September 07, 2009

Enjoying the Holiday?

Photo: Failblog

Crabby and Merry are both taking a day off to celebrate Labor Day in the traditional way--by not laboring. But don't worry, there's plenty of information and entertainment still to be had on the internet!

Let's take a quick tour, shall we?

Over at Weight for Deb, Deb's got the scoop on HGH and the best way to get the benefits from this "eternal youth" hormone. Hint: no expensive injections required!

And for a sad yet inspiring post on trying managing holiday temptations, Diane at Fit to the Finish shares some unhappy Labor Day memories.

Want a thoughtful take on whether it's mean to be laughing at the People of Walmart? Charlotte hosts an interesting discussion over at The Great Fitness Experiment.

Or how about some inspiration to go? Two of our Cranky Fitness favorites, Shauna (of The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl) and Mizfit, have teamed up to create a downloadable podcast!

And finally, there is a hilarious post by The Bloggess on getting lost, in which she introduces the Greatest Invention in the History of the World. I would so totally buy it!

Doing anything fun for the holiday? (And if it's not a holiday for you, sorry about that! Just tell your boss "But Crabby McSlacker said I should take the day off" and see how far that gets you!)


  1. Thanks for the tour, Crabby and Merry. I followed it and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Have a great day off & I will read up on the blogs I have not already read. I got to that HGH one already! :-)

    I did my normal early Monday workout & back to bed for me! R&R today!

  3. I'm making that call to my boss right now. Enjoy your day off.

  4. maaaaaaaaan

    running past computer with MIL in tow (theres a visual huh? :)) and see that my COMMENT VIA HANDHELD FROM PARK WHILST SWEATING DIDNT TAKE.


  5. Thank you for that linky-love!

    My holiday: trying to write (going out of town and need some done before I go), between:

    heavy compound move day at gym. (deadlifts, bench press, squats, push ups.)

    two parties!

    That writing may just have to wait til tonight.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! That was a sad day for me, but one that I eventually learned from. It took a while though!

    Missing your usual words of wit and wisdom!

  7. New links are always fun. Love that Great invention idea. Hope your holiday is wonderful!

  8. Heh, people of WalMart was some funny sh*t.

    So what's this day off you speak of? Hmm, I did notice an increased amount of people that are NOT at work today. Maybe I'll give a few of them a ringer and enjoy a Corona in the sun.


  9. Happy Labor Day, Merry and Crabby!

    The Bloggess always makes me laugh!

  10. I just wanted to say thanks for posting these sites! I already follow Fit to the Finish, but I love finding new resources as well. I started my own blog less than a month ago and the online community that I have already discovered has been truly inspring, educational, humorous, supportive, and generally wonderful. So thank you for providing such a wide variety of post topics and for suggesting other sites for our viewing pleasure!

  11. I found the people of Walmart fascinating! We dont have Walmart in Australia and looking at the photos, I am glad we dont. :)

    Another site that it good to visit is Jody Fit at 51 who has good tips for healthy eating kids.

  12. Hope you are both in total slacker mode this holiday - you deserve it. Hope your back is feeling better, Crabby.

  13. I painted my whole house.

  14. Oh my god, I seriously loled at that fail pic.

    Thanks for the links, too!

  15. its so beautiful. thanks for sharing this.

  16. The image is awesome. Water pull is fully loaded. Nice blog.


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