November 06, 2008

The Pizza Diet, Size Issues, and Making a Change

It has come to our attention that supplies of cynicism are at an all-time low in many states around the country, and countries around the world. So this seems like a good time to run these studies past you. Besides, the really Deep & Serious post I was working on has gotten too deep and too serious. Thursdays require some levity.

The Red Wine & Pizza Diet

I'd hate for this to be the only blog that doesn't mention this new study.

A team of scientists at the University of Louis Pasteur claim to have discovered a drug SIRT1 that counteracts "some effects of a high-calorie diet." Chemically related to components found in red wine, this drug shifts the metabolism to "fat-burning mode" without side effects.

In mice, at any rate, it can prevent weight gain and improve blood sugar tolerance as well as insulin sensitivity. In other words, these mice can pig out on the Red-Wine-and-Pizza-Palooza diet without gaining weight.

Photo: Lulu

Is it too late to change my species to Mouse?

Who says size doesn't matter?

In a study of 7,000 women carried out by the University of Hawaii and published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 92 per cent of those who were overweight had slept with a man, as compared to 87 per cent of women of "normal" size.

Is that the truth? The whole Truth? Nothing but the truth?

Honestly, if some researcher came up to me and asked about my sex life, regardless of what size I was, I'd want to know either a)what she was smokin' or b)what she intended to pay me to talk about something that's none of her business. I certainly wouldn't feel it was my duty to tell her the absolute, strict, hand-on-the-Bible truth. Plus, being easily distracted/amused, I was distracted and amused by the fact that the main researcher's first name was 'Bliss.' (Never said I was deep & profound, okay?)

Okay, any parents out there, listen up. Be aware that what you name your child may affect her or his career decades later.

Want to make a difference? Register and maybe save a life

On a much more serious note, if you’re feeling altruistic you should know that November is Marrow Awareness Month in America. Anyone who donates at the National Marrow Donor Program can do so for free.

Apparently in many other countries, registration is free. In America it usually costs about $50. (The cost is to cover the process of tissue typing your sample.) To register as a bone marrow donor, you need to fill out a questionnaire, swab your cheek with a cotton swab, and mail the swab in to the donor program. (They provide a kit for swabbing.)

Being a bone marrow donor can save the life of someone suffering from leukemia and similar ailments. A lot of people are talking about Change right now. If you want to make a change, that's one way to do it. I'm going for it.

Do you see any reason not to become a bone marrow donor? Or are you still mulling over the wine-and-pizza diet, and the women of varying sizes?


  1. Hey, I'm on the pizza and red wine diet! Except I'm not drinking the wine. That's being replaced with pasta. So far, not so good for my waistline. :)

  2. On the lines of bone marrow donors, PLEASE SIGN UP! You can be the one to save someone's life! How self-fulfilling is that??? To give you an extra push, meet a friend, Michelle at Truly an inspiring story from her and her husbands POV. And if your still not convinced then you deserve to be put on display at the local museum, in nude **glares** C'mon, its just a cheek swab!

  3. If you find a way to sign up to be the species of mouse, then please let us know!

  4. Pizza and red wine? umm, were you following me around last night? oops...
    Thanks for the bone marrow link - had never thought of doing that, will definitely look into it.

  5. Bring on the pizza! Not really a red wine fan though; how about a nice riesling?

  6. I'll make a note of the bone marrow thing for when I'm not sick.

  7. My understanding is, although overweight women are more sexually active, overweight men, not doing so well!

    Another reason to stay fit :-)

  8. How do you donate bone marrow??? Is it like giving blood??? I mean the blood's right up there on the surface, but the marrow? That's deep. That's gotta be one long big-ass needle!!!

  9. So, there's a cause and effect relationship between sex with men and overweightness? Have they tested THAT with mice?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  10. Yay - more pills!! Oh, wait. I wonder what the side effects of messing with one's natural metabolism like that will be. We don't have such a great history that way...

    I will have to think hard about the bone marrow. Donating marrow is excruciatingly painful and I am a huge pain wuss. Although I do love helping people. Hmmmm....

  11. This is one of my current favorites: Polenta Spinach Pie. It's very similar to pizza, but quite healthy.

    As for the size issue, it's not impossible that heavier women (up to a point) have sex more often than skinnier (especially anorexic-thin) women. Contrary to what the fashion mags and catwalks would have us believe, most men prefer a gal with a little padding. The Olive Oyl look just isn't attractive for most women.

  12. There are two ways to donate bone marrow: one with PBSC (or some combination of those letters) where they give you drugs that cause your marrow to make extra cells and release them into your bloodstream and then it's like giving blood (other than the headaches from the pills.)

    The other way involves a surgical (usually outpatient) procedures possibly involving a long-ass needle.

