June 04, 2012

Booty Camp Giveaway (11 DVD's!) And Sneaky Life Coaching Promotion

So when I discovered that the Booty Camp Fitness Ultimate Home Edition 2 program was available for a Cranky Fitness giveaway, I was psyched for three reasons:

1. An at-home DVD boot camp seemed like a nifty idea and this set looked quite promising;

2. The company is based in Canada and I love all things Canadian and it means our friends up north are finally eligible to win something too, hooray!

And finally:

3. I've been on the lookout for a good giveaway to use for my own nefarious self-promotional purposes, because I'm greedy resourceful like that.

So, what's the deal with the DVD giveaway, and how much Life Coachy Crap do you have to listen to in order to find out how to win? 

OK, first things first:

What's cool about the Booty Camp Fitness Home Edition?

It comes with Eleven, Count 'em, Eleven DVD's, for a variety of workouts!

The workouts combine circuit training, cardio, core strengthening, body sculpting and yoga, and "provides daily motivation for all fitness levels."  Programs include:

  • Recruit Camp – A full-body introductory beginner workout (38 minutes);
  • Basic Training – Intermediate level program (40 minutes)
  • Ab-salute Core Vol.2 – Abs/Core (20 minutes)
  • Booty Express – For squeezing in a quick workout (20 minutes)
  • Bounce ‘n’ Burn – Jump rope for a total body blast (21 minutes)
  • Burn that Booty – Targeted moves for glutes and  posterior (20 minutes)
  • Tank Top Toner – Upper body program. (31 minutes)
  • Dynamic Cardio Conditioning – Explosive interval cardio (35 minutes)
  • MMA (Major Metabolic Accelerator) – Kickboxing workout (55 minutes)
  • Sun Rise Sun Stretch – To loosen and relax (32 minutes)
  • Special Ops – Highly demanding workout designed to push |limits (42 minutes)

Plus, it also comes with...

Bonus Stuff!
These include a Lifestyle Guide; a healthy e-cookbook, a jump rope, and a workout calendar.

What's Not to Like, Eh?

And did I mention this a Canadian program? In my experience, Canadians are really nice and polite and easygoing and far less obnoxious than most of us Americans. 

But apparently they're also really tough!

But wait, the DVD's were filmed in Puerto Rico... So if you add the Canadian boot camp and the Puerto Rican setting and divide by two I believe you end up somewhere like Indiana? Do they even have poutine in Indiana?

Gee I wonder why they didn't film it in Canada?

Oh, um, okay.

(Gosh I bet the booty camp folks are really glad they picked this blog to host a giveaway right about now!)

How to Win the Bootcamp Program:

This is going to be another combo of Random versus Non-Random winner selection.  So you can enter just by leaving a comment below.

Or you can increase your chances by using one or more of the methods listed below. And if you do, please alert me in the comments so you get full credit!

1.  Enlighten or amuse me with your comment;
2.  Tweet about this giveaway and link here;
3.  Link to this giveaway from Facebook;
4.  Use some other newfangled social networky thing to direct people here;
5.  Be a longtime Cranky Fitness commenter or a Canadian;
6.  Email me at CrabbyMcSlacker @ gmail dot com and allow me to collect your email address for a future newsletter thingy, should I ever get off my butt and put one together.  (In the unlikely event this actually happens you'll be able to unsubscribe immediately if it turns out to be crappy).
7.  Help me with some info!  I'm going to be redesigning my coaching website and would love to know what you'd be intrigued or repelled by if you were remotely considering Life or Wellness coaching.  Concepts that resonate? Buzzwords that make you want to Barf? All good!

But again, a simple comment can be enough to win. You'll just have a better chance if you do more.  I'll pick a pool of finalists using the random number generator, then will select the winner from that group by looking at the above factors. 

Winner will be announced in a week or so; if the winner doesn't check back and respond by the deadline mentioned in the winner announcement, a new drawing will be held.

And About That Life Coaching--yep, it's time for a message from our sponsor.  Which is, um, ... Me.

Here's the deal: Summer is generally a slow time for life coaches, and I'm still building my practice.  I've been totally impressed and excited by working with clients who've come from Cranky Fitness--not surprisingly, this crowd seems to be curious, determined, smart, resourceful, and charmingly honest about the personal and life challenges they're facing.  It's been a huge relief to discover (a) Life Coaching actually seems to help people feel better about life and start taking concrete steps to move forward; and (b) that I love doing it!

But I've been fairly sucky at the marketing aspects, which I plan to work on.  Meantime:

Time For a Summer Sale!

