extra protein won't "trick" body into shedding fat:

High blood levels of omega-3's, vitamins B, C, D and E may strengthen older brains; high transfats lead to crappy cognition.

Jane Brody explores the fascincating subject of: pee.  Apparently lots of clues to health issues in urine.

Random reminder:  if you've got a great link you'd like to see featured in this round-up, and aren't fussy about how long it might take to appear, please email or leave it in the comments!

And finally, this is totally irrelevant to anything above, but it cracked me up.  Spotted by our pal Leah on the interwebs:

Attempt at photo credit: Somewhere on Facebook

Any thoughts on anything above or on something totally unrelated?  Anyone know what happens to people who Mess With Texas?


  1. Thanks for including my tea giveaway. I think you are awesome, no matter what people say.

  2. Uh oh Mary, what are people saying? Yikes!

  3. Austin is to Texas as Gainesville is to Florida (San Antonio ain't bad either)!

    Only the smarter hippies smoked pot!

    I've been ambivalent about Vit. D supplementation for a while. Whenever there is this new fad, in my opinion, don't jump too quick, Look at all the revised recommendations on taking tests at the MD's office!

  4. The choking game...really. Kids have nothing better to do then to choke each other. Yikes! Remember when we were a kid and all we had to worry about was getting crabs or pregnant, now we have to worry about our kids killing each other playing the "choking game" good grief.

  5. Oh man. I love that sale sign! When I was in Japan last year, we happened to walk by some sort of wellness clinic that banners outside with what they treated. It included things like diarrhea and dropsy. Of course I snapped a photo!

  6. Thank you so much!! I appreciate the link love - so excited you shared my book.

    Rebecca Regnier

  7. Speaking of typos, the protein in most deserts is running around on four legs....[says my inner English major :)]

    I've been taking B supplements for about 30 years, and my memory is nothing to write home about.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  8. Did you say BALLS! ;-) I saw that recipe! :-) You are the master of great link love!! That pic - LOVED IT!!!

  9. A most interesting collection, as usual. And it will keep me busy reading, as usual.

  10. I shall consider us messedwith.

  11. So, why did Gainesville get brought up? That place is rife with college meat heads that.support a crappy college football program. LOL

    Anyway. Thanks for the links. Not able to keep up with the Tweetywebs as much without internet and the feed on my phone is RE-DONK-ulously on fire. Avg of 150 posts/HR.

    Personal note: STILL waiting to be called upon for that fitness Guinea pig position for you or Charlotte at TGFE! LOL

  12. Your SALE photo credit should go to the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/11/japanese-department-store-sale-sign_n_1200068.html
    Given that they are a content mill, no worries about re-using it, I guess. Google images is a fine way to research an image source, for future reference.

  13. Hey thank y'all for stopping by and cracking me up as usual.

    Appreciate the typo correction Mary Anne!

    And Sinner, I was hoping to use you as a personal slave and not just a fitness guinea pig. But maybe the first fitness "experiment" is for you to discover the training effects of cleaning out my cluttered office and waxing our van? Just an idea!

    And Lorrie, funny thing about the image credit: when I went to HuffPo, it sent me to a blog which then credited the original photographer... who is the one whose Facebook picture is the link. Went full circle and didn't have to change anything!

  14. Great bunch of links Crabby. Sad to hear about college kids choking themselves or each other. What will they think of next? My abs hurt just from watching that clip! (maybe I'm out of shape)

  15. Your photo investigation was more thorough than mine! I stand corrected, Ms. Crabby. :)


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