August 07, 2014

Seen in NYC

So this isn't a real post, just a handful of photos I took on the road in New York. I'm heading back home today.

And I will try to forgo extensive whining about my back injury, whatever the hell it is. A Progress Report (or an Amusing Lack of Progress Report) on physical therapy may follow at some point, but I'm really hoping to write one of those cheerful "my triumphant return to working out!" sort of inspirational things, not another bitchstravaganza of frustrations and gripes. So I'm thinking I"ll give it a bit more time.

Meanwhile, no running or biking or ellipticalling or weights. But lots of walking right past notable NYC landmarks and not photographing them! Only to capture weird shit no one else would possibly want to look at instead.

Three Lessons From The Art Museums:

1. I'm not the only one who sometimes finds planks uncomfortable.

2. I'm also not the only one who finds cooking a challenge.

3. If you spend enough time in an art museum, everything you point your camera at starts to look like art.

Note: I will spare you 4,753 other examples. (I actually somehow broke my new smart phone, so that it now freezes up if I go anywhere near the camera or gallery function and I have to take the battery out to reboot. I think perhaps the universe is telling me to stop with the weird shots and just f--cking take pictures of the Statue of Liberty or the annoying mascots at Times Square like tourists are supposed to).

Two Quick Lessons from the Streets of New York:

1. New York can be a Tough Town for Bikes.

2. There Seems to Be Some Lack of Clarity About the "Lo-Carb" Concept:

(Or Else They've Invented Magic Rice and Magic Beans?)

2. And Gelato is Now a Heath Food, Yay!

What About You Guys, Learn Anything Interesting This Week?


  1. Love the pics, Crabby.
    I learned straining the good, fibery bits out of my veggie smoothie and drinking the juice is just as tasty, and I learned that the right writing hat makes all the difference.

    1. Writing hats are incredibly important.

      Mary Anne in Kentucky

  2. "If you spend enough time in an art museum, everything you point your camera at starts to look like art."
    This is because everything is art. Your phone is just trying to prevent you from discovering this.
    If that gelato is low fat, low carb, and low calorie, it must be high protein, mustn't it? and therefore probably derived from gelatine.
    The bicycles are so sad. I suppose this is a good time to have an injury preventing you from using one.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. I love your view of NYC.

    Is that low carb burrito bowl approved by Bloomberg? ;)

    I am so sorry about your back. It sucks, just SUCKS to have continued pain with no change or relief.

  4. Yep! That's how I cook. Always something yucky falls down between the stove and fridge or into an open drawer and I am always covered in whatever I am making and aprons don't work. I do have full coveralls from when I took a heavy equipment class. Maybe that's the way to go with some sort of face shied.
    Sorry about the back but, if you are still putting one foot in front of the other even with a sore back instead of lying around moaning then you are a super hero, so wear your cape proudly!

  5. Death Ride GrandmaAugust 7, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    I am jealous of your New York trip! The pictures are great - don't let that phone tell you what to do! We want to see the world that way (at least some of the time)! No time for more - gotta go get some nice, healthy gelato.

  6. I loved visiting New York for one day in Sept. 2013. Thanks for the photos. Hope you're feeling better and that the plane ride doesn't exacerbate it. (Ha, spell check isn't saying I spelled that one wrong, it's a miracle. If there's one thing a retired elementary teacher can't do, it's spell!) As for your lack of touristy photos, you can download those from the Internet. Praying for your safe, healthy return.

  7. I am sad about your back and the fact that you can't work out the way you would like to. I am thinking all kinds of positive thoughts for a quick recovery.

    As always, I enjoy your pictures…and as others have already mentioned…art is all around us.

    Take care and enjoy as much as you can!

  8. This whole post had me literally laughing out loud! Thanks for the snarky brightness.

  9. Oh - I like the way you do pictures when you travel!!! I'm sorry that your back is still hurting and keeping you from doing any working out!!!

  10. :( on your back - so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Only that i don't like the place that rents Rug Doctor carpet cleaners, because they don't take care of them! And i like your pictures of weird stuff, i can look anywhere online for a tourist trap picture.

  12. We can compare interesting photos of NYC after my upcoming trip at the end of the month. I hope your back feels better soon so you an enjoy the rest of your travels.

  13. Dang! Gotta get to NYC and get some of that healthy gelato!!

    Take care of that back. Hoping for a speedy recovery and a great PT! You may need to run for more gelato :)

  14. I love these pictures so much! I have seen a lot of messed up bikes chained up to posts in NYC. I hope your back gets better soon.

  15. I love the way you see New York. I nearly spit my coffee with "Pop-A-Squat." And I love the bike art.

    Hopefully it won't be too much longer until your injuries are healed.

  16. Not sure how I ended up here but truly enjoying your pictures and posts. Get better soon!


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