Could you benefit from having a safe, fun, confidential and empowering place to explore ways you could move closer to the life you really want, rather than the one you may be stuck in?  You may have a goal that's easy to define  (I wanna get my butt off the couch and run a 10K!) or one that's complicated and fraught (I hate my job but have no idea WTF else I might want to do with my life!

You may have noticed that there are plenty of self-help books out there, but it's hard to keep motivation and momentum going with a book that doesn't give a crap how you're doing or what might be getting in your way.  And professional help, whether it be therapist, consultant, counselor, or coach, is pretty damn expensive...and there a lot of weirdos out there to be wary of.

If any of this is true, and you can whip up some motivation to get going within the next few of weeks, you may want to take advantage of the summer slowdown.  Instead of my normal Life Coaching rates for the next couple weeks I'm offering a discount.

Quick Mover Incentives: For the first three clients who get all signed up and pay, the rate for a package of five 45-minute sessions is $95 ($19 per session);

For anyone else signs up and pays by July 4th (think of it as your personal Declaration of Independence from Inertia) it's five sessions for $145. ($29 per session).

And, should you decide to you continue beyond 5 sessions, prices will not increase dramatically but will slowly move up.

To find out more about my qualifications, background, coaching philosophy etc, please visit my Not Yet Redesigned Life and Wellness Coaching website. I'm also happy to answer questions you may have via phone or email, or even offer a free 30 minute try-it-out call.

Advanced Travel Warning:  I will be house-swapping in Scotland for a good part of August (yippee!); clients who do not have Skype accounts may need to switch to email for a couple sessions or take a break depending on whether I can get reasonable phone service there.

So that's it for the commercial!

If you are a Canadian or U.S. resident, be sure to leave a comment to be eligible for the Booty Camp giveaway (sorry, Rest of the World), and good luck!

Canada Photos swiped from here; I'll be happy to credit to more original source if anyone knows of one.


  1. Oooh, I need more workout DVDs on my shelf! :)

  2. Crabby, I don't want to win this as I will never use it. But it's cool that Canadians can win.

    NB: I got a virus warning when I clicked the linkie for where you got the pics.

  3. I am Canadian! And I would use the DVDs! And I'll have you know that we've actually had a few warm days up here in Canada lately...thought it seems like today is not going to be one of them. :(

  4. I love the name of her workouts, sounds like a good time, just as long as at the end of the workout I am not transported to Iraq. Yikes!

    If I could afford you I would totally have you life coach me, I need a job. HA!

  5. Good luck to everyone entering!

    Lisa Richards
    Communications Manager
    Booty Camp Fitness

  6. First off, how excited are you to go to Scotland?! That's awesome!!

    I'm not Canadian BUT I did marry a hockey player whose stepfather IS Canadian!! :D So....there's that.

  7. Not here to enter, just to type random Canadian stereotypes:

    Maple Syrup.
    Back bacon.

    Thank you for thinking of us,

    Your neighbour (that's right, it has a u!) to the north <3

  8. I'd LOVE to win this. I'm a Canadian who's been sidelined with a nasty hip injury for a long while (oh, about 30 lbs worth of time). I've used that time to foster a firm commitment to weights and strength, but I'm trying mightily to get back into cardio.

    Bonus points for enlightenment: Are you aware that the Booty Camp founder has also started a women's kickboxing program called Femme Fitale? http://www.femmefitale.com/ Once my hip is back in shape, I am SO IN.

  9. Sounds awesome! I always workout at home and am ready for something new! Between our cold winters and our hot summers (did you know it can get above 40c in the summer here? That's 104f in American!) working out indoors is usually the best option!

    Love finding giveaways that we can enter in Canada, thank you!

  10. Wait WHAT? House swapping WHERE? You lucky dogs. (Can I go too? Pretty please?)

    Did you know I am an "honorary Canuk"? I went to school in da UP, eh. In the thumb of the left hand if you do the Michigan hand thing. At a major hockey school (as in I know people who play in the NHL) with major Canadian representation. We Yoopers talk like Canadians and we are also very nice! Da Tech also resembled that bottom Canadian photo at times (average of over 200" of snow a year too).

    So sign me up for a chance at some fun Canadian boot camp, eh!

  11. Hi Crabby-

    Love the idea of winning the DVD workout. Also love the idea of Life Coaching. Unfortunetly, I'm not sure there is any amount of coaching that would cure my procrastination or inablility to finish anything ever. I'd sign up for the five sessions but only complete two. Lots of enthusism but not much commitment. I will also twiter and facebook to everyone and send you my email for your hopefully not crappy newletter :)

    interesting fact: Windsor, Ontario Canado is actually South of Detroit, MI (my neck of the woods)

  12. I've told people in the past that I'm Canadian when I've been in other countries so I didn't have to explain why we elected such a stupid president, if you know what I mean.

