May 06, 2009

Hella Sound Giveaway Winners

The two random winners of the Hella Sound running music giveaway are: My Sensei and Midknyt (who was totally in contention for the funniest comment too, so that worked out well. (She's also got a very funny post about Engrish if you follow her link.)

And there were a number of amusing comments about the need for fresh music, so it was a difficult choice. But I went with Elizabeth!

Winners, please email at CrabbyMcslacker at gmail dot com to claim your prize by Saturday night, and I'll send you a code to get a free download.

Thanks everyone! And don't forget, even if you didn't win, you can still get a dollar off the 30 minute download (making it $4) if you use our special code, CRANKTASTIC. Just click on the sidebar HellaSound ad and check it out!


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