August 05, 2011

Lazy Links: Extra Lazy Edition

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So it's time for this week's half-assed compilation of health and fitness links. Does anyone actually read them? Er... well... not so much, from what I can tell. But who cares, it's the middle of summer! Crisp, busy, productive, back-to-the-grind autumn will be here soon enough. So in fitting with the sweet, sleepy sluggishness of the summer season, these links have been assembled with even less care than usual.

Oh, and as a Public Service Announcement, Cranky Fitness hereby urges everyone to do likewise: lower your standards, slack just a bit more, enjoy your Friday and be sure to go out and play this weekend!

OK, here's what we got:

In BlogLand this week:

Check out 19 exercises that women do better than men over at Shape. Those of you who, like me, are huge fans of Charlotte at The Great Fitness Experiment will be pleased to see her and her posse explaining, demonstrating, and generally being adorable.

The FitBottomed Girls give red wine drinkers another reason to celebrate: it acts as liquid sunscreen!

Our pal Merry over at Sheesh seems to need a remedial course in Slacking as she deals with her Unreasonable Boss.

And the New York times personal health guru Jane Brody explains the findings of a ginormous body of data on what influences weight gain. And no surprise (at least to some of us): it's a lot more complicated than just counting calories. What should you eat and what should you avoid? Some great research-based advice here.

Next, recent health news in the Twittersphere:

Any survey of "544 families entering a fast-food chain located INSIDE a Children's Hospital" has got to have bad news:

Not good news for self-indulgent people or hungry zombies: "Poor Health Habits May Shrink Your Brain!"

New study on effective parenting styles: Some kids need mega-structure; others thrive if you back the heck off.

More research says you need to get off your ass and stop sitting so much, even if you exercise:

Go nuts, diabetics! Swapping carbs for 2 ounces of nuts a day helps glycemic control & lowers bad cholesterol.

Swimmers: keep your mouths shut! Study shows swimmers absorb dangerous chemicals and researchers think 90% comes from swallowing.

Research review says colon cleansing useless, may be risky. Not that I was ever exactly tempted. Yuck.

In the continuing diet wars, low carb chalks up a victory re: satiety. Study says more protein keeps you fuller.

Sad: anti-gay hate crimes are RISING, not falling. And 61% of victims report police were indifferent or abusive:

Survey suggests internet explorer users have lower IQ's: Not exactly scientific but cracks me up. (Firefox here).

Smartphone users check 'em an avg 34 times a day: I'd act all shocked, but I've got a Droid: sounds about right.

Among this week's google search terms that landed folks at Cranky Fitness: "how do you know that you are addicted to chia seeds?"  And:  "fuck I'm old birthday"

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Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend, and feel free to share any random thing you have on your mind!


  1. Thanks for the links, Crabby! I'm definitely going to check some of them out (but I'm too lazy to figure out how Twitter works.....)

  2. I've been spending a great deal of the day outdoors reading. I see I should have a glass of red with me when I do it.
    Thanks for the tip.

