September 03, 2009

Review: Skinny Bitch Body DVD

Whaddya mean there's no giveaway?

This is a review. It is only a review. If this had been a giveaway, you would have received instructions on where to go and how to get stuff. Please do not panic. It is only a review.

Well hell -- if there's no giveaway, why should I bother reading?

Because the last time I tried to review a Skinny Bitches DVD, I ended up being catty and snarky and In No Way Nice about it. Who knows, maybe this time I'll be equally catty. There's a reason this place is called "Cranky" Fitness.

Though to be fair, I did try to go into this review with an open mind. I don't particularly enjoy writing bitchy reviews -- at least, not 100% bitchy ones. I usually feel guilty and try to find something positive to say as well. The last time I reviewed a Skinny Bitch exercise DVD, I was really annoyed before I started.

This time, it would be different, I vowed. I would go in with a positive attitude and I would get something out of this workout!

Here at Cranky Fitness, we don't play games like Name That Tune. Instead, we play a game I choose to call Review that DVD. So here goes.

Crabby, I can review that DVD in... seven words.

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  1. who are you kidding? you love it.

  2. I'm annoyed just looking at the bloody cover of the dvd?? I HATED that book! :)

  3. Did you get the sway back depicted on the cover from doing the exercises?

  4. Love the review; glad I popped over to the review page!

    This will NOT be on my exercise DVD shopping list, not that I've gotten around to making one yet.

  5. Look at that weightlifting form! That's bicep curls with 'tude! Sign me up! Does it come with a post-workout MRI?

  6. The Skinny Bitches' popularity seems to be based on their books rather than their exercise DVDs. There must be some good basis for their popularity, but I don't get it.

  7. I still can't get over the name of the women!

  8. I love the "help I'm trapped in a crappy exercise DVD" tag :)

  9. Hated their books, so I'm sure the DVD is just as annoying!

    Thanks for the review and taking one for the team :)

  10. Ooohh now I really want to have a Sex and the City marathon.

    ...tehe. I make myself giggle sometimes.

  11. Sagan you shameless hussy you ;)

    Marissa, you're welcome.

    Geosomin? Gosh you're observant!

    L.A., ambiguous but hopefully a good thing to sound good?

    Dr. J, I give them credit for being upfront with the name. On the cover of the DVD, they talk about the 'butt burn' workout, but in the actual DVD it's referred to as the 'ass' workout. A small difference, perhaps, but one that can really offend some people. (At least, it offended people in the Amazon reviews that I read. See? You didn't know I did research about these posts, dd you ;)


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