    Does that qualify me?

    Actually I don't need it, but I wanted to tell you that true story

  13. I would love to win these even if I'm not Canadian. I've been there, does that count?

  14. Looks like fun!


  15. This looks great. After growing up in northern Minnesota and spending most of my life being mistaken by everyone else in the US as Canadian (including my husband), I now live in Florida where it's beach season year round. Need to get the Booty into a better bathing suit shape!

    Love the blog - keep doing what you do!

  16. Woohoo.. here in Canada, eh? :)

  17. We might have poutine here in Indiana, but I would hold out for a trip up north to get the real stuff.

    This sounds like a great program to get my booty into shape!

  18. I qualify as #5...long time Canuk reader. Don't enter me though as sadly, I am a tried and true couch potato. If I ever manage to do more than one exercise a day, for more than a week, I will probably die from shock. Due to my titanium hip, I can't do yoga, kickboxing would be out for sure and probably a bunch more stuff that is on the DVD too.

  19. Would love to win your DVD giveaway! I'm looking for a new challenge all the time, and at-home workout DVDs are something I haven't tried. And I happen to be Canadian now living in Texas! :)

  20. No need to enter me for the DVDs BUT I wanted to say HI & they look cool! I don't have much room for that right now - maybe when I win the lotto & get a house! ;-)

    I would be very afraid to tell you all my issues! ;-)

  21. I would love to win the DVD's! They look awesome!!!

  22. I don't want to win (doing what people on DVDs tell me to is sooo not me) but I want the newsletter thingy! Also I want to go to Scotland. I assume you're abandoning Fran the Van and crossing the ocean by other means.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  23. This sounds amazing. Hearing a constant stream of Canadian accents would keep me amused enough to keep going with these workouts...

  24. This sounds like a fun workout!

  25. I have been wanting to try this for a long time. So stoked you are having a giveaway.

  26. Thanks for another giveaway. This looks like exactly what I need. I'd better go take my BEFORE photo in case I win this!

  27. First...I am not entering for the DVD (no space or ceiling clearance).

    Second...I laughed at the filming in Canada comment. Probably like shooting in Seattle. Who wouldn't prefer Puerto Rico?

    Life coaching...
    You know I keep re-writing thoughts which just goes to show how damn hard it is to define!

    You have a huge advantage that you have an established blog voice. So people have a sense of you before they try.

    What surprised me is how changing it is - if that explains it. Or that has been my experience so far.

    You might start life coaching focusing on a and suddenly you are working on something else that might even feel totally unrelated at the time but isn't.

    I would personally be turned off by anything that implies quick fix, pat answers...but at the same time we often crave that.

    What is funny is that the feeling of your life coach site (design - beach photo, etc) is very different from your cranky site. When you get into the design you might capture some of the playful fun/humor from the cranky side.

  28. ::waves:: Pick me!!!

    Would love to use such a system, and honestly I may buy it anyway if I'm not fortunate to get picked.

  29. Confucius say: Wise man never play leap frog with unicorn.

  30. I put a link on Pinterest with the Canadian High-Five pic and I tweeted. Eh hem. I tweeted. [snicker] That sounds dirty.

  31. You guys are too funny!

    And Quilting Doberman, thanks for the feedback!

    I have to agree, the way that coaching evolves so that entirely different and unexpected issues often come to the forefront makes the process that much more interesting... at least from the coaches perspective! Though I imagine it can be a little disorienting for clients. But heck, predictability is highly over-rated.

    The thing I like is the flexibility--since clients set the agenda, and the focus is exploration and solutions rather than problems, you never know where the hell you'll end up!

  32. Woohoo! I would love to win this set of dvds! I love anything that can bring on a workout challenge.

  33. Isn't Jari Love from Canada? I love her DVDs - they're tough and she's full of wise sayings like, "turn your scars into stars!" (which makes me snort into my yoga mat every time). So please enter me in this contest because I could really use some new DVDs.

  34. I tweeted your awesome giveaway but heck that will now reduce my chances as more people enter :o(

    I so need this 11 dvd variety of workouts after slogging thru my home routine last night.

  35. Not sure I need another DVD set to collect dust... but I will give Crabby a resounding pat on the back and say what a wonderful life coach she is! She turned my life from a loserish depression-pit into a shining, inspired bundle of warm fuzzies! Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But only a little.

    Seriously though, Crabby’s coaching helped me complete my first short fiction story in 3 years. (And I’m still checking in with myself every week, Crabby) I really appreciate her bunches…

  36. oooh we do need to promo the coaching over at my place too.


  37. Pick me, pick me! I am Canadian, however, give me a few drinks and I can throw down some obnoxious with the best of them.