  3. OK, so a few things I'd like to comment on. (Go figure, I'm an Aries, talking is what I do about 11th best)
    First, I appreciate you posting the lazy links because frankly, I'm too effin cranky, lazy, stressed and smart phone addicted to do it. Definitely going to check out the Shape and Fitness Experiment ones, I even already have them open in fresh tabs...
    Second, I'm glad someone else is doing the research for me, because I have a whole semester full of research ahead of me in a few days and I am researching crap like cheap ass wedding dresses and ceremony info for my vow renewal with the cranky husband we're just now planning and trying to execute in November. 10 years is apparently the new 25 and time for renewals? 0.o
    Next, on your in the news section:
    How are families NOT going to go into a fast food joint inside a kid's hospital? What parent is ok with their kid BEINN there to begin with, let alone leaving said kid there to go home to cook a healthy meal? Come on, SERIOUSLY? Effective parenting... A good slap to the back of the head to either type child tends to get your message across as well. Being a parent of both types of children each containing both types of personality, this is not something new. If all else fails, seek a child psychologist for a consult on how to help you parent. Or here's a novel idea, BE A PARENT. Studies have shown that kids with more parental involvement have better behavior and tend to have less attitude. Seriously. I know, mine are screaming at each other as I type, wasting my precious time that I could be spending with my children sitting here commenting, but EFF, mommy needs her morning sunscreen drink and a smoke to not end up in jail. LOL (JOKE, please don't call CPS, those people are so mean and have NO sense of humor.
    I totally laughed hysterically when I read the Swimmer blurb. I talk, often times too much and I have been a swimmer since childhood and this was funny to me. So, thanks for that one.
    Now, for the anti-gay crime. I feel that all police forces need a bit more sensitivity training when it comes to various cultures, even when said culture is what SOME consider a lifestyle "choice". All too often one's personal beliefs get in the way of their objectivity and this should be stopped. All emergencies and crimes should be treated equally, no matter who they involve. Few exceptions to this rule. (Casey Anthony) I think that most states need stricter hate crime laws that include the LGBT communities within their boundaries and they need to be fully enforced. Who effin cares who another person is sleeping with, attracted to or wants to marry? I got news for those looking to marry, gay straight and alike, no one escapes the misery of the first few years. I know that sounds negative, but dammit, I am only 31 and have 10 years and 3 kids under my belt, so I can preach all I want. Every person deserves the right to be equally as happy or miserable as I am at any time. The same goes for all people having the right to feel safe in their communities. I don't care what you look like, how old you are, what parts you have or who you're schtooping, you have a right to your space and to be safe wherever you go. (Unless you decide to walk around south Compton in the middle of the night, then you're an idiot and may deserve a beat down). On the IE thing? I don't know anyone that voluntarily uses it anymore, I'm a recent Firefox to Chrome Convert and I'm loving it.
    And to end my novel, smart phone users check their phones WAY more than 34 times each day. We have to, we bought a friggin phone that's smarter than we are and it friggin multi-tasks. Now they have one with an instant "Post to facebook" button. Be ready for that divorce rate to sky rocket. Between that button and the influx of idiots to Vegas, we're going to be the most single country in history.
    Alrighty, sorry, had to share some wit with someone today.
    Have a great day, all and enjoy your weekend, if you have one.

  4. I told you that I talk too much.... Sorry.

  5. I love linkage posts! Please don't stop linking :)

    And any times for dealing with my unreasonable boss are always appreciated. Oops, gotta go back to work now...

  6. "Any times?" Look, fingers, I told you to type "any tips"! Get it right!

  7. I'm reading! I just don't have time to go check out all the links right now. I will later though!

  8. Yes, i'm reading, i check the links that interest me, and it's no surprise to me that eating badly shrinks your brain. Bad nutrition = bad health, including brain health.

  9. Awesome linkage again. Love the one about sitting around too much is bad for your health. Really!! They needed a study to tell then that. Where is the wine so I can go sit in the sun.

  10. Fooey! Several links were "Not found" for me. Especially wanted to see the Jane Brody.
    Enjoyed the ones I hadn't had time to follow from Twitter.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  11. Love the public service announcement!

    Colon cleansing - not so much! ;-)

    OH NO, I am an IE person although I don't consider myself smart anyway so I don't care! ;-) My hubby uses Firefox & keeps trying to get me to use it! ;-)

    Will have to read some of the other ones at another time... still trying to survive my teeth thing from Monday & the pain is back.. UGH!

    Have a great one!

  12. Hey thanks folks for stopping by and commenting! I almost didn't post any links this week 'cause it didn't seem to be all that popular a feature. (And, well, 'cause obviously I'm lazy).

    But sorry about the links that are broken, I'll get right on that and try to figure out what the problem is & fix them. Thanks Mary Anne for letting me know!

  13. OK, I THINK the broken links are fixed now. Evil blogspot spirits decided to arbitrarily add some weird coding to some of the html. Grrr.

    If anyone can't click through on a link and wouldn't mind letting me know, that would be great!

  14. The ones I tried were fixed. HAA in the urine? Blerg! Probably still healthier than swimming in the ocean, though.
    I loved the Jane Brody column. I'm still not giving up butter, or fruit juice. (Explain how 100% fruit juice is associated with weight gain while fruit is associated with weight loss. It can't just be fiber, because unfiltered cider and pulpy orange juice are quite fibrous.)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  15. A stupid ankle sprain seems to be holding me hostage from most activities so I think I'm going to have to embrace the red wine and enjoy the sun for the next while. It could be worse.

  16. colon cleansing risky?!

  17. I read them! Keep writing!!



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