September 25, 2009

Vitalicious Giveaway and More!

So I'm happy to report I've completely recovered from my recent bout of leprosy. In fact, I was feeling so good yesterday I was able to do some product sampling of some Vitalicious muffiny things! This means the main post for today is over at the Cranky Fitness Review page, where you can find out what Crabby and the Lobster think of all 9,743 flavors of VitaMuffins, VitaTops, and VitaBrownies.

If you go over there and enter, perhaps you'll be one of 3 winners who can try a big-ass sample pack for yourself!

Back already? Well you're just in time for the weekly Juice Quiz!

This week's theme over at the Juice was "managing workplace relationships," so Crabby tried to offer up some helpful advice for those who work in offices. Which of these does Crabby recommend?

1. Swapping out the "Decaf" and "Regular" coffeepots in the break room to test the placebo effect.

2. Putting laxative chocolates in the office fridge to deter food thieves.

3. Spreading malicious gossip and stealing office supplies.

4. Going completely naked on "casual Friday" for an hour or two to see if anyone notices.

Stumped? The answer is here! Also, there's still a little time left on their KitchenAid blender giveaway.

Have a great weekend, and do watch out for swine flu, leprosy, and EVS!


  1. The Vitas are my kryptonite :)

    Cant stop at I stop before one.

    That said I seem to be the ONLY ONE whose like this which means MORE CHANCES for others to win!

    have a great weekend---glad you are all cured up :)

  2. It's all education for me. That's why I'm here to learn!

    Leprosy always reminds me of James Michener's "Hawaii."

  3. I'm glad you are better and your leprosy is under control.

  4. Muffins and workplace advice... and it's Friday! What more could you ask for :)

  5. Re: Aspartame - I hear ya. Especially when it comes to FDA conspiracy theories, I don't know who to believe. I just try to eat whole, natural foods as much as possible and call it good.

    Re: Workplace Relationships - I hope it's #4. HA!

  6. A muffin top that I actually can embrace? What's next - cats sleeping with dogs, day becomes night, up is down?

    Love the office ideas - #2 especially reminds me of the old "hash-brownies-at-Thanksgiving" routine. It actually makes relatives kinda fun again.

  7. Couchspud: Good plan on the aspartame, that's excellent advice. And actually, I'm working at home today so could probably get by with number 4, but I'd really like to see Naked Fridays catch on in the workplace.

    Gigi: Ooh, what a great marketing idea! Vitatop needs to think about branching into the Medicinal Market with VitaPotTops!

  8. LOL at VitaPotTops.

    I have never had vitamuffins so would love to win! I did sign up for the newsletter.

    Thank you Cranky!

  9. Glad you are feeling better! I asked a question on the giveaway page... I already get the newsletter. Do I have to sign up again or what to do in this case?

  10. I love these things so much!! I have to hide them so my family cannot find them.....its like my alcohol...YUMMY!! you so feel like you are cheating with these bad boys!!

  11. Oh lord, office idea #2.

    My dad did something similar some years ago. There was a seller of hot sauces and such that set up shop at a local flea market, and he had this one sauce called Death By Stupidity, which I think was made from habanero, capsaicin, and pure distilled agony. One drop in a pot of chili was plenty. Dad would put a drop on a paper towel and rub the tiniest bit on the furniture to keep the dogs from chewing it.

    Anyway, they had a lunch thief at work. After Dad's lunch got thieved one too many times, he decided to apply the same principle that kept the dog from chewing up the furniture.

    He took several slices of cold leftover pizza, carefully peeled back the cheese, applied several drops of Death By Stupidity, replaced the cheese, and took the death pizza to work. He warned several trusted co-workers not to eat it.

    The next day one slice of the pizza was gone and nobody's food ever disappeared from the fridge again.

  12. These looks delish. I have never tried them before but would love to try.

  13. signed up. thanks for the giveaway


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