    Enlighten you? Sure. From the world of sports-Toon Van Lankvelt of Rivers, Manitoba scored a game game high 16 points May 8 as Canada dumped Puerto Rico in straight sets at the NORCEA Olympic qualifying tournament in men's volleyball. (do you see what I did there?)

    Humour you? Sure. Toons Van Lankvelt.

  38. Pick me, I love getting my butt kicked even if it is by a Canadian.

  39. Oh yeah - I'm old ('round here), and feel free to send me a newsletter too. I'm pretty sure you have my email.

    Buzzword that makes me feel good? Chocolate. :) Having one of those kinds of weeks...

  40. I would love to win for a variety of reasons:
    1 - I'm Canadian! Born and bred in our nation's capital, Ottawa.
    2 - I'm a graduate student and therefore poor.
    3 - I'm getting married this summer, also a significant drain on my finances.
    4 - I tweeted about this giveaway @Shufflersunite.
    5 - I Facebooked about this giveaway.
    6 - I love working out in my living room. My male cat even helps with the stretching sometime. Actually, he doesn't so much help as hinder. The point is working out is family time.

  41. I'd love to win! I can always use more workouts with ridiculous workout names, as I've found that can be quite good, names aside. ;-)

    Also, I tweeted about the giveaway. @mybasementgym

  42. I do not think I can top you on amusement. I would like to win. That would be amazing.

  43. I technically tweeted. (New to twitter so I took Sara's(mybasementgym) tweet and re-tweeted the info.

  44. I text my new fitness friends so they can jump over here and try and win the giveaway with instructions that I will be the one winning.

  45. OMG, was offline for a bit, and feel so freakin' grateful for the tweeting etc and the great comments and wow, the testimonials!!

    You guys rock! I want you all to win!

  46. I'm not technically a Canadian, but I about half grew up there. My sleepy little border town wasn't big enough to hold me, so I spent the vast majority of my weekends and even many weeknight evenings in vibrant Vancouver...back in the day, a mere hour's drive from home (before crossing the border was anything more than "Are you carrying anything we should know aboot? No? Does your mother know you're not going to be home before the small hours? Yes? Move along, you shameless liar.").

    At minimum half of my friends and 100% of my youthful love interests (okay, my requited love interests) were Canadian, at least until I went to college in the south. And I spent my grad school years in the closest thing to Canada that the US has to offer: Minnesota. Talk about cold! Did you know that it's possible for your eyelashes to freeze shut? And that thing where your spit freezes before it hits the ground: also totally true. (Favorite MN brain damage story: I was walking home one sunny March afternoon and I got so overheated that I stripped down to my tee shirt..when I got home, I wondered what the temperature was, considering I was so hot. Actual temperature: 20 F. Balmy! I knew then I had to get the hell out. Now I live in CA and practically die at temps below 55.)

    I'd probably use the videos, if I were to win. And my dog would probably snicker at me behind my back.

  47. Awesome giveaway!! I have gained 30 pounds and its all on my lower half and I can't fit into my clothes anymore!

    I need to whip myself into shape! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  48. Here is my tweet!


    If I end up winning (which I hope I do!) here is my email:


  49. Posted about it on my facebook page:


  50. I just emailed you about the newsletter!


  51. I REALLY need this! Thanks for the giveaway! I promise to use it if I win:)
    saltsnmore at yahoo dot com

  52. My advice about your wellness coaching would be to make it a little easier to find! Maybe its just me not being very observant (which is a good possibility) but it took me a bit to find it and most people wont search for it for very long.

    Good luck!

  53. I have a good way for you to promote too! I am doing a weekly fitness link party every friday on my blog. You should stop by!


  54. I'm in for #5 both parts. Though I am more a long time lurker and occasional commenter.

    We get hot up here too. Extremists I guess. The last boot camp I was in would get cancelled if it was above 36 C or 96.8 F at 7:00 pm when it started. No boot camp for JULY:(

  55. I need a change in my workout routine pretty badly, and I think these DVD's look awesome. I've been doing a class for the past six months or so, and it's coming to an end next week! Love this blog btw, has really helped me to stay motivated!

  56. Oh Canada!!! Finally, my chance to win. I am so happy!!!

  57. Tweeted!
    Win, win, win! http://www.crankyfitness.com/2012/06/booty-camp-giveaway-11-dvds-and-sneaky.html @CrabbyMcSlacker

  58. I emailed you...can't wait for that first newsletter.

  59. I am Canadian and long time commenter...love the Crab and Lobster!

  60. Re: your website...I like the design now...I like things laid out in a simple, easy, comprehensive fashion. Nothing too fancy works for me.

  61. And finally, I posted on my blog.


  62. I would love to do a booty camp!


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