    That said, I haven't joined the registry yet, but it's because I'm a chicken. Because I know if I got called, I would not be able to say no.

    Maybe this will be the month I'll get the guts to join while giving blood.

  13. MaryAnne, I don't even want to think about a study on overweight men having sex with mice ;)

    I think the long-ass-needle procedure would be done under some serious-ass anesthesia.

    It's mind-boggling to think that something like this could actually save someone's life. Like donating a kidney, but in this case you still have all your body parts.

  14. I think they should have asked the women how picky they were...I mean size is sort of irrelevant if you're not them down, so to speak.

    Can I somehow covert the red wine to beer? If so, it's the perfect things for me.

    As for bone marrow...I agree. Like organ donorship it's a simple thing tha tsaves many lives...people think you need horrible tests and such but it's a cheek swab...and you can save someone's life :)

  15. Tuesday night I tried out the pizza & red wine diet. I think I gained about 5 lbs though - maybe that's 'cause I followed it up with the cookie & leftover Halloween candy diet?

  16. Bunnygirl, my first thought was one of surprise that 92% and 87% of the women in question said "Oh sure! Lots of sex. Yep, all the time."

  17. Gazelle, no no no, girl! The cookie and leftover H candy is a separate diet ;)

  18. I've heard too that donating bone marrow is very painful. I know it's really needed, but given the level of pain, I'm not sure I'd do it unless it was for someone I knew. I hope that doesn't make me a bad person, but there it is.

    Pizza and red wine, mmm. I'm gonna have to try that!

    It's a good thing I wasn't included in those sex and overweight statistics...I'm technically overweight and I've got nothing moving in the nooky department.

  19. You, first reaction (like everyone else, it seems) was to think--donate bone marrow? No way, too painful!!

    But then I thought about it, and I kind of felt ashamed of myself--yes, I have heard it can be painful, but it will only hurt for a matter of seconds/minutes. Compare that to the physical pain of having leukemia, or the emotional pain of losing someone to it... I don't know. I found myself feeling a little selfish. I mean, I've gotten plenty of shots and had blood drawn countless times in my life--all things that hurt, but I did them for my own health.

    So yeah, long story short, I've decided to sign up to donate!

  20. Leth Gourmet, I hear similar comments from a lot of women. Seems like more than 8% of the population is not having wild times every night.

    I'd sorta assumed women of both size groups were 'blurring' the truth a bit.

  21. Monica, yay!

    I shrink from the thought of a painful procedure, but then I think about people like Emru Townsend

    I understand he is leaving behind a young family.

  22. I believe that the 87% is accounted for by the fact that gay women are more healthy and fit than straight women. ??? Maybe?

  23. How convenient, I love red wine and pizza! :)

    (sorry. still too caught up with that study to see anything else you wrote about in this post).

  24. As they won't even take my blood (asthma drugs I assume), I don't imagine they will take my bone marrow. Um, not to mention the caner history.

    Now, if only red wine didn't give me a headache, I would so be on that diet.

  25. Yay, pizza and red wine!

    I don't think I would donate - partly because of the recovery time - there's pain up to a week afterward - but also because I have some spinal problems in the area they tap. It makes me a risky candidate, because if they got the needle in even a little wrong, I'd be looking at back surgery. Yay. (And I know it makes me a bad person, but there is a part of me that is super-grateful to have a "legitimate" reason not to donate, since I'm not a big fan of the pain.)

  26. you have to PAY to DONATE?

    No wonder there's a shortage...

  27. Ha, red wine and pepperoni pizza was my election night meal!

    I wish I could set my metabolism into fat-burning mode on my own...

  28. I am in the donor registry, and it was free and no hassle at all. They did a bone marrow drive at a blood drive when I was in college, and just had us fill out a lot more stuff and took some extra blood. Ever since, I have been hoping they never call, because OUCH, but they never charged me any money.

  29. thanks for the heads up! I didn't know!

    and, I think I could manage pizza and wine one night a month :) but omg....if it was my daily diet....TROUBLE since I go overboard on both!

  30. To reiterate what R said - yes, please!! Sign up! I did, and was actually a match to 2 someones! I donated for one of them (the other had a change in their health that took them out of the running).

    Yes, it hurts. A lot. But knowing I had a hand in helping someone really did make it worth while.

    And if you sign up when you donate blood, it's usually free.

  31. Very interestig study! Pizza and red wine??? Thanks for sharing the news.

  32. You know this is the year for change (in more ways than one). I'm glad you are going to be a bone marrow donor. Gift of Life is actively looking for donors. It's also trying to raise awareness and get people involved through social media -- and that includes finding bloggers who know how to get a message out, and working with them to get people interested in donating.


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