May 15, 2017

Giveaway Winners and a Happy Belated Mother's Day!

By Crabby McSlacker

So first off, thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment on our book giveaway here at the blog, or on Facebook, or even via direct email, an option a few of you chose. I've assigned y'all numbers and am going to fire up the ol' random number generator in a minute. Isn't it exciting when I do this in Real Time?

Yeah, so ok, I guess if I don't hit "publish" until the whole post is written, you're not reading this yet, so it's more like Surreal Time, but work with me here.

But before I spin the Big Virtual Interweb Roulette Wheel, I just want to acknowledge all the awesome mothers out there, my own and everyone's everywhere including YOU if you fit that description!

I don't have kids myself. Having carefully considered the job responsibilities and remuneration and having concluded "no f#cking way," I have nothing but admiration for all you out there who took the job on, and perform all the daily heroics required to do it properly.

For the record, I think it's shitty you only get one day of recognition.

Hell, today is apparently National Nylon Stocking Day and National Chocolate Chip day. They get the same amount of time you Mom's do?

So let's pretend the fact I'm a day late is really because I'm giving you another additional Mother's day. Round those kids up and tell them to make you another burnt-toast breakfast, and tell Hubby you're eating out again tonight, damn it, because Crabby said it's the new Law.

Anyway, in honor of your extra day,  before we get to the giveaway winners, here are two belated Mother's day-related links:

Are you following Vita Train for Life yet?  She's always a fun and inspiring read, and you may want to check out the Eight Reasons She's Not a Real Parent.

And for the Other Mothers out there, whose children may not be human but are nearly as demanding? Here's a video that already been all over the Web because as usual I'm the last to see these things. But whatever.

Okay, so now let's get down to Giveaway Business.

Who won Elizabeth Babcock's most excellent book Why We Overeat and How to Stop?

Interesting! So this time out, the RNG was apparently drawn to commenters with 3-letter names:

Physical copy: Val

PDF copy: Mel

Congratulations Val and Mel!

So please email crabby mcslacker (all one word) at gmail followed by the usual dot com (as though the spambots will be fooled, but one can hope). Let me know your contact info, and for physical copy, your mailing address.

If I don't hear from you guys by next monday, sorry, I'll have to regift your copy to another entrant.

And if you didn't win, consider a quick trip over to Amazon where Why We Overeat and How to Stop will set you back a mere ten bucks on Kindle!

And hey, did you guys celebrate Mother's Day? How was it?


  1. I did not celebrate Mother's Day, but my best friend's daughter was here for three days (best friend for less than that) and Sunday night we (age 64 and 42) were eating tacos at a table on the sidewalk when an older couple walking down the sidewalk asked us "Are either of you ladies mothers?" and when we said no they asked "Do you have any nieces or nephews?" and when we said no to that, too, the woman said "I'm so sorry." They went on down the street and we could see them talking to women at a street table at another restaurant. That was one of the weirdest things that's happened to me, in a public-interaction sense.

    Congratulations to the winners!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

    1. OK Mary Anne, sure seems like "I'm so sorry" is an awfully presumptuous comment! We childless ones certainly don't go around saying it to parents, even though it's often hard not to feel badly for them. Hope that didn't spoil your tacos!

    2. Just part of the endless street fair that is eating out on a Sunday. There seems to be something about the combination of April and me that brings out the weirdos. More than twenty years ago we were walking down the street in Belfast when this young man came up to us and started talking about how forward American women were, and lacking in morals. Really??? More forward than going up to complete strangers and insulting them?

      Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. I didn't celebrate Mother's Day as I am not one, but I did go for a bike ride. That counts, right?

    1. You celebrate every day, don't you? Definitely counts.

      Mary Anne in Kentucky

    2. I think a bike ride counts as celebrating whatever you wanna celebrate Leah. Like hey, the invention of the wheel! Cool dat.

  3. Ok, off to order the book. Damn, I thought those bribes I sent you would have given me an edge? lolol

  4. Wow, how exciting!!! I rarely get lucky at anything, thanks Crabby!
    I'll spare you my maternal son tale o' woe, but a nice older guy wished me Happy Mother's Day yesterday AM as I trudged out of Wally World after buying my son a pack of NEW & CLEAN SOCKS. Yes sirree, MY MD was spent cleaning out the pigsty otherwise known as my son's dorm room! He had not a single pair of clean socks to his name - one more exam to take today, so I left a few clothes & his books, leaving him w/responsibility of doing the final clean-up & check out maƱana...

    1. Seriously, THAT's how you spent Mother's day? I sure hope that when he finishes his exams your son puts on a belated Mother's Day Extravaganza the likes of which have never been seen before.

      And congrats on the win!

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  5. Congratulations to the winners, and i'm going to be showing that video to my client tomorrow. It's a hoot!

  6. I spent 15 hours traveling with the child.
    It was an adventure I never wanna repeat :-)

  7. Congratulations to the 3 letter name winners. Kind of wish I'd wrote Rik as my name now, haha.

  8. Loving the dog mom rap video!


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